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WEC Sebring 1


TORONTO, ON – Mar 11, 2019 – Another one-two feat in Shanghai in Nov ensured TOYOTA led both a drivers’ and teams’ World Championships going into a four-month winter mangle and a group earnings to movement during Sebring dynamic to extend that advantage with a fifth win of a season.

In a #7 TS050 HYBRID, distinct team-mate Kamui Kobayashi who is a Sebring rookie, Mike Conway and José María López have both raced formerly during a track, with Mike earning an altogether lectern for third place finishes in a mythological 12-hour competition in 2017 and 2018.

Sébastien Buemi is a usually one of a World Championship-leading #8 TS050 HYBRID choice to have formerly raced during Sebring but, alongside team-mates Kazuki Nakajima and Fernando Alonso, he will aim for an alleviation on 2017, when his Rebellion Racing automobile did not finish after starting from stick position.

The team, including all drivers, got a initial possibility to knowledge a specific impression of a 17-turn, 6.019km Sebring International Raceway during a three-day exam in early February. Over 4,000km of using was finished on a famously-bumpy circuit, including an continuation exam during night.

TOYOTA has enjoyed before success during a former World War II airfield, that has hosted a Sebring 12 Hours given 1952. The Eagle Mark III Toyota, driven by Juan Manuel Fangio II and Andy Wallace, won a competition in 1992 and 1993 on a approach to a IMSA GT Championship titles.

This month’s WEC competition in Florida will run within a same eventuality as a Sebring 12 Hours. For a initial time ever, a WEC competition will take place on a Friday, with a 1,000 miles to run from 4pm to midnight internal time before to a Saturday morning start for a IMSA race.

As good as a singular timetable, a group contingency also adjust to a opposite array lane. In common with continuation racing opposite a Atlantic, Sebring comforts an ‘American wall’ judgment that, distinct standard WEC venues, comforts a wall to apart a garage area and array lane. To ready for this, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing mechanics have used in perfume with a image of a Sebring array arrangement.

The final stairs of credentials before a eventuality take place this weekend, with an central WEC exam on Saturday and Sunday in that all competitors will finish dual days of running, before to a start of central use sessions on Wednesday.

Hisatake Murata, Team President:

“Sebring is a start of a final partial of a 2018-2019 deteriorate so we have an critical 3 races brazen of us with a transparent idea to secure a World Championships and win Le Mans again. This will be a initial time to competition during Sebring and we consider this is an sparkling plea for a group and drivers. we have listened so most about a special atmosphere there so we can't wait to knowledge it for myself and we wish we can give a American fans an sparkling event.”

Mike Conway (TS050 HYBRID #7):

“Going into Sebring my expectations are high. We would like to keep adult a good run of form we have had in #7, that means stability to measure good and win some-more races. Sebring is going to be a severe one given it’s a new line for a team. we know a circuit good from IMSA racing and contrast in IndyCar. we wish that my knowledge there will assistance a group to speed adult a routine and get a automobile into a good window. I’m looking brazen to going behind there and earning a good result.”

Kamui Kobayashi (TS050 HYBRID #7):

“I am removing some-more informed with racing in a US after my Daytona 24 Hours knowledge and we unequivocally suffer it so Sebring should again be fun. It was engaging to knowledge this aged propagandize line during a exam final month; it is rough and a walls are all flattering close. we enjoyed it given it is a good plea for a motorist and it’s a line that doesn’t concede we to get divided with any mistakes. It will also be a large plea with a trade so it should be an sparkling race.”

José María López (TS050 HYBRID #7):

“I have good memories of Sebring given we gathering my first-ever continuation competition there behind in 2007 when we participated in a 12-hour competition in a GT car. we hadn’t been there for a while before a test, that helped us all to get informed with a automobile on this track. It was amazing; there are not many run-off areas, a normal speed is high and afterwards we have a bumps. we enjoyed each path and am unequivocally looking brazen to racing there.”

Sébastien Buemi (TS050 HYBRID #8):

“We had a good exam during Sebring and we unequivocally enjoyed a track. We had never been there before with this automobile so it was important. we unequivocally suffer a lay-out; it is unequivocally severe generally during night given a line lighting doesn’t assistance much. we have good memories from my before competition during Sebring in IMSA; it was a cold event. we am looking brazen to a clever race. It will be severe given it is longer than normal though hopefully we will be clever and can quarrel for a win.”

Kazuki Nakajima (TS050 HYBRID #8):

“I have been looking brazen to racing during Sebring given a calendar was announced. It will be my initial time there though we have listened a lot about this line and a American fans. It was useful to exam there a few weeks ago; this means we are now informed with a final of a line and we already have a good feeling for a set-up. It’s been a prolonged time given we raced in WEC and indeed a final win in a #8 was during Le Mans so we are unequivocally dynamic to mount in a center of a lectern again.”

Fernando Alonso (TS050 HYBRID #8):

“Daytona was a illusory knowledge for me; to win during such a classical circuit was unequivocally an honour and we wish we can do a same during Sebring this month. we unequivocally feel during home with a American fans, who are unequivocally ardent about motorsport. Like Daytona, Sebring is a singular circuit and it was extraordinary to expostulate there for a initial time during a test. It will not be an easy competition for a automobile or a drivers, so we have to ready rightly and govern a competition ideally again; we are pulling tough to win.”

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