Mercedes-Benz Canada

GIMS 2019: Mercedes-Benz X 350 d 4MATIC.

The X-Class unites a standard traits of a pickup – robustness, functionality, strength and off-road capabilities – with a exemplary characteristics of a genuine Mercedes-Benz – design, comfort, pushing dynamics and safety. The X-Class has been grown with a changing mandate of a general pickup markets in mind. The direct for mid-size pickups with standard newcomer automobile characteristics and comfort facilities has been usually on a arise for years. At a same time, a series of pickups for private use is increasing. They are no longer noticed quite as workhorses. As a initial reward manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz is holding these changes into comment – formed on a extensive knowledge and cunning in building blurb and off-road vehicles, such as a Unimog and a G-Class for tough operation, vehicles that are equally suitable for work or leisure, such as a V-Class and Vito, and newcomer cars that singly mount for complicated oppulance and pushing pleasure around a world.