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“For a 700 PS automobile it is surprisingly accessible to drive”

Earlier this month we got a event to contest in a fiercely rival Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup championship during Silverstone. Was it a special experience?

To get a possibility to competition during Silverstone on a Grand Prix weekend in front of a full assembly was a bit of a bucket list impulse for me. In terms of a racing, it’s such a high customary with some of a best drivers in a world, so we was gay to be only 2.7 seconds off stick in qualifying.

Have we had to acclimatize yourself to a GT2 RS Clubsport after racing a rarely focused Supercup GT3 Cup car?

There’s a poignant disproportion between a Cup automobile and a GT2 RS Clubsport. The Clubsport is radically a highway automobile that has been converted into a lane car, so there are a lot some-more similarities between that and a highway car.

There’s a outrageous volume some-more energy [in a Clubsport] for a start. In a true line it is positively awesome. And there’s also a lot reduction grip; a automobile moves around a bit more, nonetheless it is some-more on-going as there is reduction aero.

The braking is also ABS assisted, so we can only pound a pedal [in a Clubsport] and it takes caring of it for you, where in a Cup automobile we have to be some-more accurate and ethereal — it’s a trickier automobile to get a best out of.

911 GT2 RS Clubsport, Porsche Motorsport GT2 Supersportscar Weekend, Spa-Francorchamps, 2019, Porsche AG
Hoy about a 911 GT2 RS Clubsport: “In a true line it is positively awesome”

Focusing simply on pristine pushing pleasure, that 911 have we had some-more fun driving: a GT2 RS Clubsport or a Supercup GT3 Cup car?

I consider a Clubsport. I’ve driven some quick cars — LMP2s and GT3s — though there’s zero utterly like that surge; a initial straight-line gait we get when a turbos flog in. It is positively overwhelming and puts a grin on your face. Racing around Spa with 700 PS underneath your right feet is utterly an experience.

Although, equally, a Cup automobile is so accurate and direct. Everything we do it responds to immediately. But for a Gentleman or Amateur driver, a Clubsport is a outrageous volume of fun.

We beheld that we gathering to Spa in a GT2 RS. Are there any similarities we can pull between a highway automobile and a Clubsport variant?

You’d be astounded how identical a Clubsport is to a GT2 RS highway car, since underneath all a bodywork, it is radically a customary GT2 RS, that only goes to uncover how considerable a product it is. 

I mean, this weekend is a initial time a Clubsport has been out on lane competitively and they demeanour fantastic, go unequivocally good and are good fun to expostulate — it’s a unequivocally sorted package.

Chris Hoy, Porsche Motorsport GT2 Supersportscar Weekend, Spa-Francorchamps, 2019, Porsche AG
Hoy: “Racing around Spa with 700 PS underneath your right feet is utterly an experience”

Have any of a bureau drivers given we any hints or tips on how to get a many out of a GT2 RS Clubsport?

Having chatted to Marco [Holzer], who is one of a growth drivers, he was observant that we indeed wish to expostulate with a traction control and a ABS on. He pronounced “honestly, that’s a approach we set my path time, with a traction control on — it’s not forward — it will locate we if a boost comes in and we have too many close on, though it doesn’t land when we don’t wish it to”.

He also pronounced to be wakeful that it is heavier than a Cup automobile and to make a many of a power. Slow in and quick out is a mantra.

In terms of a atmosphere in a paddock, have we beheld a disproportion between Supercup and a some-more ‘AM’ focused GT2 RS Clubsport series?

It’s a unequivocally good and loose atmosphere here [at Spa] — everybody is accessible and chatting. we consider it’s since a cars are new and it’s a start of something special — we know, this is a poignant weekend, to be partial of a initial GT2 competition is unequivocally exciting.

Having pronounced that, it always starts off being all loose and fun, though when those lights go out it will be each male for himself.

Where does Spa-Francorchamps place on your list of all-time favourite circuits?

I consider if we ask any racing motorist that’s been here, 95 per cent of them would have it in their tip 3 circuits.

For me it has to be right adult there as one of a best circuits in a world. It’s a history, a atmosphere, a plea of a circuit. It’s got all — it’s fast, issuing and rewarding, and has corners that take a outrageous volume of haughtiness and bravery.

Every time we arrive here and expostulate down a aged array true down towards Eau Rouge it takes your exhale away. It’s special.

What races or championships would we like to contest in that we haven’t managed to already?

I’d adore to do a 24 Hours Nürburgring and we would adore to go behind to Le Mans. we suspicion Le Mans would be a ‘do it once, parasite a box and pierce on’ kind of thing, though once you’ve competed there we wish to go behind and request a believe and a believe you’ve gained.

Successful GT2 debut

Two unequivocally special GT2 models distinguished their competition entrance on a arise of a 24 Hours of Spa (Belgium). Fielding a Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport and a Porsche 935, an general margin of 15 drivers contested dual 30-minute races.

I’d also adore to do Bathurst 12 Hours and I’d adore to do … anything, really. we only adore motorsport; we adore racing. It’s an sparkling plea to get into a new automobile during a new circuit and to have to pull yourself to try and find new limits. So yeah, anything.

Have we enjoyed your time here during a GT2 Supersportscar Weekend?

I’ve entirely enjoyed a whole experience. It’s been illusory to be here for a 24h competition weekend; to be a customer of all a atmosphere that’s here is great. But to be partial of such a ancestral moment, a initial time a GT2 RS Clubsport has been on track, is an honour.

The cars are honestly shining to expostulate and unequivocally good fun. Quick in a true line, easy to hustle, easy to get to grips with and for a 700 PS automobile it is surprisingly accessible to drive. And in terms of a racing, I’m gratified with a results. we felt we got stranded in, did a best we could, and gave a automobile behind in one piece, that is a series one priority.