Ford Canada

From The Model ‘T’ To Model ‘We’

In 1908, Ford combined a Model T. It was one of a initial ever Ford vehicles to strike a road, and it noted a impulse in story that helped figure a automotive attention today. To us, a Model T represents some-more than only a vehicle. While we introduced a new form of personal travel for a public, we also launched a indication that believes in satisfactory wages, operative together, meditative together and improving together. That really indication of efficiency, satisfactory salary and peculiarity of life for all is what has desirous Ford’s joining to assisting communities to go serve – ‘Model We.’

As a post of a Model We program, we’ve recently partnered with Free The Children – an general classification that believes in a universe where all children are giveaway to grasp their fullest intensity as agents of change. Together, we’re committing to enhancing a lives of girl in Canada by a array of programs. These embody We Day, a array of events where celebrities and suspicion leaders prompt immature tellurian adults to take movement for change. This also includes a array of Drivers of Change Workshops – summits designed to inspire girl leaders to take movement in their internal communities. Ford was also a vital unite of a cross-Canada, 90-stop We Create Change Tour, where Free The Children visited Canadian schools. And Ford is constantly rallying dealers to lift donations in support of internal food banks by a We Scare Hunger program.  This October, Ford dealers opposite Canada became a latest craving heroes, collecting over 150,000 lbs. of food in partnership with internal schools.

Looking for some-more information on Model We and a partnership with Free The Children? Find out some-more here.

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