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Garage Italia Customs and BMW i applaud Memphis Design with a special edition.

Munich/ Milan
. Two new and singular cars have been presented today
by BMW i and Garage Italia Customs to applaud a Memphis Design
Group. It was a universe premiere in a startling environment of the
UniCredit Pavilion in Milan. With a disdainful BMW i MemphisStyle
interior and extraneous Design on a BMW i3 and a BMW i8, Lapo
Elkann’s artistic heart payed hommage to a idealist character of the
artistic and informative transformation that revolutionised a universe of design
in a 1980s.

“Renewing a bond with BMW i is a good pleasure. we entirely share
their prophesy of looking during a destiny and technological origination as
a heading elements in any project.” – says Lapo Elkann, Chairman and
Creative Director of Garage Italia Customs. “Creativity, character and
origination have always been a pivotal facilities of all a work carried
out by my group in a margin of formulation and a investigate of design. This
partnership has given me a event to applaud my great
passion for a Memphis artists. we have been collecting significant
works of art from this transformation for utterly a while and they approximate me
and enthuse me in my bland life. we can’t assistance though be unapproachable of the
outcome achieved by my artistic hub. Once again, my designers have
beaten any expectation; they managed to send a genuine hint of
a Memphis Design onto these unconventional one-offs”.


The Memphis Group and BMW i

Founded in 1981 by Ettore Sottsass, a Memphis Group was an absolute
discord to functionalism and any blurb logic. It gave arise to
adventurous lines in seat that was characterised by startling materials
and strange striking patterns. The character was clearly provocative and
was desirous by movements like Art Deco and a startling geometrical
shapes, Pop Art with a splendid colours and Kitsch as a proceed to detach
from a minimalist pattern of a 70s.

Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Design:
“During a nineteen-eighties, a Memphis Group questioned a formal
astringency and classical functionality of pattern artefacts both in a
rather provocative and humorous manner. In this way, Memphis became
a pitch of contemporary design. With a pattern drafts, a Group
challenged existent dogmas, worried emotions and combined designs with
high approval value.

The BMW Group followed a identical proceed when conceptualizing a BMW i
vehicles, doubt standard automobile pattern language, violation new ground
and redesigning vehicles from scratch. Electric vehicles of a first
era were primarily dictated to attract attention. We also
adopted a new proceed with courtesy to materiality. For example, we
were a initial automobile manufacturer to use CO twine reinforced plastic
as new component for industrial array production. We appreciate Lapo Elkann
for a artistic and moving team-work and are particularly
gratified that, with Michele De Lucchi, we have been means to benefit one of
a first members of a Memphis Group for this partnership with
Garage Italia Customs.”


Michele de Lucchi remembers a early days and his reasons for
co-founding a Memphis Group:


“Memphis takes me behind in time to my youth”, says Michele De Lucchi,
“the early years in Milan and generally me and many of my colleagues’
loyalty with Ettore Sottsass. we was 28 years aged and life was
opposite then. We wanted to mangle with a grand character traditions, to
be revolutionaries and infer that series is also probable through
a origination of objects and their presence. We wanted a new proceed to
conclude a definition of a existence. At that time, today’s topics –
unsustainable lifestyle, post-post-modern readings, neglected political
assimilations etc. were mostly not nonetheless there.  However, we already
had a enterprise to stop a proof of prevalent consumerism, and we wanted
to go deeper. Not with negativity, though with optimism; celebrating
decoration, and with a charming clarity of genuine involvement.  In this
way, a core of Memphis, of what we did and what we desired, is timeless.”


BMW i MemphisStyle: Hypnotic patterns and splendid colours

Oblique, craft and straight lines along with tranquil patterns
and colourful colours are a categorical characteristics of a new liveries
combined by Garage Italia Customs. A period of pointy surface
contrasts that turn pristine countenance of rebellion and ransom from
a firm standards of normal design. What catches a eye is
that any singular component is ideally aligned and a geometrical
shapes exquisitely follow a curves of a bodywork of a dual cars.
The realization was intensely prudent and it compulsory over five
weeks of work. Before a several portrayal phases, opposite masking
was practical to any automobile in sequence to emanate a patterns. There are as
many as 8 layers of colour on a physique that proves a complexity
of a whole process.

Both interiors clearly endorse and demonstrate a same break-through and
experimenting truth standard of a Memphis Design. The different
materials selected for a upholstery (technical fabric,
Alcantara® and Foglizzo leather) are in clever contrasting
chromatic matches. Bright colours, from orange to purple, immature and
yellow are a categorical facilities along with a tailored striking patterns.
Every singular component of a cabin so becomes an constituent partial of the
artistic denunciation that shabby a 80s and shabby pattern and decor
over a following years.


The MemphisStyle Edition BMW i3 and BMW i8 are singular pieces. Garage
Italia Customs offers a Design to BMW i business on request.
After a Premiere of a special book during Salone del Mobile in
Milan,  the BMW i8 MemphisStyle will be exhibited during Frieze New York 2017.


About Garage Italia Customs

Just as a tailor-made outfit follows a lines of a body
harmoniously, Garage Italia Customs aims during creation any automobile unique,
be it a car, a motorbike, a plane, a helicopter or a yacht. It
re-elaborates a clients’ really wishes with a use that involves
a investigate of detail, change of a components and investigate of
materials. The équipe is done adult of a best technicians specialised
in a margin of wrapping, portrayal and upholstery of interiors. The
Style Centre, that is a pulsating heart of all a design
activities, it is a assembly place where a ideas of clients intersect
with a cultured ambience of a experts of a Garage. While waiting
to pierce to Piazzale Accursio, a Garage Italia Customs operative
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