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, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium


After one of a many tiresome ‘Total 24 Hours of Spa’ for many years, a RJN Motorsport Nissan 370Z of Jordan Tresson, Alex Buncombe and Chris Ward crossed a line as a GT4 foe leader this afternoon. This outlines a initial general feat for a GT Academy leader and indeed for a prolongation category Nissan 370Z.

This year’s foe has seen a clever tumble during a hands of a ever-challenging Spa lane and a unfit to envision Ardennes continue though a RJN Motorsport group stayed focused and hold on to a finish to take a victor’s spoils.

The foe got off to a good start yesterday afternoon with RJN unchanging Alex Buncombe during a circle of a 370Z. Qualifying was also Alex’s pursuit this weekend and he did it perfectly, adhering a Nissan on stick position in a GT4 class, forward of unbending foe from Lotus, BMW and Aston Martin.

The foe itself was full of dramas though that is a inlet of continuation racing. If we can understanding with a problems and keep your focus, we are good on your approach to success.

The Nissan 370Z hold a lead for a initial 3 hours of a foe though a Lotus took a lead when a check problem compulsory a revisit to a pits. A integrate of hours after a behind puncture serve behind a Nissan though a fight-back was good and truly on.

After a really long, dim night a Nissan flush from some complicated sleet in second place and afterwards during around 0800hrs a lead Lotus late out on a track. The Nissan breezed into a lead and never looked back, holding a gentle win after 24 hours of tough racing.

“The RJN guys blew me divided today,” commented Darren Cox, Nissan Europe’s Chief Marketing Manager (Crossover and Sports Cars). “Just when we consider it’s all over they puncture even deeper, repair a automobile and send it out again. Their ‘never contend die’ opinion is an instance to us all and an implausible thing to witness.”

“Al Buncombe did an extraordinary job,” he continued. “Especially during a night when he was out on slicks in a damp conditions. He took outrageous chunks out of a Lotus’ lead during that run. He is a primary instance of a veteran motorist and a good purpose indication for Jordan as he continues his racing education. Jordan himself has been really mature and ease via a race. He is a good group actor and he is training his lessons well. This is a good impulse for GT Academy: second place during Le Mans and now a win during Spa shows we are removing it right.”

Jordan Tresson has been on a really high training bend given winning GT Academy in 2010 and this outcome proves he is good on his approach to being a loyal veteran racer.

“I’m really happy to have this result,” he said. “This is a large foe and it is really tough on everybody concerned so to come out on tip after 24 hours is a good feeling. Thanks to Bob, Al and Chris and all of a RJN Motorsport group and of march to a guys during Nissan who have been here entertaining us on all weekend!”

Bob Neville, a RJN Motorsport group trainer and a male who has guided a GT Academy graduates given 2008 was naturally gay with a result.

“It has been a prolonged tour to get to this victory,” he said. “This is a initial vital 24 hour foe win for RJN and for a Nissan 370Z. This proves that it’s not only a fastest GT4 automobile in Europe though it is also clever adequate for a car-breaking continuation foe like this. This was a tough foe and many of a large teams and drivers done mistakes so to be knocking on a doorway of a altogether tip 20 during a end, notwithstanding a possess problems, is a good feeling.”

The final position for a Nissan 370Z was 22nd altogether from a margin of over 60 cars. The 2011 Total 24 Hours of Spa will be remembered as a foe where a Nissan 370Z churned it with a large guns and came out during a tip of a class.

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