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Ford Taurus Builds on Foundation of Customer Satisfaction, Technology Leadership with Sportier Design, Better Dynamics

Taurus Limited offers oppulance levels of patron comfort, preference and connectivity technologies, while still projected to broach adult to 31 highway mpg when propitious with 2.0-liter EcoBoost power
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  • New Ford Taurus delivers sportier pattern cues, some-more discerning technologies and some-more energetic pushing characteristics
  • Taurus takes craftsmanship adult a nick with higher-quality, soft-touch materials and an extended noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) package
  • New Taurus builds on a five-star, Top Safety Pick care legacy, with softened side airbag restraints

NEW YORK, Apr 19, 2011 Building on class-leading patron compensation and a bequest of record and reserve recognition, a new Ford Taurus brings sporty pattern cues to a some-more differentiated array lineup that offers even some-more energetic pushing characteristics.

Our prophesy for a subsequent Taurus was to make a Blue Oval signature sedan even some-more of a flagship, pronounced Gordon Platto, Taurus arch designer. We directed to boost pattern split between array models while creation Taurus a sportier package opposite a board.

Platto and a Taurus pattern group widened a grille and revoke front fascia opening to give a automobile a some-more muscular, jaunty stance. Beyond a grille and front fascia, a new Taurus facilities a new hood, new headlamps, taller back fenders, a new decklid and thespian taillamps with LED illumination.

A decklid-mounted spoiler is accessible on SEL and Limited models and customary on a line-topping Taurus SHO. The bottom highway circle has been upped to a 17-inch embellished aluminum finish. Across series, an 18-inch circle is offering along with 3 19-inch and dual 20-inch choice choices.

Taurus and Taurus SHO business told us they wanted some-more split between models, pronounced Platto. Starting with SHO, weve total a filigree grille in resisting black with harmonizing sideview mirrors, specific wheels and singular side buffer vents. Its an assertive while still pointed look, in gripping with a understated ethos of a model.

Inside a subsequent Taurus, driver-focused elements and a uninformed interior tone Dune supplement magnificence and sportier character. Each Taurus array indication facilities singular fabrics and trims with new appliqus on a instrument panel, doorway trim and core console.

Taurus dynamics
The sportier new Taurus pattern is corroborated adult by significantly extended framework dynamics, pronounced Mark Lecrone, automobile dynamics supervisor. Larger, some-more assertive circle and tire packages, revised open and check rates, across-the-board electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) with a hard-mounted steering shelve and quicker steering ratio mix to make a automobile some-more fun and manageable for a enthusiast. At a same time, a extended Taurus dynamics package creates it a certainty builder for less-experienced drivers.

Enthusiast drivers will conclude a serve of torque vectoring control, a energetic creation customarily found usually in high-ticket sports cars.

When cornering, torque vectoring control uses really slight braking army practical to a inside front circle to assistance Taurus accelerate by a corner. Imperceptible to a driver, this notation braking movement helps stabilise a car, permitting for some-more torque to strech a tarmac. Making a automobile feel lighter and some-more responsive, torque vectoring provides an outcome identical to a limited-slip differential. Torque vectoring control is customary on a new Taurus.

The new Taurus adds bend control, a singular Ford braking control creation directed during negligence a vehicle, if it senses that a motorist inadvertently enters a bend too quickly. With focus of four-wheel intelligent braking, a automobile can revoke speed by adult to 10 mph in about one second.

Entering a curve, on- or off-ramp too quick is a conditions found to minister to some-more than 50,000 crashes any year in a U.S.

Curve control is effective on soppy or dry pavement. When a automobile enters a bend too fast, a complement responds by fast shortening torque and augmenting stop vigour to assistance keep a automobile underneath control.

Based on Fords disdainful AdvanceTrac, bend control uses sensors to magnitude hurl rate, bend rate, parallel acceleration, circle speed and steering circle angle, using calculations formed on those inputs 100 times any second. Curve control a Taurus class-exclusive underline is customary on all Taurus models.

Taurus brakes have been extended with a incomparable master cylinder, revised upholder tuning for softened stop feel and upgraded attrition component for additional insurgency to fade.

While Taurus dynamics have been towering opposite a whole range, we offer an uncompromised package for a critical enthusiast, pronounced Lecrone. The Taurus SHO Performance Package facilities a special sport-tuned cessation with specific dampers and springs, total with recalibrated EPAS and a loyal off environment to disentangle a electronic fortitude control. Performance summer-compound tires yield a ultimate in sport-sedan doing and responsiveness.

Taurus craftsmanship
Our group is committed to invariably improving a Taurus, and in building a new automobile weve continued to benchmark up-class competitors such as Audi A6, pronounced Chris Atkinson, extraneous craftsmanship leader. Our aspect gaps and row margins are among a best.

Inside a subsequent Taurus, craftsmanship has been towering with increasing soft-touch materials, cloth-wrapped pillars and cloth-wrapped stuffing on a core console walls.

All new Taurus models underline new Ford switchgear for a uniform, linear feel and response.

The glove cell and console storage space are now flock-lined to broach a aloft turn of fit and finish. In a trunk, a damage cover is now spring-loaded and handle covering has been total to make a load space easier to use and some-more appreciative to a eye.

Craftsmanship enclosed creation a new Taurus even quieter. An insulator was total behind a instrument row to serve minimize powertrain noise, while additional baffles were total to a physique structure for sound deadening. Wheel-well liners were total to minimize forward highway noise.

Taurus safety
Building on a Top Safety Pick and five-star pile-up rating bequest of reserve leadership, Taurus adds smarter airbags that fasten and vent, precisely tailoring airbag deployment to any automobile occupant.

Taurus continues to occupy a Trinity pile-up structure, so named for a 3 elements that assistance strengthen Taurus occupants in frontal pile-up situations.

The initial component is an ultra-high-strength boron steel lamp to catch impact. Crash army are afterwards eliminated to boron shotgun rails that diagonally broadcast impact army to a firm roof panel. Finally, a decoupling engine cradle is designed to dump from a subframe underneath impact to assistance forestall a powertrain from encroaching on a newcomer cabin.

The 2013 Taurus will be made during Fords Chicago Assembly Plant.

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