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#FutureBusiness: Mobility for a improved universe — or are we mislaid in transportation?

Driven by digitalization and automation, a expenditure of mobility, as we have used it for decades, is experiencing a chronological caesura. We are in a center of a new, multi-mobile age. It is no longer (only) about quick and effective ride from A to B. It is no longer exclusively about spatial locomotion, forms of thrust or a use of means of transport. Sustainability, new energies, networked cities, intelligent ride systems, car-to-car communication, intelligent ride systems and rare mobility concepts in multiple with destiny technologies establish 4 vital megatrends (electrification, connectivity, unconstrained driving, new digital services) in today’s and tomorrow’s road, rail, atmosphere and beyond.

We contingency ask ourselves: Do mobility and record companies take their shortcoming severely adequate to spin these hurdles into opportunities for a good and tolerable mobility approach? And how many some-more mobility does a subsequent era need?

Sporting mobility also means presumption responsibility

Hardly any other record is so closely interwoven with a pattern and peculiarity of life of a city as a automobile. For some-more than 70 years, Porsche has been a pivotal motorist in a growth and prolongation of sports cars. Today and in a future, it is therefore vicious for us to assume responsibility: not usually for a construction of sports cars, though also for sporty mobility. If we wish to put a destiny on a road, new technologies, new products, new competitors, new business — and new manners apply.

We are experiencing an expansion of mobility. Digitization, 5G technology, electrification, connectivity — all these are function concurrently and, if we like, during full speed. The whole automotive attention is relocating in a instruction of record and IT. Together with a Porsche Digital Lab and Porsche Digital, we form executive interfaces that move not usually sporty mobility, though also tradition and believe from 70 years of sports cars into tolerable peace with a record of tomorrow. We call this #NextLevelGermanEngineering.

“Digitization, 5G technology, electrification, connectivity — all these are function concurrently and, if we like, during full speed.”
Anja Hendel

We do not wish to play a earthy and a digital universe off opposite any other, no, they should element any other meaningfully. As my co-worker Stefan Zerweck aptly explained during TNW2019 in Amsterdam, we deliberately inspire this clash. We have sent a transparent signal: a annual IT bill is now usually underneath half a billion euros. Half of this is attributable to digitisation — tolerable digitisation, that contingency follow reliable principles.

We contingency open adult in all directions

In further to strengthening Artificial Intelligence (AI), we also deposit intensively in tellurian comprehension and insert significance to new competencies such as partnership and teamwork, creativity and imagination, problem elucidate and vicious meditative — though also program growth and programming, in sequence to be means to live and work side by side with machines in a middle term. A good purpose indication is my co-worker Alissa Wilms from a Porsche Digital Lab, who combines diversity, childish curiosity, creativity and a high grade of systematic and technical bargain of Quantum Computing.

At a same time, we contingency open adult as a company, given we can't conduct tomorrow alone — generally with courtesy to new technologies and people who do not conform to a mindset during all, though can minister a good bargain to changing ours. On a other hand, we need to take a possess people with us on a journey, ready them for partnership and teach them digitally. Because it is transparent that we can't do though their skills. That is a foundation. And this also shows a bargain this year to step out of a comfort section and into discourse with conferences such as re:publica in Berlin, TNW in Amsterdam or NOAH in Berlin as vital partners. The concentration there was deliberately not on a cars though on a comparison partners: a APX accelerator program, a height High Mobility, HABA Digital, CODE University Berlin, a Porsche NEXT OI winners “Ghost — feel it.” or a Robotics startup Robonetica.

I am resolutely assured that we will need believe in a future, some of that is utterly distant private from a prior core competencies. That’s because we need to build a clever ecosystem with efficient partners. Over a past few months, Porsche has already brought many of these to a side — and we are looking brazen to operative with them. We are concentrating on investments in business models relating to patron experience, sustainability, mobility and digital lifestyle with a concentration on destiny technologies such as synthetic intelligence, blockchain as good as practical and protracted reality. Current examples are a US AI startup, a Swiss AR experts of WayRay, that rise holographic conduct adult arrangement technologies, a Berlin startup Gapless, that digitizes automobile histories by Blockchain or a B2B startup home-IX from Stuttgart specialized in intelligent living.

Porsche Next Open Innnovation Competition, Ludwigsburg, 2019, Porsche AG
Porsche NEXT OI Competition — finals in Ludwigsburg together with “Ghost — feel it.”

Ethical meditative in a growth of complicated technologies — also in mobility

The investments uncover us that intelligent technologies such as synthetic comprehension have prolonged given reached a automotive attention and are moulding a new form of mobility. It is adult to all of us to use these technologies for a improved universe (and improved mobility). Incidentally, this is a core thought of a stream ideas foe “Mobility for a improved world” during a interface of record and mobility. We are looking for projects for a tolerable destiny in 4 categories (“Wheels”, “Trust”, “Cities”, “People”). An vicious principle: a suggestive use of technology. As early as 1996, MIT scientist Joseph Weizenbaum called for a introduction of “ethical thinking” in a growth of complicated technologies — he himself had a wilful change on a initial colonize of a chatbot.

This direct is some-more applicable currently than ever before. After all, a investment in and accessibility of AI has accelerated rapidly. Today, AI applications are already found in navigation systems in a vehicles and in smartphones, whose apps we network with mobility solutions from mobility services of all kinds. We confront them in a form of chatbots and industrial robots. They name news and promotion messages for us, make suggestions for films, flights or even for a right partner.

But all this is usually a beginning. AI will also assistance us quarrel illness and poverty, make improved use of resources or control environmental risks — and capacitate mobility. That’s because we have to ask ourselves — even as an automotive group: how we can use a advantages of AI though giving adult a insurance of privacy. How can we equivocate losing control over ever smarter and some-more absolute machines? And in that areas do we maybe wish to totally sequence out a use of AI?

Ideas for a improved tomorrow

Innovations for a improved tomorrow — or as Stephan Grabmeier affectionately calls them in his blog parade: #Kopföffner — can't be combined in an ivory tower, though usually by a networking of scholarship and practice, by interdisciplinary team-work — partnership instead of coexistence. We would like to call this up. Because in sequence not usually to exam a destiny of mobility, though to actively assistance figure it, we are obliged and wish to turn a #Kopföffner for ourselves, though also for others.

It is a idea to try a possibilities of new methods and concepts, to know them in abyss and so to rise tolerable focus scenarios that safeguard a improved tomorrow. We mix a tradition and a values of a association with innovative technologies and new products in a tolerable way. Our announced idea is to be a many tolerable sports automobile manufacturer in a reward shred and to decisively figure sports mobility — for a environment, people and their vital spaces. In cities, on wheels, with trust and reliable meditative in record — and done for us humans.