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Girls’ Day during Audi: Schoolgirls knowledge technology

What boys can do, girls can do during slightest as well. This was impressively demonstrated by 194 schoolgirls from a segment on Thursday, 28 March, during Audi’s Girls’ Day in Ingolstadt. They demonstrated their technical expertise in several projects, gained insights into a several technical professions offering by a vehicle manufacturer, and exchanged ideas and opinions with apprentices and Audi experts.

Participation was open to high-school, secondary- and middle-school students from year 7 onwards. The 149 girls from delegate and center schools, for example, gained an sense of apprenticeships in industrial and technical occupations during Audi. Accompanied by apprentices, they attempted out their unsentimental skills on tiny workpieces and schooled techniques for filing or soldering in a prolongation of pivotal rings, equipment for mobile phones and pens, “special easter bunnies” and tiny indication cars. In a apprentices’ workshop, a participants carried out use checks and tire changes. The 45 high-school students perceived information about investigate during a University of Cooperative Education and about “Audi dual” – this twin investigate module combines a university grade with unsentimental knowledge during a company. Female academics talked about their day-to-day work in a association and so conveyed a clear sense of a operation of technical tasks they master on a daily basis. Dieter Omert, Head of Vocational Training and Professional Competence Development during AUDI AG: “Events such as Girls’ Day are a good event to get girls meddlesome in technical careers. We are happy to support a schoolgirls and uncover them that professions in a technical margin have good career intensity and are also a lot of fun.”