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Glittering Transporter universe premiere with guitar stone star

Mark Knopfler during a World-Premier of a new T series.Automotive universe premiere with glamorous story and illusory guitar-rock concert: during an considerable celebration motoring eventuality attended by around 500 guest from 30 countries, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles currently denounced a new epoch T array in Amsterdam.

A cross-generational automobile presentation, that creates history: 20 opposite models from each T array to date seem on stage. Flying in onto a screens come photos of contemporary witnesses, celebrities and events from a decades. Music from these automobile eras fills a air. The final automobile to seem is a seagul blue ‘Sofie’ row outpost (from 1950), a many profitable and oldest ‘Bulli’ in a possession of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Classic Cars. A fascinating story begins, told – trimming from a start of a vehicle’s prolongation adult to a benefaction day of a T array – in retaining conform by Marco Tempest, substantially a world’s best ‘storyteller’. He also impressively describes because this Transporter display is holding place in Amsterdam: it is a loyalty to Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon. For it is pronounced that with a notepad blueprint of a outpost in 1947 a automobile play gave a pivotal procedure for a vehicle’s creation.

Shortly after this tour by time, a theatre is plunged into darkness. Suddenly headlights come on: 3 new epoch T models (Transporter, Caravelle and Multivan) expostulate onto a stage. From a Multivan Highline step a Chairman of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand, Dr Eckhard Scholz, and Board Member for Technical Development Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, who afterwards acquire a guests, including Fanja Pon, granddaughter of a male who supposing a impulse for a camper. She has even brought a famous camper blueprint with her to a display from Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. Now, a dual directors deliver a sixth epoch of a T series. Scholz: “The marketplace final intensely reliable, non-static and individualised vehicles. This is loyal for a past as good as today. We supply a models in tip peculiarity to accommodate each requirement accurately – for a qualification trades, sell trade, use providers, family and recreation. With this sixth epoch of a T series, we have succeeded in doing that once again. We emanate value. See for yourself!”

They also deliver a ‘Generation SIX’ launch model. Rothenpieler: “It’s a Multivan with disdainful features. Plus two-tone paintwork – as formerly on a Samba Bus, that is now also on a stage. But notwithstanding a retro look, a ‘Generation SIX’ is ultra-modern, with countless electronic aids.” Scholz adds: “Or to put it another way: a destiny needs roots!”

Guitar specialist Mark Knopfler rocks a sixth epoch
The ominous partial is followed by emotion: Mark Knopfler, mixed Grammy leader and owner of a mythological stone organisation Dire Straits, performes during a launch of a sixth epoch of a T series! Incidentally: like a ‘Bulli’, a cult musician is 65 years aged – though precisely like a former still going clever and some-more in direct than ever: Knopfler’s new manuscript ‘Tracker’ is during array one in a charts in Germany and in a tip 3 in Europe. The tellurian star (136 million annals sold) shows during once because he is one of a world’s best electric guitarists: it is a start of a singular unison by a ‘King of a Guitar’, featuring one tellurian strike after another: Walk of Life, So distant away, Sultans of Swing… The guest sing along to his stone anthems, call lighters in a air- carrying a once in a life- time moment. A classical performer of a complicated epoch creation his symbol – like a T array sixth generation!