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Ford Hybrids Rated Highest for Customer Payback, Value

2011 Fusion Hybrid

  • Ford hybrid vehicles arrange during a tip of a list for payback and fuel cost savings, giving consumers some-more value and lapse on investment, compared to competitors
  • Fords hybrid automobile lineup a Fusion Hybrid and Escape Hybrid is attention heading for altogether investment among competing midsize, oppulance and SUV hybrids
  • Hybrid vehicles are partial of Fords altogether foundation strategy, that includes a apartment of 5 new electrified models travelling hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric and all-electric vehicles

Dearborn, Mich., Mar 31, 2011 With gas prices on a rise, a seductiveness around fuel potency and hybrid automobile options is tip of mind for intensity automobile buyers. But are all variety combined equal? Recent attention studies uncover that certain hybrid models yield automobile buyers with many some-more crash for their buck, and a Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Escape Hybrid are during a tip of those lists, demonstrating a best lapse on investment compared to competitors. lists a Ford Escape Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid as category leaders for best monthly fuel cost in a publications annual best and misfortune monthly fuel cost estimates analysis. The hybrid versions of both vehicles led a container for best monthly fuel costs, with consumers profitable over $100 reduction for fuel per month, compared to competing vehicles.

Further building Fords repute as a personality in hybrid vehicles, recently named Escape Hybrid one of a best vehicles for hybrid investment. According to a site, a Escape Hybrid is one of a few hybrid vehicles consumers can clear profitable a reward for, compared to a gas-only version, as a Escape Hybrid pays for a possess reward once gas prices and assets are factored in.

In reduction than 10 years, Ford has turn a personality in hybrid technologies that are both modernized and innovative for a market, pronounced Sherif Marakby, Fords executive of Electrification Programs and Engineering. True to a foundation strategy, we continue to deposit in variety and urge on technologies each year.

The scholarship behind a fuel economy
Building on 10 years of knowledge with hybrid technologies, stream Ford variety use a companys second-generation full hybrid system, with battery record that provides 20 percent some-more appetite than a first-generation system. To grasp this fuel economy, Fords Powersplit record complement uses dual motors and a invariably non-static delivery that uses a many fit points of a engine. By doing this, a appetite upsurge between a battery and a engine is optimized to expostulate a wheels and grasp a best fuel potency for all operation modes. To date, Fords Powersplit record has perceived some-more than 200 patents.

Additional ways in that Ford variety grasp fuel economy improvements include:

  • Second-generation Ford hybrid vehicles urge opening by modifying components like inverters, to boost potency of electric components to some-more than 90 percent
  • An electric compressor is used for meridian control systems, to optimize appetite use
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid has an combined boost converter on a battery, that instantly provides appetite when indispensable for acceleration though doesnt lift this appetite in a battery during all times, improving altogether fuel efficiency

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The appetite of choice
Electrification is an critical square of Fords altogether product sustainability strategy. Fords assertive plan includes 5 new electrified vehicles in North America by 2012 and Europe by 2013. Ford launched a Transit Connect Electric tiny blurb outpost in 2010 and in further to Focus Electric in late 2011, will deliver C-MAX Hybrid, a second next-generation lithium-ion battery hybrid and a C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid in 2012.
Best-in-class fuel economy
Ford invested billions in researching and building new fuel-efficient engines, transmissions and electrified vehicles, even during a inlet of a mercantile downturn when competitors dialed behind product spending. Today, Ford has 12 vehicles with best-in-class fuel economy and 4 models with during slightest 40 mpg a explain no other full-line automaker can match.

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