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Great Engagement in Audi Volunteers’ Day: More than 300 Audi people concerned in 43 projects

From Eichstätt to Ingolstadt to Neuburg/Schrobenhausen and Pfaffenhofen: No matter where, a participating Audi employees did their all in gripping with this year’s motto. Together with residents of a St. Elisabeth Caritas Senior Citizens Home, for example, they will go on a outing to a weekly marketplace in Eichstätt and afterwards stop for a pre-lunch drink. At a Wasserstern Zoo in Ingolstadt, volunteers will request trowels and paint brushes during construction and paintwork. Others will accompany Hollerhaus residents to a Audi Museum Mobile and give particular guided tours by a museum. Even support for a youngest is not neglected on Audi Volunteers’ Day. In a St. Mauritius Kindergarten in Bergheim, Audi employees will actively assistance to build a stadium with a barefoot trail and a tiny joist workshop.

“Our employees are not negligence down with their intentional joining to projects and people in a segment – they always put their heart and essence into Audi Volunteers’ Day. That creates us really proud,” says Audi Board of Management Member for Human Resources Wendelin Göbel. And Karola Frank, works legislature member and emissary president of a IG Metall trust-body management, adds: “On Volunteers’ Day, Audi people assume amicable shortcoming in a region. We from a works legislature see this good joining of a colleagues as a purpose model.”

Audi Volunteers’ Day is partial of a Audi Matter of Honor beginning and takes place each year alternately during a dual German sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, as good as during Audi Hungaria in Győr. The code with a Four Rings so assumes amicable shortcoming and promotes and supports a amicable joining of a employees. In further to Volunteers’ Day, AUDI AG departments can support amicable projects in a segment for one day all year turn within a horizon of Team Activities.

Note for a media: Current photos of Audi Volunteers’ Day 2019 will be accessible to download on Saturday, May 18 as of approximately 6 p.m. at

Here is a preference of a projects on Audi Volunteers’ Day:

St. Josef Caritas Senior Citizens’ Home in Ingolstadt
Audi employees and residents of a Gerolfingen comparison citizens’ home will build a hovel for curtain ducks.
Location: Eichenwaldstr. 79, 85049 Ingolstadt

Hollerhaus Ingolstadt, Wolfgang Adler Home
Audi employees will revisit a Audi Museum Mobile together with Hollerhaus residents.
Location: Gaimersheimerstr. 73a, 85049 Ingolstadt

Grünschnabel Integration Crèche and Blumenwiese Integration Nursery in Ingolstadt
The establishment needs critical bland helpers in sequence to have a suitable support with a children during a daily routine. For example, a volunteers will build wooden boxes to store garden toys or assistance with a pattern of motor-skill walls.
Location: Levelingstr. 7, 85049 Ingolstadt

Villa Kunterbunt Integration Crèche in Ingolstadt
Audi employees will assistance to redesign a garden residence and a sand kitchen.
Location: Lannerstr. 5, 85057 Ingolstadt

Wasserstern Zoo in Ingolstadt
At a zoo, volunteers will assistance with ubiquitous construction/conversion and dispersion work.
Location: Aloisiweg 19, 85049 Ingolstadt

St. Elisabeth Caritas Senior Citizens’ Home in Eichstätt
Together with a residents of a nursing home, Audi employees will take a outing to a circuitously weekly market, followed by a stop for a pre-lunch drink.
Location: Gundekarstr. 1, 85072 Eichstätt

AWO Senior Citizens’ Home in Neuburg
Senior adults and Audi employees will organize a corner grill with a AWO’s assisted vital group.
Location: Längenmühlweg 20, 86633 Neuburg

St. Mauritius Kindergarten in Bergheim
Audi employees will support with a pattern of a playground. Among other things, a barefoot trail and a joist construction site are to be created.
Location: Schulstraße 9½, 86673 Bergheim

Schatzkisterl Crèche in Pörnbach
The petrify wall of a hothouse is to be redesigned. The initial partial of a wall has already been flashy by Audi employees, now a second partial is to follow.
Location: Raiffeisenstr. 34, 85309 Pörnbach