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Getting Social with Ford’s Scott Monty

Do we remember what life was like before Facebook or Twitter?

I didn’t consider so. It’s a fact that amicable media is an constituent partial of a lives. You can take divided food and H2O from some people, though take divided their smartphone and that’s when they turn cranky.

Companies are increasingly apropos some-more concerned in amicable media, and it’s something that we during Ford take honour in. Our perspective is that we owe it to a business to be intent in a approach that improves their bustling lives and we’re perplexing to do this by a online presence.

Scott Monty, a tellurian amicable media guru, recently visited Toronto and Oakville, where he offering some discernment during vocalization engagements. The Ford Blog group held adult with Scott and asked him questions we crowd-sourced from a Facebook community.

There were some good questions, including:

  • Which Ford product has been your biggest challenge, and why?
  • How do we see your vehicles being some-more enabled for amicable media in a subsequent 5 years?
  • What do we consider will be a subsequent trend in amicable media, and how will Ford welcome it?
  • What are a biggest mistakes companies make in social?
  • What one square of recommendation would we give people about social?

Check out a video above to see Scott’s responses. As well, he’s good during impersonations and we even coaxed a few out of him. You’ll be really astounded during who he mimics!

To see some-more of Scott’s impersonations and to learn some-more about him, check out his personal website.

Before Facebook and Twitter, how did we promulgate with friends and family online? Did we have a MySpace page? What about Friendster? Let us know in a comments below.