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Future solutions for apparatus management: Audi Environmental Foundation presents awards to immature researchers

In her master’s thesis, Julia Möbius analyzed how immature people understand and use a Berlin city forest. The result: They have frequency detected a timberland as a recreational area for themselves. On site, she interviewed 800 Berlin residents aged between 14 and 25 about their expectations of forests and so combined a extensive basement for formulation destiny pattern concepts for timberland areas.

The second prize-winning topic was created by Sebastian Heinz. The master’s connoisseur dealt with a socio-economic consequences of meridian change and a compared capricious environmental conditions. During a examine stay in Hangzhou, China, he conducted an mercantile examination with students and farmers to examine how people vital in stream basins conflict to amicable dilemmas. In his work, Sebastian Heinz showed that integrity and trust minister to a successful classification of unequally distributed entrance to water.

“Since 2009, a Audi Environmental Foundation has been compelling innovative ideas for environmental protection, as good as scientists and their examine into tolerable apparatus management. With a SRM Award, we are honoring dual immature researchers who are endangered with a timberland and a critical apparatus of H2O – and are so contributing to larger sustainability,” says Rüdiger Recknagel, Chief Executive of a Audi Environmental Foundation.