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Formula E in New York: Audi motorist di Grassi creates adult ground

A word from … Lucas di Grassi

A fourth and a fifth place in New York: what was blank for we this weekend to finish on a podium?
Lucas di Grassi: “I’d adore to know myself. We have to investigate a information and make certain that we are in a improved position again for a culmination in Montreal. We weren’t quick adequate in New York to be means to win. With a small some-more fitness it could have been dual podiums, though not more. We did what we could and underneath a resources I’m unequivocally confident with a results. After all we done adult 22 points. It wasn’t a squandered weekend. We are still in a thick of a pretension conflict and will try to make a best of a situation.”

How do we rate your chances of winning a title?
“It’ll be difficult, though we’ll try everything. It is psychologically critical that we can win by my possess efforts in Montreal: if we win both races I’m Champion. Then there’s no need to worry about a mathematical chances. This is accurately what we’ll try to do.”

Are dual wins unequivocally probable in Montreal?
“In New York we have seen once again usually how indeterminate Formula E is: before this weekend, Sam Bird was nowhere in a Championship and afterwards he wins both races. we usually need to find out that H2O he drank and merely splash a same before Montreal …”

Do we already know a circuit in Montreal?
“From a simulator, yes, in existence we’ll get to know it usually on a initial competition day. On paper it looks splendid. I’m unequivocally looking brazen to Montreal.”

You also gathering in Montreal with Formula 1 …
“Yes, in 2010. But it’s not allied with Formula E. The atmosphere in Formula E is totally opposite and I’m fighting for a championship title. So, I’ll come with a totally opposite feeling to Montreal.”

How will we all ready over a subsequent dual weeks?
“We’ll go into a simulator again, expostulate a lane in Montreal and make certain that all a settings on a automobile are correct, and that we arrive during a culmination good prepared. We’ll do all for this and quarrel tough for victory.”

Back to New York: how did we like a premiere?
“It was illusory to have raced in this implausible city and to have created a square of motorsport history. The initial competition in such a city is always something unequivocally special. It was a good event, though my thoughts were apparently wholly focused on my fightback in a pretension battle.”