Ford Canada

For your community, your school, or a cause, only Drive 4UR

Charity events move people together for a common good, can make a clever impact on internal communities, and customarily we get to do something we wouldn’t routinely do. That’s because behind in 2010, Ford Canada combined a Drive 4UR Program.

What’s Drive 4UR?

Drive 4UR is Ford’s signature exam expostulate fundraiser program. The beginning invites internal schools and village organizations to partner with Ford dealerships. Together they devise a fundraising eventuality where people can exam expostulate Ford vehicles for a good cause. For each current finished exam drive, Ford afterwards donates $20 to a specific means being supported—up to $6,000.

Interested in engagement a Drive 4UR eventuality in your internal community? If we are a purebred gift or a open propagandize group, hit your internal Ford dealership to scrutinise about a module today.

Drive 4UR: A Ford fundraising event

Drive 4UR events are designed to move people together for a common goal, and Ford is always happy to assistance internal communities.