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Groupe PSA and FCA devise to join army to build a universe personality for a new epoch in tolerable mobility

October 31, 2019

, Rueil-Malmaison and London

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Rueil-Malmaison and London, Oct 31st 2019

The Supervisory Board of Peugeot S.A. and a Board of Directors of FCA N.V. (“FCA”) (NYSE: FCAU / MTA: FCA) have any unanimously concluded to work towards a full multiple of their particular businesses by approach of a 50/50 merger. Both play have given a charge to their particular teams to finalize a discussions to strech a contracting Memorandum of Understanding in a entrance weeks.

The devise to mix a Groupe PSA and FCA businesses follows complete discussions between a comparison managements of a dual companies. Both share a self-assurance that there is constrained proof for a confidant and wilful pierce that would emanate an attention personality with a scale, capabilities and resources to constraint successfully a opportunities and conduct effectively a hurdles of a new epoch in mobility.

The due multiple would emanate a 4th largest tellurian OEM in terms of section sales (8.7 million vehicles), with sum revenues of scarcely €170 billion1 and repeated handling distinction of over €11 billion2 on a elementary many-sided basement of 2018 formula incompatible Magneti Marelli and Faurecia. The poignant value summation ensuing from a transaction is estimated to be approximately €3.7 billion in annual run-rate synergies subsequent predominantly from a some-more fit allocation of resources for large-scale investments in automobile platforms, powertrain and record and from a extended purchasing capability fundamental in a sum group’s new scale. These synergy estimates are not formed on any plant closures.

It is projected that 80% of a synergies would be achieved after 4 years. The sum one-time cost of achieving a synergies is estimated during €2.8 billion.

The shareholders of any association would possess 50% of a equity of a newly sum organisation and would therefore share equally in a advantages outset from a combination. The transaction would be influenced by approach of a partnership underneath a Dutch primogenitor association and a governance structure of a new association would be offset between a contributing shareholders, with a infancy of a directors being independent. The Board would be stoical of 11 members. Five Board members would be nominated by FCA (including John Elkann as Chairman) and 5 would be nominated by Groupe PSA (including a Senior Independent Director and a Vice Chairman)3. The Chief Executive Officer would be Carlos Tavares for an initial tenure of 5 years and he would also be a member of a Board.

Carlos Tavares said: “This joining brings poignant value to all a stakeholders and opens a splendid destiny for a sum entity. I’m gratified with a work already finished with Mike and will be really happy to work with him to build a good association together.”

Mike Manley said, “I’m gay by a event to work with Carlos and his group on this potentially industry-changing combination. We have a prolonged story of successful cooperation with Groupe PSA and we am assured that together with a good people we can emanate a universe class global mobility company.”

The new group’s Dutch-domiciled primogenitor association would be listed on Euronext (Paris), a Borsa Italiana (Milan) and a New York Stock Exchange and would continue to say poignant presences in a stream handling head-office locations in France, Italy and a US.

It is due that a by-laws of a new sum association would yield that a faithfulness voting module will not work to extend voting rights to any singular shareholder in a Shareholders Meeting surpassing 30%4 of a sum votes cast. It is also foreseen that there would be no lift over of existent double voting rights though that new double voting rights would accumulate after a three-year holding duration after execution of a merger.

A delay in honour of a shareholdings of EXOR N.V., Bpifrance Participations SA, DFG and a Peugeot Family would request for a duration of 7 years following execution of a merger. EXOR, Bpifrance Participations and a Peugeot Family would be theme to a 3-year lock-up in honour of their shareholdings solely that a Peugeot Family would be available to boost a shareholding by adult to 2.5% during a initial 3 years following a closing, usually by appropriation shares from Bpifrance Participations and DFG.

Prior to a execution of a transaction, FCA would discharge to a shareholders a special division of €5.5 billion, as good as a shareholding in Comau. In addition, before to completion, Peugeot would discharge to a shareholders a 46% interest in Faurecia. This would capacitate a sum groups’ shareholders to equally share in a synergies and advantages that would upsurge from a partnership while noticing a poignant value of FCA’s differentiated height in North America and clever position in Latin America, including a market-leading margins in those regions. It would also simulate a combined value that FCA’s higher-end tellurian brands Alfa Romeo and Maserati would move given their estimable expansion potential.

The extended portfolio would cover all marketplace segments with iconic brands and clever products formed on rationalized platforms and optimization of investments.

The offer would be submitted to a information and conference routine of a germane worker bodies, and would be theme to prevalent shutting conditions, including final house approvals of a contracting Memorandum of Understanding and agreement on decisive documentation.

1 Represents FCA Net Revenues, incompatible Magneti Marelli, and Groupe PSA Revenue incompatible Faurecia Revenue to Third Parties.

2 Represents FCA Adjusted EBIT, incompatible Magneti Marelli, and Groupe PSA Recurring Operating Income incompatible Faurecia

3 Employee member would be tangible formed on authorised mandate during all levels

4 No restraint minority in a Dutch entity; all a decisions finished by elementary infancy of votes of quorum50%


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Groupe PSA designs singular automotive practice and delivers mobility solutions to accommodate all patron expectations. The Group, that employs 210,000 people, has 5 automobile brands, Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall and provides a far-reaching array of mobility and intelligent services underneath a Free2Move brand. Its ‘Push to Pass’ vital devise represents a initial step towards a feat of a Group’s prophesy to be “a tellurian carmaker with cutting-edge potency and a heading mobility provider nutritious lifetime patron relationships”. An early dignitary in a margin of autonomous and connected cars, Groupe PSA is also concerned in financing activities by Banque PSA Finance and in automotive apparatus around Faurecia.
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This communication includes some information on specific transaction proposals that sojourn theme to discussions and certain approvals and other conditions.
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Such forward-looking statements are theme to famous and different risks, uncertainties and other factors that are over a control of Groupe PSA, including, among other things, a probability that a approaching synergies and value origination from a transaction will not be realized, or will not be satisfied within a approaching time period; a risk that a businesses will not be integrated successfully; a probability that a transaction will not accept a compulsory approvals, that a approaching timing of such approvals will be behind or will need actions that adversely impact a advantages approaching to satisfied in a transaction; and a probability that a transaction does not close. Neither Groupe PSA, nor any of a particular directors, officers, employees and advisors nor any other chairman is therefore in a position to make any illustration as to a correctness of a forward-looking statements enclosed in this communication, such as mercantile projections and predictions or their impact on a financial condition, credit rating or financial form of Groupe PSA, or a marketplace for a shares of Groupe PSA. The tangible performance, a success and a expansion over time of a business activities of Groupe PSA might differ materially from a performance, a success and a expansion over time voiced in or pragmatic from a forward-looking statements contained in this communication.
Groupe PSA does not assume any requirement to refurbish any open information or forward-looking matter in this communication to simulate new information, destiny events or resources or for any other reason after a date of this communication, solely as might be compulsory by germane laws, and any opinion voiced in this communication is theme to change but notice.
Groupe PSA shall not have any requirement to scold any inaccuracies herein or omissions herefrom that might turn apparent.