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Günter Netzer drives a Audi RS 5 DTM

As a veteran soccer actor Günter Netzer was famous for ‘breaking by from low midfield.’ With his prolonged passes a midfield playmaker of a 60s and 70s would frustrate a skeleton of many an hostile defender and caused a outline of his play to turn a domicile word in German sportscasting. On Friday, Netzer pennyless by from low midfield again – though this time a venue was not a soccer lane though a Motodrom of a Hockenheimring. And his sports apparatus was not a leather round though a genuine competition car: a Audi RS 5 DTM, with 460 hp of energy outlay and a speed of adult to 280 km/h.

Before Netzer, as a initial luminary ever to do so, took a circle of an Audi RS 5 DTM, a stream DTM Champion Mike Rockenfeller and his Audi code co-worker Mattias Ekström supposing him with credentials information on a automobile and a competition track. During a corner recon run on a engine scooter, ‘Rocky’ explained a hurdles of a Hockenheimring to Netzer. Afterwards, a two-time Champion and Hockenheim leader Mattias Ekström familiarized a soccer statue with a functions and special characteristics of a furloughed car.

The final bit of shaken tragedy left as shortly as a Audi RS 5 DTM began to pierce with Netzer during a wheel. “This was like personification soccer: once a diversion starts we stop being nervous,” commented Netzer. After 3 laps on a 4.574-kilometer circuit, Mike Rockenfeller waved a mottled dwindle on Netzer’s competition automobile entrance in a Audi RS 5 DTM, that Netzer summed adult by saying, “A illusory knowledge I’ll never forget. It serve heightened my unrestrained for motorsport, a DTM in particular, and my honour for a DTM drivers. we used a extent of 25 percent of a car’s potential. Thinking about a opening of these guys when they’re pushing during a extent and battling for positions in a routine – we take my shawl off to them!”

For Mike Rockenfeller, a assembly with Netzer was a special knowledge too. “I usually knew him from radio before and my sense of him on TV has been reliable here: a likeable chairman and a good sportsman. He was visibly tender by a dynamics of a Audi RS 5 DTM. Of march we can’t knowledge a DTM in a some-more complete approach than pushing a competition automobile on a lane yourself.”
Günter Netzer is not a usually German World Soccer Champion to keep his fingers crossed for Audi during a DTM deteriorate opener on location. Klaus Augenthaler and Andreas Brehme, who in 1990 had a partial in Germany’s final FIFA World Cup pretension win to date, are guest of a 4 rings during Hockenheim as well.  

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