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Happy Birthday: BMW M Motorsport congratulates Gerhard Berger on his 60th birthday.

Munich. BMW M Motorsport and a BMW DTM family send their
best wishes on a important birthday: DTM trainer Gerhard Berger (AUT)
turns 60 today. Since a start of his prolonged career, a former
Formula 1 motorist and benefaction ITR authority has always enjoyed a close
attribute with BMW.


Berger contested his initial Formula 1 competition during a Österreichring (AUT)
in 1984 – in an ATS-BMW. With Schnitzer Motorsport he enjoyed success
in a European Touring Car Championship, and distinguished feat at
a 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) with Roberto Ravaglia (ITA)
and Marc Surer (SUI) in a BMW 635 CSi in 1985. That year also saw
a Austrian expostulate his initial full Formula 1 deteriorate in a Arrows with
a BMW turbo engine. Berger’s initial feat in Formula 1 followed in
1986, winning a Mexico Grand Prix in a BMW turbo-driven Benetton.


After he finished his Formula 1 career in 1997, Berger started a new
section with BMW and became BMW Motorsport Director in 1998. He held
that purpose until 2003. Together with a twin care with BMW
Motorsport Director Dr. Mario Theissen, he prepared BMW’s lapse to
Formula 1. It was in that epoch that BMW also distinguished a altogether win
for a BMW V12 LMR during a 24 Hours of Le Mans (FRA) in 1999. As ITR
chairman, Berger has been directing a DTM’s destiny given 2017.


Best wishes on Gerhard Berger’s 60th birthday.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):
“Congratulations Gerhard on your sixtieth, on interest of the
whole BMW Motorsport family! Gerhard Berger and BMW have a shared,
successful past. It started in a 1980s, when Gerhard distinguished his
initial successes in racing and embarked on his considerable Formula 1
career with BMW turbo power. He went on to turn BMW Motorsport
Director, that creates him one of my predecessors. His reign included
a memorable Le Mans feat of 1999. We are gay to be able
to continue operative with Gerhard in a DTM. He has finished a DTM
general within a unequivocally brief time, by bringing Aston Martin to
a array as a manufacturer and sketch adult a calendar with half of
a races in other European countries. And with his submit into the
regulations, Gerhard has ensured illusory races and spectator
proximity. He unequivocally is a illusory person, and not usually as a racing
driver, though in all that he takes on. we wish Gerhard health and
aptness on his 60th birthday – that is a many important
thing. That he maintains his drive, continues to plea us in terms
of a improved DTM and stays who he is – a good guy…”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal BMW Team RBM): “I was 16
years aged when Gerhard won a 24-hour competition of Spa-Francorchamps with
Charly Lamm’s team. It was after a Juma Racing era, my father’s
team, that distinguished a lot of success in this competition during that time. I
also still remember a BMW 635 CSi unequivocally well, with that we won at
Spa in 1983. We were always inextricable in a ‘duel’ with Schnitzer, and
Gerhard competed for a group in 1984, alongside Roberto Ravaglia and
Manfred Winkelhock. we still remember that Gerhard was impossibly fast
in a winning year of 1985. It’s not a warn given that he
reliable his skills after on by creation it to a tip of Formula 1,
where he gathering for teams like Ferrari and McLaren. we have a lot of
honour for his career as a racing driver, and for all else he
has achieved, for what he represents as a person. After his active
career, he enjoyed success not usually in several roles in motorsport,
though also as an entrepreneur. Then he assimilated a DTM, during a time not
easy for a series, and set a march for a successful future. A
unequivocally happy birthday to we Gerhard Berger!”


Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal BMW Team RMG):
“Firstly, congratulations on your special birthday. As a
former fan, we naturally have outrageous honour for Gerhard. we have known
him given he started out as a racing motorist and am unequivocally tender with
what he has finished for a DTM so far. It’s a lot of fun with him, and
we can tell that he unequivocally is a full-blooded racer. And that is
accurately a form of chairman we need in a DTM.”


Marco Wittmann: “I’d like to wish Gerhard all the
best on his special birthday. we initial got to know him personally
by a DTM, though of march we know all that he did and
achieved before that. He has unequivocally brought a exhale of uninformed air
to a DTM, implemented a lot of innovations, like a turbo engines
and Aston Martin fasten a series. But he has also finished a lot for
a fans, for example, a Fan Area or a Fan Base in a paddock. A
lot has happened. The array is being finished some-more international.
Overall, he has invested a good understanding of time and effort. we wish that
he stays with us in a DTM for a prolonged time and continues to pierce it forward.”


Philipp Eng: “Gerhard is an comprehensive fable in
Austria, and not usually from a sporting perspective. Anyone who thinks
of Austria automatically thinks of Gerhard Berger and Niki Lauda. He
has achieved an implausible volume in his life so far, and we feel that
he is a right male to expostulate a large boat that is a DTM. All the
changes to a regulations that he initiated, such as no tyre
blankets, radio anathema or Indy restart have borne fruit. we am happy that
we know him, since he is a unequivocally laid behind guy, a genuine Austrian. I
wish Gerhard Berger all a best on his birthday, quite health
and a prolonged life in that he celebrates many some-more important birthdays. I
would also like to wish him success in all that he does. He is
endangered in a unequivocally far-reaching operation of activities, not usually in a DTM. I
wish him all a best with these.”


Bruno Spengler: “Gerhard Berger is a unequivocally special
chairman for whom we have a good understanding of respect. As a child we always
watched him on TV with my father when he was in Formula 1. The fact that
he is now a DTM trainer creates us drivers unequivocally happy and we are very
unapproachable of that. He has finished a disproportion in a DTM, triggered a lot of
new things, new regulations, new cars. He is unequivocally energetic and is a
smashing fit for a DTM. We are all unequivocally gratified that he is
involved. Gerhard, we wish we a unequivocally happy birthday from a bottom of
my heart.”


Timo Glock: “I wish Gerhard Berger all a best on
his birthday, good health and continued creativity, that he has.
Gerhard is a chairman to whom we have always looked up  – either as a
Formula 1 driver, group principal or now as a DTM boss. He is an
positively illusory person, and we am gratified that he has taken the
reins of a DTM. The instruction in that he has taken a array is
unequivocally positive, quite as distant as a regulations are concerned. I
consider that a competition has turn significantly improved in new years.
we wish that Gerhard continues to have lots of good ideas and keeps on
steering a DTM in a right direction.”


Sheldon outpost der Linde: “All a best to a trainer of
a DTM, Gerhard Berger, on his 60th birthday. we consider that he is the
right male for this job, and all we can contend is that we am unequivocally unapproachable to
be means to expostulate in a array in that Gerhard Berger has so much
involvement. He is a genuine fable and has already finished an incredible
volume to keep pushing a array forward. we am vehement to see how
things progress.”


Joel Eriksson: “I would like to wish Gerhard Berger
all a best on his special birthday. What he has finished for a DTM and
a championship is incredible. He does a extensive volume to
settle a DTM as one of a many successful competition array in the
world. we am unequivocally happy and impossibly unapproachable to be partial of this family.
On that note: a unequivocally happy birthday.”