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With a launch of a eighth-generation Porsche 911 comes a time not usually to simulate on a essence of this undying machine, though also a time to applaud a future. And what improved proceed to applaud than by entertainment a deputy from any epoch of 911 for an ultimate weekend highway outing — dubbed a “Soul of Porsche”.

Eight generations Porsche 911, Thailand, 2019, Porsche AG
911 Carrera S (992), 911 GT3 (991), 911 Turbo (997), 911 GT3 RS (996), 911 Carrera RS (993), 911 Speedster (964), 911 Carrera CS, Porsche 912, l-r

Whilst in some places early and collectible 911 models are noticed simply as museum pieces, in Thailand, many owners take a rather opposite approach, regulating their 911s to try a country’s perfectionist and rarely sundry pushing routes. That done it a ideal plcae to move all 8 generations of 911 together on open roads for a initial time. And since of a event’s ancestral nature, it usually felt right to have a arise documented by opposite generations of photographers, all of whom were upheld by another iconic German brand, Leica.

Stefan Bogner, a long-time Porsche fan and publisher of Curves Magazine — that brings together his passion for Porsche, design, and pushing — is a engineer by profession. He picked adult a camera 5 years ago since a photographers he was employing were too delayed for a reportage character he wanted, and it didn’t take prolonged before his singular character gained worldwide approval — Curves Magazine is now published in dual languages and is as renouned in Seattle as it is in Stuttgart.

Stefan Bogner, Yik Keat, l-r, photographers, 2019, Porsche AG
Photographers Stefan Bogner and Yik Keat (l-r)

While on a other side of a photography spectrum is Yik Keat, a immature Singaporean civic travel photographer and videographer with roughly 300,000 Instagram followers. Having always dreamed of owning a Porsche, he was unfazed by a 280 km journey, savoring a event to constraint a expansion of a 911’s iconic silhouette.

And there were copiousness of examples to photograph, interjection to a startling series of singular and surprising Porsches that have done their proceed to Thailand over a years.

Joining a expostulate with a new 911 Carrera S (type 992) was a truly heterogeneous brew of predecessors, namely: a 912, 911 Club Sport and 964 Speedster ­— a contingent belonging to Porsche gourmet Isarin Chaleiysilpa — a 996 GT3 RS with usually 800 km on a odometer, a primitive 997 Turbo and a 993 RS. The latter suspicion to be a usually one in a country.

993 RS, 911 GT3 RS (996), l-r, Thailand, 2019, Porsche AG

Maetup T-suwan, whose father has owned a operation of 911s over a years, also brought along his 991 GT3, a automobile that sees daily use, while a initial 992 in a nation was supposing by AAS Auto Service, Thailand’s solitary certified Porsche importer and distributor.

911 Carrera S (992), Porsche 912, l-r, Thailand, 2019, Porsche AG

The tour started in a southern city of Surratthani, on a Gulf of Siam, and wound opposite a Kra isthmus, by Krabi and on to Phuket on a Andaman coast. From bustling Surratthani a roads scrawl by immeasurable plantations, unenlightened pleasant jungle, past giddy limestone karsts, and stands of rubber trees inflexible to midday light, before nearing during a thespian vistas of Phang Nga Bay — done famous by a iconic James Bond film, “The Man with a Golden Gun”.

911 GT3 (991), Thailand, 2019, Porsche AG

The reciprocity between drivers was tangible over dishes of sharp southern Thai food, with sharp-witted review and copiousness of laughter; a loyal 911 family shaped by a cross-generational passion. 

Maetup T-suwan took possession of his GT3 late final year. His father has had a series of 911s, and had said, “believe me son, Porsche creates a best automobile in a world.”

“At initial we wasn’t sure, though we cruise he’s right,” pronounced Maetup, in a lovely box of generational settle ­– something that seems all too singular in today’s world.

Isarin Chaleiysilpa could have selected to expostulate any of his 3 vehicles, though instead spent a lot of time behind a circle of a 912, enthusing about a extraordinary intrepidity and free speed, and marveling during a capabilities of a automobile a same age as him.

Unsurprisingly, Vutthikorn Inthraphuvasak, uninformed from a competition win in his Panther/AAS Motorsport GT3 in a Blancpain GT World Challenge Asia, lucky a some-more complicated machinery: “I’m a motorsport man, so we like a record of a newest 911s. When we expostulate a GT2 RS, you’re going to get a adrenaline levels up. It is faster than my competition car!” He also praised a bland usability of a newer 911s, echoing a accord of a rest of a group.

Participants, Thailand, 2019, Porsche AG
Lavaron Sangsnit, Vutthikorn Inthraphuvasak, Sihabutr Xoomsai, Natthapon Sahawat, Isarin Chaleiysilpa, Patta Sahawat, Vutthisak Inthraphuvasak, Maetup T. Suwan, Wisawa Sriratanaprapas, Thiptawat Sethabutr (l-r)

And while all a participants clearly had an appreciation for a newer cars, it was a younger members of a organisation that were some-more noticeably preoccupied by a complicated tech on offer. Natthapon Sahawat, a 21-year-old travelling with his father, was all smiles after pushing a 992. “I adore a interior,” he enthused, “but we like a extraneous pattern too, it looks amazing. My era likes a wider body.”

However, after giving himself a brief impulse to cruise what he’d usually gifted behind a circle of a 992, he explained that a genuine captivate of a 911 stays with a usability. “I wish an bland drive. Something that’s sporty though not tough to drive” — an charge that is appealing to all generations.

Indeed, either it is a new 992 Carrera S, Speedster or any of a sportier Club Sport, RS or GT3 models, a essence of a 911 shines through. And while any era improves on a prior one, with 8 generations of 911 together on genuine roads, it is apparent that it is in a DNA of a 911 to be not usually sporty, though also to be honestly useable day-to-day — a conclusion, that even on a outlandish seashore of a south of Thailand, is utterly frankly, inescapable.