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Fiat 500X, a categorical concentration of a new and disdainful live Dynamo performance

  • Tonight, a enchanting dusk in London, showcasing an disdainful live opening from Dynamo in front of 1,000 invited guest
  • The new Fiat crossover and a universe famous wizard will be on a theatre inside a evocative Copper Box Arena during a Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
  • This unusual opening outlines a finish of a “The Power of X” tour, that brought a 500X to a categorical squares of 74 European cities and to 602 disdainful premieres during Fiat dealerships.


Tonight, a city of London will horde an unusual eventuality with a concentration on Fiat 500X and Dynamo, a universe famous wizard who a Fiat code has teamed adult with during a pre-launch proviso of a new crossover. A revealing plcae has been comparison for this sparkling performance: a multifunctional Copper Box Arena in a Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, located to a easterly of a British capital.


This consolidates a partnership between a English wizard and a new Fiat model, that started with a prolongation of a initial sorcery knowledge in a practical reality. The high-quality video constructed by Framestore has been offering to a guest of a European “The Power of X”  debate who, with a specific VR, were means to knowledge an unusual interactive outing together with Dynamo and a 500X. Today a opening in London outlines a commencement of a new proviso for a wizard after a success of his TV module “Magician Impossible” that had some-more than 250 million viewers in 180 countries from 2011 to 2014.


The final stop of a European “The Power of X” debate for a London muster was a Copper Box Arena that was propitious out with personalised designs desirous by a “X” judgment as a carnival of some instance of a Fiat model, since a never-before seen brew of sorcery and record was combined inside. In fact, though relying on a assistance of special scenography, a English wizard will go onto an dull theatre to give life to a opening that he has been scheming for 3 years. Now a impulse has arrived and Dynamo, together with a new 500X, is prepared to warn a 1,000 guest invited to this singular and disdainful event. All characterised by a “X”, an antique and enchanting pitch that unites a art of Dynamo and a new Fiat crossover.


The “X” represents change and transformation, though during a same time it also represents change or a crossroads between conflicting entities, such as a new Fiat mode itself expresses a “transversality” of a product that finds a ideal positioning during a intersection between several automotive segments, any consisting of both immature and mature drivers, lovers of beauty and courteous to character, though all with a same enterprise to suffer a fulfilling pushing knowledge and demonstrate their possess celebrity with a particular style. Today, there is a transparent and downright response for them all: Fiat 500X.


This sparkling dusk in London will finish with an disdainful celebration that includes a low-pitched performances of Gorgon City, a span of London producers Matt and Kye who have turn one of a spearheads in a European clubbing panorama.


This London eventuality outlines a finish of a “The Power of X” tour, that brought a new 500X to a categorical squares of 74 European cities and to 602 disdainful premieres during Fiat dealerships opposite a whole continent. Thanks to these initiatives, a open has schooled about this new car before it will début in a showrooms, that is holding place during this duration of time in Italy and afterwards will hurl out subsequently in a other countries.


Turin 28 Jan 2015