Volkswagen Canada

Group Board of Management and Works Council determine on corner steps

The CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Matthias Müller, and a Chairman of a Group Works Council of Volkswagen AG, Bernd Osterloh, concluded on a serve procession for investment and ability formulation currently (Monday). A array of talks between a Board of Management and a worker deputy physique will take place over a entrance 10 days in sequence to find a common trail for a destiny of a company.

Following today’s meeting, Müller said: “In a benefaction formidable conditions we contingency jointly make decisions that cause in economics only as most as employment. we insert good significance to a views and knowledge of a works councils. In light of a altered circumstances, we are confronting an desirous task. We will be prioritizing forward-looking products and technologies. Bernd Osterloh and we determine that this is a pivotal cause for reliably defence both a destiny success of a association and employment.”

Osterloh commented: “Matthias Müller will privately take assign of team-work between a Board of Management and a Works Council. That is a clever vigilance for a workforce. We will join him on a highway to a destiny since we trust he is a arguable partner. We are seeking common decisions in a seductiveness of a company, shareholders and employees. The hurdles are enormous, though a workforce will mount behind a association as prolonged as we attain in similar on a offset package of investments, economy measures and forward-looking projects. The discussions between Matthias Müller and myself have laid a substructure for that.”