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First idea of Strategy 2018 achieved: Volkswagen Group delivers over 10 million vehicles for initial time

The Volkswagen Group achieved a initial idea of a Strategy 2018 final year: “In 2014, a Group delivered over 10 million vehicles in sum to customers, trimming from a e-up!* city automobile to complicated blurb vehicles. That is considerable acknowledgment we are energetically implementing a Strategy 2018 notwithstanding severe marketplace conditions. We are also creation good swell with a other categorical goals – lapse on sales, patron compensation and tip employer”, a Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, pronounced in Detroit on Sunday. In total, 10.14 (prior year: 9.73; +4.2 percent) million vehicles were handed over to business worldwide from Jan to Dec 2014.

Developments in a month of Dec were also positive, with deliveries using during 881,000 (December 2013: 857600; +2.7 percent) units. Group Board member for Sales Christian Klingler commented: “Our Group has doubled automobile deliveries in a final 10 years. That is an superb opening and an considerable result, and all Group brands have played their partial in achieving this notwithstanding during times really formidable marketplace conditions.”

Including a sum for complicated blurb vehicles, Group brands delivered a sum of 3.95 (3.75; +5.1 percent) million vehicles to business on a altogether European marketplace in 2014. 2.03 (1.90; +7.2 percent) million business took possession of a new automobile in Western Europe (excluding Germany). 1.24 (1.19; +4.5 percent) million units were delivered in a home marketplace of Germany. The Group handed over 670,900 (668,300; +0.4 percent) vehicles to business in Central and Eastern Europe in a duration to December, of that 275,800 (316,000; -12.7 percent) were delivered in Russia.

The association delivered 891,900 (890,600; +0.2 percent) vehicles in a North America segment from Jan to December, of that 599,700 (611,800; -2.0 percent) were handed over to business in a United States. The Volkswagen Group delivered 795,700 (992,300; -19.8 percent) vehicles in a South America segment during a same period, of that 629,800 (755,200; -16.6 percent) were handed over to business in Brazil.

The Group continued to record enlivening sum in a Asia-Pacific region, where annual deliveries surfaced a four-million symbol for a initial time. The Group handed over 4.06 (3.65; +11.3 percent) million vehicles there from Jan to December, of that 3.68 (3.27; +12.4 percent) million were delivered to business in China (incl. Hong Kong), a Group’s largest singular market.

Outline of developments during Group brands 

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 6.12 million vehicles to business worldwide from Jan to Dec 2014. This means a code has doubled deliveries given 2004, and surfaced a six-million symbol for a initial time.

Audi delivered 1.74 (1.58) million vehicles to business worldwide in 2014, a estimable boost of 10.5 percent. The reward code from Ingolstadt grew deliveries year-on-year in roughly all regions.

The sports automobile manufacturer Porsche delivered a sum of 189,800 (162,100; +17.1 percent) vehicles in a duration to December. Demand for models from a Stuttgart-based carmaker was quite high in Western Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

The ŠKODA code delivered over one million units worldwide for a initial time in a duration from Jan to Dec 2014, handing over 1.04 (0.92) million vehicles to customers, a year-on-year boost of 12.7 percent. 

SEAT delivered 390,500 (355,000) vehicles worldwide in a duration to Dec 2014, a year-on-year arise of 10.0 percent. 

The Group’s 3 blurb vehicles brands, MAN, Scania and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, delivered 646,500 (683,200; -5.4 percent) complicated and light blurb vehicles worldwide in 2014 opposite a backdrop of weaker developments in Europe, Russia and South America. MAN accounted for 120,100 (140,300; -14.4 percent) of these vehicles. The Swedish code Scania handed over 79,800 (80,500; -0.8 percent) complicated blurb vehicles and buses to business in 2014. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 446,600 (462,400; -3.4 percent) units in a duration to December. 

*e-up! energy expenditure in kWh/100km: 11.7 (combined); CO2 glimmer in g/km: 0 (combined); potency class: A+