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Future we can touch: a BMW Vision M NEXT celebrates a double universe premiere – on a theatre during BMW Welt and as a digital information set for 3D printing.

Munich. The latest models and a BMW Vision M NEXT
investigate will be a concentration of BMW Group #NEXTGen during BMW Welt in Munich
from 25 to 27 Jun 2019. The new display format extends the
company’s operation of possibilities as it engages in discourse on the
theme of innovations and destiny mobility. Presentation of a BMW
Vision M NEXT also takes communication with a open into a whole
new dimension. On, BMW presents a sports automobile investigate not
only in a form of texts, images and sound files though also creates a
digital 3D information set of a car accessible for a initial time. The
information supposing for download is suitable for send to a 3D printer.
In this way, a flourishing village of 3D copy fans have the
event to emanate their really possess indication of a BMW Vision M Next
themselves on a day of a universe premiere – for a initial time ever
and giveaway of charge.


With BMW Group #NEXTGen, a association has determined an independent
information height for stream indication premieres and destiny visions
for a initial time. In this way, general journalists, analysts
and other stakeholders are means to benefit insights into a latest
developments in a areas of design, unconstrained driving, connectivity,
foundation and services (D+ACES) as tangible in a BMW Group’s
corporate plan NUMBER ONE NEXT as destiny areas. At a same
time, a association is regulating BMW Group #NEXTGen to feature a contact
with a BMW community. The online display of the
BMW Vision M NEXT finish with 3D information enables fans all over the
universe to knowledge a car in an wholly new way.


Provision of a BMW Vision M Next 3D information set giveaway of assign on the
day of a universe premiere is a form of communication with the
worldwide BMW village that is singular in a automotive attention to
date – once again confirming BMW as a colonize in a use of innovative
technology, in this box in a area of marketing. Digital
communication creates it probable to move innovations and visions in
a margin of particular mobility to life in a novel way. As a
addition to a information and impressions supposing in difference and
images, as good as an acoustic credentials in a form of a sound file,
a downloadable 3D copy files yield a minute and
true-to-scale indication of a prophesy car on a really day of a world
premiere that BMW fans can emanate for themselves during home – a future
prophesy they can see, hear and now also hold for a initial time.


The online display on went live during a same time
as a universe premiere of a BMW Vision M NEXT during BMW Welt: since
then, texts, images, sound files, posters and wallpaper featuring the
design of a prophesy car have been available, along with the
digital information set for 3D printing. The website with a download links
is supposing in German and English during a following URLs: