Ford Canada

Ford Focus Owner: Gabriela Vasileva

Gabriela Vasileva always seems to be on a go.

Whether it’s attending school, weekend road-tripping with friends, or interning during Ford Canada, she relies on her automobile to get her from A to B.

“I spend during slightest an hour and a half in my automobile each day,” says Gabi. “So we unequivocally need it to keep me going.”

It might only be a happy fluke that Gabi started interning during Ford after purchasing her 2015 Ford Focus SE, though there’s no mistaking how most she appreciates a car’s facilities while behind a wheel.

The back camera is a must, generally when she’s subsidy out of a slight driveway—the camera’s sensors and dashboard arrangement guard assistance safeguard she does so safely.

When she’s finally out on a open road, Gabi also depends Ford Sync among her must-haves. From changing playlists to creation a hands-free phone call, Gabi appreciates that it’s a protected and hands-free alternative.

Reliable and ample (a large offered indicate now that she carpools to work), a 2015 Ford Focus SE is all Gabi needs—and wants—in a car.

“My automobile means a lot to me,” she says. “I need something that’s reliable, that can keep me going, though also something that’s a small fun.”