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Foray, Puffe, Mikhalchik: Strong supplement contingent for a BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team.

Munich. With a BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team, BMW
Motorrad Motorsport is expanding a general works involvement
with a new BMW S 1000 RR to embody a FIM Endurance World
Championship (FIM EWC). And a supplement contingent that will contest for the
patrol around Team Manager Werner Daemen (BEL) in a 2019/20 FIM EWC
deteriorate has been decided: Kenny Foray (FRA), Julian Puffe (GER) and
Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR). The deteriorate gets underway on
21st/22nd Sep with a 24-hour competition Bol
d’Or in Le Castellet (FRA).


35-year-old Foray has been partial of a BMW Motorrad Motorsport family
for many years and is a genuine continuation expert. He has been contesting
continuation races given 2008, and he won a FIM Endurance World
Championship pretension in 2014. Since 2016, Foray has contested a FIM
EWC with BMW teams – and also enjoys success with a BMW S 1000 RR in
a French Superbike Championship (FSBK), in that he was crowned
champion in 2017. Foray finished in second place in a FSBK
championship standings in both 2016 and 2018. Foray is closely
concerned in a growth of a continuation chronicle of a new RR and
has finished a exam rides so distant along with a team.


Puffe and Mikhalchik have been team-mates in Werner Daemen’s group in
a International German Motorcycle Championship (IDM) given last
season, so they know any other, a group and a new RR unequivocally well.


23-year-old Puffe has contested scurry races and a FIM EWC with the
BMW S 1000 RR given 2017. After a deteriorate in a FIM Superstock 1000
European Championship, he changed to a IDM in 2018, where he finished the
deteriorate in third place in a altogether standings. In a stream season,
he and team-mate Mikhalchik are inextricable in a retaining duel for the
IDM title. In a FIM EWC, he enjoyed successes with BMW teams, such
as a Superstock wins in a 8-hour competition during a Slovakiaring (SVK) in
2017 and during a mythological Bol d’Or in 2018.


Mikhalchik is also 23 years of age, and claimed a championship
pretension in a IDM during a initial time of seeking in his lass deteriorate for
BMW in 2018. In a stream deteriorate he leads a IDM standings with two
rounds to go, brazen of his team-mate Puffe. Mikhalchik done his debut
in a FIM EWC in Apr of this year, during a 24 Hours of Le Mans (FRA). 




Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “I am
assured that with riders Kenny Foray, Julian Puffe and Ilya
Mikhalchik, we are unequivocally well-positioned for a lass deteriorate of our
new plan in a FIM EWC. This contingent provides a ideal combination
of a resources of knowledge and speed. All 3 of them are very
informed with a new BMW S 1000 RR and know a specific challenges
that continuation racing presents for riders, teams and bikes. Which
means that they can yield profitable submit for a growth of the
continuation chronicle of a new RR, that we will continue to drive
via a season. We wish to turn some-more rival step by step
in a initial year in this top-class universe championship. After this
initial year of learning, a long-term idea is to tighten in on a top
and conflict for a title.”


Werner Daemen, Team Manager BMW Motorrad World Endurance
“This is a totally new plea for me. we have been
concerned in a FIM EWC for many years now. we contested my first
24-hour competition as a supplement behind in 1997 and competed in continuation races
until 2011. So we was actively concerned in a championship as a rider
for 14 years and also finished on a lectern during this time. we am
gay to now have this event with a BMW Motorrad World
Endurance Team, even yet it involves a lot of work and is nothing
like a IDM. In a initial year we need to start by gaining
experience, even yet a aim is always to finish races as distant up
a margin as possible. I’m gay that we have a clever contingent of
riders in Kenny Foray, Julian Puffe and Ilya Mikhalchik, and that they
have been given a deserved event to grow with this project. I
am unequivocally assured going into a season.”


Kenny Foray: “I am gay with this new challenge
in this new team. we have been partial of a BMW family for several years
now. My idea has always been to win a 24 Hours of Le Mans. And I
would adore to go home with a pretension as well. It goes though saying
that we initial need to get used to a new bike and continue to develop
it, though it is an impossibly good motorcycle. Endurance is not easy,
though we consider that we will be means to be rival early on. we have
high expectations for this new season.”


Julian Puffe: “I feel unequivocally celebrated to have been
given a event to contest for a works group in a FIM EWC. I
consider it is each racer’s dream to float in a works group during some point.
Particularly in a array as tip category as a continuation world
championship. we am unequivocally vehement for this new challenge. we have
competed in continuation races given 2017. We won my initial competition in 2017,
that was during a Slovakiaring. And we won a Superstock category during the
Bol d’Or in Le Castellet final year as well. We followed this with
third place during a Slovakiaring. So, my continuation races have always
left unequivocally good so far. Of course, this will be a new challenge, but
my idea will always be to be as tighten to a front as possible. We
have a unequivocally good team, that we can rest on. we have also modified
my daily training in line with preparations, so that we am as fit as
possible. we can't wait for a deteriorate to get started.”


Ilya Mikhalchik: “Firstly, we would like to appreciate BMW
Motorrad Motorsport for this outrageous event to contest in a world
championship as a works rider. It means a good understanding to me. we am the
initial Ukrainian to take their initial stairs on this outrageous universe stage. I
will give it my all from a unequivocally initial race. The calendar includes
3 marks that are new to me, and we am also unequivocally vehement for the
races outward of Europe. we am looking brazen to being means to uncover my
intensity during such a high level. we am assured that we will do great
things with a new RR and am looking brazen to a initial race.”



FIM Endurance World Championship 2019/20.


21st/22nd Sep 2019: Bol d’Or (24-hour
race) – Le Castellet (FRA)

14th Dec 2019: 8 Hours of Sepang – Sepang (MAS)

18th/19th Apr 2020: 24 Heures Moto – Le Mans (FRA)

6th Jun 2020: 8 Hours Oschersleben – Oschersleben (GER)

19th Jul 2020: Suzuka 8 Hours – Suzuka (JPN)