Mercedes-Benz Canada

He says, she says ? Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Natacha Le Jeune lives in Paris. She has available 3 albums with her bands so distant and frequently performs as a DJ in nightclubs. When she’s on tour, she clocks adult as many as 75,000 kilometers (47,000 miles) a year in her debate bus. Jim Gabaret also lives in a capital, where he teaches truth during a Sorbonne. Last year he done some documentary films as good and wrote his initial novel, that is due to be published in 2017. We invited a dual of them to try out a C-Class – not in Paris, though in a city of Nantes in Western France, with a brew of normal houses and complicated architecture. Even before a start of a exam drive, it was transparent that they had utterly opposite approaches to travelling by car. While Jim was calm to float shotgun, Natacha wanted to take a wheel. Each of them had good reasons for their choice, that they told us about as a day went on.