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From a male who knows everything: An insider’s perspective of a 2012 Volkswagen Passat

At Volkswagen, a product managers are a bit like parents: they know things about a cars that many people don’t, and they contend annoying things like, “I remember when we were only a CAD design!” But when a prolongation indication rolls off a line and into a genuine world, no one is prouder—and Passat Product Manager Serban Boldea is positively no exception.

At a new Full-Line Dynamic Drive event, we let a unapproachable poppa and Passat Product Manager do what he loves best: take a spin in his dear Passat TDI.

“It’s a fun automobile to drive,” says Serban. “You don’t have to give adult anything to get a good fuel economy. You still get a driver’s car, we still get to have fun going by corners, though we can go down a widespread and get over 40 miles per gallon.” The Passat also facilities accessible leather seating surfaces with Dinamica inserts for combined comfort, that is a good thing; with a fuel operation of scarcely 800 miles, we could find yourself sitting in those seats for a long, prolonged time. But don’t worry—the twin section meridian control underline will safeguard that we and your passengers suffer a whole journey.

And Serban’s not only display a parental disposition when he says that he loves a discretionary nine-speaker 400-watt Fender Premium Sound System. He describes it as “the comprehensive nicest surprise.” As he puts it, “You start listening to a song and a compactness of a sound is only unmatched.”

To hear some-more of Serban’s thoughts on a Passat, watch a video below.


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