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Happy Birthday, Ford Mustang!

Turning 50 is a large deal. Some people chuck outrageous parties and entice all their friends. Others play it cold and try to outing it by though anyone noticing. But in a box of a 50th anniversary of a Ford Mustang, we’re going to take a small outing behind in time.

Take A Ride Through 6 Generations

From Bullitt to Mustang Sally a Mustang has left an impress on North American cocktail culture. So to applaud a 50th anniversary, watch 6 Gears, 6 Generations – a video loyalty to a changing of times, a changing of gears and a changing of iconic Mustangs.

50th Anniversary

Why is 50 years such a large understanding for Mustang? That’s 50 years of movies, TV shows and books that make anxiety to a Mustang. 50 years of successful music, informative movements and change in North America. It’s 50 implausible years of looking behind and remembering that a leisure a Mustang represents is an event we can all take advantage of.


In a final half-century there have been 5 generations of Ford Mustangs (1964, 1974, 1984, 1993, 2004) and a recover of a new 2015 represents a 6th. Sure it’s got all a energy you’d expect, though this latest chronicle includes some of Ford’s many innovative pushing and reserve features. From a EcoBoost engine to SYNC with MyFord Touch, eccentric back cessation to 3D taillights, a 2015 Mustang is prepared for a future.

When we consider Mustang, what does it remind we of? Are we vehement for a future? We wish to know. Share your stories in a comments below, on Facebook, or send us a Tweet.