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Fiat during a 2015 Geneva International Motor Show

  • The Fiat 500X versed with a innovative involuntary and consecutive twin purchase delivery débuts during this prestigious eventuality in Switzerland. Combined with a Euro 6 1.4 MultiAir II 140 HP engine and all-wheel drive, a new chronicle will be accessible in a subsequent few months.
  • The première of a Fiat 500 Vintage ’57, a reverence to a idol presented in Turin on 4 Jul 1957. Its comparison demeanour recalls some sold aspects of this chronological car, such as a comparison pastel blue clothing – now total with a white roof and spoiler – and upholstery in tobacco Frau leather.
  • The première of a Fiat Panda K-Way®, a new special phony and organic array that is a outcome of a partnership with a tip code of infrequent and name rainproof garments.
  • At kick-off, a new Fiat Doblò Trekking with an disdainful demeanour and versed with a “Traction+” complement to expostulate safely on surfaces with opposite levels of grip.


Fiat has comparison Geneva to yield a general press with a disdainful preview of a latest 500X, 500, Panda and Doblò models. These are presented subsequent to 500L and Freemont models that paint one of a widest and many opposite ranges in a automotive industry.


Fiat 500X

The undisputed star of a muster area is a Fiat 500X, a new Fiat crossover that explores a totally new dimension of a 500 brand, where style, piece and done in Italy conclude this comfortable, high behaving automobile that is always connected with a world: this is a X side of beauty, this is a essence of a Fiat 500X.


Only a few weeks ago there was an disdainful live opening by Dynamo that noted a finish of a unusual “The Power of X” tour, which, in 80 days, brought a 500X to a categorical squares of 74 European cities and to 602 disdainful premières during Fiat dealerships.


The open can admire a twin versions of a Lounge model, a some-more civil side of a Fiat crossover. The spotlights are also on a new chronicle versed with an innovative involuntary and consecutive 6-gear twin purchase delivery that ensures a ideal change between pushing comfort and a sporty feeling while guaranteeing discerning rigging changes and high efficiency.


Available in multiple with a 1.4 MultiAir II 140 HP engine with front circle drive, this innovative device consists of twin together transmissions that make it probable to change gears with extraordinary speed, by releasing one purchase while enchanting a other during a same time.


The second 500X Lounge is versed with a 1.6 Multijet II 120 HP engine and fit with some Mopar accessories, a code of anxiety for services, Customer Care, strange gangling tools and accessories for FCA brands. The disdainful 18” amalgamate rims are presented along with a “Chrome Xtra pack, that includes superb chrome elements such as a doorway mouldings, haze light frames and a outmost counterpart covers. The Cargo Organizer rounds out a equipment, augmenting a flexibility of a boot. This is a tiny nonetheless poignant instance of a far-reaching collection of Mopar accessories total generally for a new Fiat crossover in sequence to make it even some-more distinctive.


There is also space for 500X versions that are targeted some-more towards giveaway time: twin tip of a operation Cross Plus models are on display, versed with a absolute 2.0 Multijet II 140 HP engine total with a innovative 9 rigging involuntary engine and all-wheel drive. The initial has a Giallo Amalfi lead livery, since a second showcases a disdainful three-layer Rosso Amore lead paint.


Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 Vintage ’57 that honours a Made in Italy idol of 1957 débuts in Geneva with a contemporary interpretation of certain stylistic facilities that done it famous in a 60’s and 70’s. The extraneous is renowned by a pastel blue physique total with a white of a roof, spoiler, antenna, counterpart covers, as good as a 16″ white chrome comparison amalgamate rims that remember a rims used on a chronological 500.


The retro coming of a Fiat 500 Vintage ’57 can also be found inside with a white dashboard and superb upholstery in tobacco Frau leather with ‘half-moon’ inserts (stylistic underline of a model) in ivory leather with tobacco phony “500” embroidery. Its comparison demeanour is also underlined by a chronological Fiat logos located both outward as good as on a steering wheel.


Its far-reaching operation of customary apparatus includes a primer meridian control system, BlueMe system, CD+MP3 radio, ABS with EBD, 7 airbags, StartStop system, ESP finish with ASR/MSR, HBA and Hill Holder. Available for sale starting in March, a new Vintage ’57 special array will be accessible with 1.2 69 HP, 0.9 Twin Air 65 HP, 0.9 Twin Air 85 HP and 0.9 Twin Air 105 HP petrol engines as good as a 1.3 Multijet 95 HP diesel engine. Depending on a markets, there will be differences in equipment, both customary and optional, in sequence to prove a specific mandate of a particular countries.


In further to this special comparison version, there is also an 500C “S” indication that has an disdainful Blu Italia physique with 16″ amalgamate rims and is done even some-more disdainful due to a particular elements such as a side skirts, behind spoiler and sporty bumpers.

This same “aggressive” demeanour is found inside, as demonstrated by a enveloping and sporty seats with black 3D weft fabric with blue inserts, a dashboard frame in satin-finish grey and leather trim with red stitching on a steering circle and gearshift cover. The “S” indication is finished with a BlueMe system, steering circle with radio controls, involuntary meridian control system, behind remoteness glass, Xenon headlights, parking sensors and haze lights.


The automobile displayed is versed with a insubordinate two-cylinder 0.9 Twin Air 105 HP engine, total with a 6 rigging primer gearbox, ensuring glorious performance: a tip speed of 188 km/h with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 10 seconds. It achieves all this while being during a tip of a difficulty for fuel expenditure and CO2 emissions: a formula for a total cycle are respectively 4.2 litres/100 km and 99 g/km.


Fiat 500L

The muster of a 500 family is finished by a indication that combines a iconic inlet of a 500 character with a functionality of a Made in Fiat design. This special alchemy has resulted in a ‘City Lounge Fiat’, a new proceed to a city automobile that is an romantic reformulation of a compress automobile difficulty for a complicated family.


Beautiful outward and atmospheric inside, a 500L has space for all a small pleasures and vast emotions of life: children, friends, trips, song and community. Simply put, it is a ideal automobile in that a complicated family meets and grows up, only like a 500L itself is a initial instance of a “500 family” flourishing up, a preface to destiny evolutions.


In Geneva, a open can admire an superb Lounge chronicle with a lead grey clothing and versed with a shining 1.4 16v T-Jet with 120 HP that represents a ideal resolution for those who are looking for a automobile that is easy to hoop in city traffic, gripping handling costs down: in fact, versed in this demeanour a Fiat 500L reaches a tip speed of 189 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 in 10.2 seconds.


There is also a 500L Trekking 1.6 Multijet 120 HP during a stand. This indication has twin ideally integrated spirits that cross-over on a daily basis: a civil side for enjoying a city though a caring in style, and a some-more noisy side, that is ideal for a weekends with family and friends. The exhibited automobile presents a new Turchese Pantelleria clothing and is versed with some Mopar accessories that intensify this twin spirit, such as a useful protecting tray in a boot, a coupler offshoot behind a headrests, a incense dispenser and a special sill plate. Particular courtesy is also paid to design, with a satin-finish chromed moulding on a carp and a valve caps with a Fiat logo.


Fiat Panda

Visitors to a Geneva Car Show can have an modernized perspective of a new special Panda K-Way® array total out of a partnership between Fiat and a tip code of infrequent and name rainproof garments, these twin brands are famous worldwide for their classic, contemporary, technological, functional, charming and intelligent products.


Under a pointer of customisation leisure taken to a max, a Panda K-Way® offers 20 probable extraneous combinations by blending and relating paint colour and a outmost elements (mirror caps and hubcaps).Distinguished by a titanium-coloured details: front trademark bar, longitudinal bars and counterpart covers. These covers, as good as a behind doors, arrangement K-Way® stickers ,whereas a hubcaps incorporate a K-Way® logo. The mirrors and hubcaps are accessible in 4 colours (yellow, orange, blue and titanium) and a physique is accessible in 6 colours, blue, white, black, red, yellow and orange.


Inside, we immediately notice a blue fabric and grey eco-leather seats with a K-Way® trademark manifest on a front seat, as good as a blue dashboard and china ultrashine instrument panel. The K-way trademark also appears on a customised seatbelts and on a blue multilayer PVC mats. Last though not least, a front seats have twin pockets on a chair behind versed with “VISIBAG®”, a high-visibility vest – container reserve device total ad hoc for Fiat by a partner K-Way.


Sold starting from a finish of April, a Panda K-Way will arrive in Fiat showrooms in Italy in May and gradually in all European markets. In Geneva, a displayed automobile has a enthralling blue clothing with orange sum and is versed with a shining 0.9 Twin Air 85 HP engine.


Finally, a partnership between Fiat and K-Way® will continue with a specifically protected operation of accessories and merchandise. A preference of prototypes of these disdainful products will be showcased for visitors to admire during Geneva.


In further to a Panda K-Way, there is also a Cross version, a tip of a operation due to a singular character that conquers lovers of journey and life outdoors. For them, a Panda Cross adopts a permanent “torque on demand” all-wheel expostulate complement that uses twin opposite differentials and an electronically tranquil coupling as good as a Terrain Control switch that creates it probable to name a all-wheel expostulate mode formed on a pushing conditions, selecting between 3 options (Auto, Lock and Hill Descent). The automobile on arrangement during Geneva is renowned by a splendid red physique and is versed with a shining 1.3 Multijet II 80 HP turbodiesel engine.


Fiat Doblò Trekking

The formerly secret Trekking chronicle of a new Doblò is on arrangement during Geneva with a customary “Traction+” complement for traction control that increases automobile expostulate on formidable terrains with bad grip, guaranteeing optimal recover opening when starting and providing optimal opening when pushing in light off-road conditions.


The Trekking chronicle provides some-more preference for a Fiat Active Family Space and is means to prove a needs of a complicated and energetic family that uses it each day of a week, both on work days as good as on a weekend though any space or usability limits.


Outside, a new chronicle displays special side moulding with a “Trekking” logo, new designed 16″ amalgamate rims and new front and behind bumpers as good as a lifted framework and an under-engine ensure that creates it probable to safely expostulate on disproportionate roads.


The evident eye catchers in a interior are a new dashboard with eco-leather treatment, a new seats in fabric and eco-leather with double stitching and a new doorway panels also in eco-leather. Also accessible on ask is a intensely useful “capucine”, a available open cell located high up, both in a executive area as good as in a behind area of a vehicle, that can be reached both from a foot as good as from a behind seats.


Fiat Freemont Cross

There is also space for a Freemont Cross model, that proposes an updated demeanour that sets it detached from a rest of a range. Merit of a new front fender with Platinum Chrome inserts, a front grille and a haze light frames in silken black, a side skirts in Platinum Chrome and a roof racks in a same colour, in further to a black frames of a front and behind light units, and a behind fender with and underbody insurance insert in Platinum Chrome. Furthermore, Freemont Cross facilities 19″ 5 spoke “Hyper Black” varnished amalgamate rims.


The indication on arrangement is versed with a behaving 2.0 Multijet II 170 HP engine total with a 6 rigging involuntary delivery and active All-Wheel-Drive (AWD). The customary apparatus package is really considerable and includes, for example, a map satellite navigator with an 8.4″ Touch Screen, DVD and SD container radio, Bluetooth connection, behind parking camera and Premium Alpine sound complement with 6 speakers, 368 watt amplifier and subwoofer. All of this contributes towards creation this disdainful chronicle truly unique. Furthermore, a customary apparatus also includes electric, exhilarated and foldable side mirrors, 6 airbags, aflame crater holders, Keyless Entry and Keyless Go with a start button, and audio and speed composition controls on a steering wheel.


Stand Fiat

Inspired by a “X” of a new Fiat crossover, a mount in Geneva welcomes a open with magnificence and Italian taste. The centre showcases some examples of a 500X, surrounded by other vehicles – 500, Panda, Doblò, 500L and Freemont – roughly as a mystic welcome of a newest attainment to a Fiat family.

There is also a dedicated space where some K-way code panoply can be dignified together with a new merchandising collection total by Mopar for a new Fiat 500X.

 Finally, by distributing information and displaying some dedicated element during a stand, a open can learn some-more about a products of a FCA Bank, a financing association specialised in a automotive sector. The association operates in a categorical European markets and in Switzerland with FCA Capital Suisse SA, with a singular mission: ancillary automotive sales for all FCA brands by charity innovative financial products finish with combined value services dedicated to a play network, private business and companies.