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Heading for leisure in a BMW Isetta.

Munich. Thousands of exhibits in a Berlin Wall
Museum on Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, commemorate a story of the
once divided city, a firmly tranquil limit between East and West
and a people who sought their approach to leisure opposite all odds. On
a top building nearby a window, that overlooks Checkpoint Charlie,
there is a smallest shun automobile ever used: a BMW Isetta. Klaus-Günter
Jacobi (79) frequently accompanies visitors by a museum as a
traveller guide. What usually few people are wakeful of: Jacobi does not only
know all about many shun attempts, though that it was his thought to hide
a chairman inside a small burble automobile and to cranky a limit with the
neglected passenger. This is how his best crony managed to escape
from East to West Berlin. 30 years after a tumble of a Berlin wall,
BMW recounts a story of Klaus-Günter Jacobi, his crony Manfred
Koster and a mini-car, that helped 9 people shun a GDR. This
story is a tract of a film “The Small Escape”, that will premiere
on 2 Oct 2019 as a TV spot, on Youtube and on other amicable media
channels of a BMW Group.

The elaborately constructed blockbuster-style film takes a audience
behind to a year 1964. Jacobi’s family had already left a East of
a city in 1958, 3 years before a construction of a Berlin
wall. When his aged crony Manfred Koster asked him to assistance him escape
from a GDR, he came adult with a confidant plan. His BMW Isetta was to serve
as a shun car. The moto-coupé measuring usually 2.30 meters in length
and 1.40 meters in breadth would awaken small guess with a border
soldiers, or so he hoped. And even currently it stills seems virtually
unfit to censor a chairman inside a BMW Isetta. The burble automobile is
already a really parsimonious fit for dual people on a seats directly behind
a front door. The stealing place for his crony was built behind the
chair dais directly subsequent to a engine. Car automechanic Jacobi carried
out a acclimatisation in his former training seminar in
Berlin-Reinickendorf. He cut an opening into a trim behind a seat
bench, shifted a shelf upwards and private a gangling wheel, heating
and atmosphere filter. He also exchanged a 13-litre fuel tank for a 2-litre
bin to make space for a dark passenger.

“The Small Escape” shows how a BMW Isetta was incited into an escape
automobile and how a unsure limit channel played out. The thrilling
story doctrine was constructed by executive Alex Feil, camera male Khaled
Mohtaseb and set engineer Erwin Prieb in Hollywood blockbuster style. 
The props, costumes, vehicles and travel sets were combined in Budapest
to theatre a true 1960s Berlin setting. A checkpoint finish with
wall and limit frame was recreated ensuing in an oppressive
atmosphere that continues to grow via a march of a film
to afterwards cap in a happy end. “Since their invention, automobiles
have brought leisure and self-determination to humankind. Cars bring
people together. This is something one should always also keep in mind
in a stream debate. The film emphasises this. The relocating escape
story with a BMW Isetta can also be seen as a pitch of the
useful value cars and particular mobility can have. It’s all about
freedom, autonomy and dreams. Our film recognises a expostulate and
bravery of a people who done this successful shun possible”, says
Jens Thiemer, Head of BMW Brand Management.

On 23 May 1964, shortly before a limit channel sealed on
midnight, a BMW Isetta converted by Klaus-Günter Jacobi, rolled
underneath a non-stop barrier. Shortly after crossing, he liberated his
crony Manfred from his stealing place behind a chair dais and took
him in his arms confused with joy. This was a usually time Jacobi’s
BMW Isetta was used as an shun car, though his feat was to
enthuse imitators. Eight serve GDR adults managed to shun to the
West over a following years in a likewise converted BMW Isetta.
Today this automobile is on arrangement in a Berlin Wall Museum. The film “The
Small Escape” will also be a permanent vaunt of a permanent
muster on fantastic shun attempts.

The film „The Small Escape“ can be watched on a BMW Group Youtube and other
channels. The minute story of Klaus-Günter Jacob, his BMW Isetta and
a fantastic shun of his crony opposite a inner German border
is told on