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  • Ford technologies like Eco Mode, change indicator flare and active grille shutters assistance a motorist of a all-new Focus grasp environmentally obliged opening with fuel economy adult to a projected 40 mpg highway
  • Other Ford technologies such as electric power-assisted steering (EPAS), assertive deceleration fuel shutoff and intelligent battery government assistance to boost fuel economy
  • Additional technologies to raise fuel potency embody gasoline approach injection (GDI) and twin eccentric non-static camshaft timing (Ti-VCT)

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2011 To broach cleaner, greener performance, a all-new Ford Focus incorporates a far-reaching operation of facilities to minimize altogether emissions and boost fuel economy. Significant innovations on a new Focus embody Ford Eco Mode and a active grille shiver system.

The all-new Focus is a rolling showcase of a fuel-saving technologies, pronounced North American Chief Nameplate Engineer Jim Hughes. The stairs we have taken to boost fuel economy paint poignant stairs brazen in shortening a environmental impact of a products and capacitate a business to make a immature and tolerable car choice.

Ford Eco Mode and change indicator assistance urge pushing style
The Ford Eco Mode is an all-new motorist information system. The complement helps drivers to change their habits and adopt a some-more careful pushing style. The motorist has a outrageous impact on fuel economy, and many motorists can cut their fuel bills by 10 percent or some-more by adopting a some-more environmentally obliged pushing style.

Sophisticated program grown with a assistance of veteran hyper-milers monitors pushing function and provides drivers with transparent feedback about their eco-driving performance, along with elementary tips about how to save some-more fuel.

A elementary flower striking in a instrument cluster arrangement allows drivers to lane their swell in a 3 pivotal areas of rigging shifting, expectation and cruising speed. The complement also monitors a series of emasculate brief trips done with a cold engine and gives credit for slicing a suit of shorter journeys.

The change indicator can be a vital support in pushing a manual-transmission Focus some-more economically. An indicator light, that is displayed in a instrument cluster, alerts drivers when they can revoke fuel expenditure by manually changeable into a aloft gear.

Drag minimized with active grille shutters
The new Focus offers an innovative new underline to assistance optimize aerodynamics by regulating vents to control airflow by a grille to a cooling complement and engine compartment.

If atmosphere is compulsory to cold a engine, a vents are opened. If no airflow is needed, a vents are shut, significantly shortening aerodynamic drag. When entirely closed, a rebate in drag means that a active grille shiver can boost highway fuel efficiency.

Ford technologies optimize efficiency
Other Ford fuel-saving technologies accessible in a all-new Focus include:

  • Smart battery management
  • Twin eccentric non-static camshaft timing (Ti-VCT)
  • Six-speed twin dry-clutch PowerShift involuntary transmission
  • Aggressive deceleration fuel shutoff
  • Low-friction engine and delivery oils
  • Low-tension front finish appendage expostulate (FEAD) belt
  • Thermal government systems to optimize warm-up

The new Focus also facilities electric power-assisted steering as standard, enabling an boost in fuel potency of approximately 1 mpg highway contra a normal hydraulic steering system.


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