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Five years of Audi Neuburg – a loyal success story

The high-tech Audi Neuburg site is an constituent component of a Neuburg region. It offers all underneath one roof, with motorsport engineers designing, building and contrast racing cars, technical developers contrast support systems for destiny use and business carrying good fun pushing a latest Audi models. On average, 750 pushing events are hold each year. The executive patron building is unequivocally most in direct as a venue, with state-of-the-art discussion bedrooms and a grill open to a public. DGNB, a German Sustainable Building Council, has respected this building with a gold DGNB certificate for ecological construction. The facility’s appetite supply is sustainable, too. Right from day one, Audi Neuburg has been granted with carbon-neutral rubbish feverishness from internal industry.

New to a off-road march this deteriorate is a Audi e-tron*, Audi’s initial all-electric series-production car. All racing cars and Audi R8 models are run with low-noise empty systems. A range of opposite measures have been implemented to revoke sound on a site. The lane surfaces are quieter interjection to protecting coatings in a corners, while a wetted energetic pushing area creates reduction tire noise. A six-meter wall landscaped wall lines a stretches of track. A biodiversity plan has been put into use on a endless site to strengthen a healthy world. Native shrubs and hedgerows yield new habitats and sources of food for birds and furious bees. Audi’s impasse in a internal village ranges from fundraising campaigns for organizations in Neuburg to giveaway training for proffer firefighters from a segment and special courses for beginner drivers.

What they contend about Audi Neuburg:

Dieter Gass, site manager and conduct of Audi Motorsport: “When Audi Motorsport changed to a new site in Neuburg, it was a start of a new epoch for a works racing department. We consider a operative conditions here are ideal, and we can work intensely well here interjection to a brief distances endangered and carrying a lane right on a doorstep. Exactly what all a potency and capability that a site offers means in terms of formula has been demonstrated unequivocally clearly by a widespread victories in all 3 DTM championships this year. Combining works racing, patron racing and a pushing knowledge in one place is a ideal approach to make use of a synergies accessible to us.”

Mate Beric, site administrator during Audi Neuburg: “Audi Neuburg is a one-of-a-kind plcae as distant as I’m endangered and an considerable showcase for how a sourroundings can be concordant with technological growth and top-level motorsports.”

Chris Reinke, conduct of Audi Sport patron racing: “Here during Neuburg, we rise all patron racing derivatives adult to a homologation stage. From contrast a peculiarity of incoming components to coordinating production during several general locations, all a required skills are in place here during a headquarters. We also conduct racing automobile sales and tools logistics for a tellurian patron bottom from here. Neuburg is a violence heart of Audi Sport customer racing, and we couldn’t wish for a improved home.”

Klaus Demel, conduct of Audi pushing experience: “It’s always good for us to see how eager a guest are about a pushing events here in Neuburg. That positively has something to do with a good location, a encouraged employees, a romantic seductiveness of a products and a turn of seductiveness among a participants. The Audi Driving Experience Center in Neuburg, with a singular multiple of a pushing practice themselves and a Motorsport Competence Center, is a loyal success story.”

Ludwig Herzner, march administrator during Audi Neuburg: “Everyone supports everybody else here, willingly and no matter what a department. we am unapproachable to have been here given day one, and we unequivocally suffer operative with my colleagues to assistance figure a group suggestion during a site.”