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Fiat 500X: photos and video of Dynamo’s live opening in London

A enchanting eventuality only finished in London that offering a singular and disdainful knowledge to 1,000 invited guests, that enclosed an startling live opening by Dynamo, a internationally famous wizard with whom a Fiat code has been operative during a pre-launch proviso of a new 500X crossover.


The performance, that took place during a iconic Copper Box Arena, located in a Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, was a outcome of 3 years of work and credentials by Dynamo. Participants during a eventuality enclosed journalists, bloggers and personalities from a universe of fashion, celebration and music, such as a thespian MIA,Kasabian’s bassist Chris Edwards and a star TV Nancy Dell’Olio.


Dynamo’s latest opening is a singular mix of theatre, apparition and dance desirous choreography as a wizard conjures adult a puzzling appetite (The energy of X) live on stage.


The apparition culminates as Dynamo generates a 3 dimensional plans of a code new Fiat 500 X and miraculously brings it to life in front of a dumbfounded audience.


You can knowledge a implausible opening on You Tube, or bond with to see all a cinema from a evening, that finished with an disdainful celebration that enclosed a live low-pitched opening of Gorgon City, one of a spearheads in a European clubbing panorama, featuring MNEK and Yasmin, as good as of Sam Sure.


This live opening by Dynamo outlines a finish of a European “The Power of X” debate as good as a central start of a car being accessible in Europe, after final weekend when Fiat 500X done the début in Italian showrooms, recording a record audience with some-more than 70,000 visitors and some-more than 12,900 exam drives.


Turin 29 Jan 2015