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High honors: Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg famous with a VdM “Golden Diesel Ring”

Dr. Hackenberg voiced interjection for a appreciation of his achievements and pronounced that he felt really honored. Beforehand, he explained in his keynote residence a truth that Audi and Volkswagen follow in a margin of reserve technology: “We have grown a judgment that covers all aspects. It ranges from pacifist and active reserve systems and new technologies for piloted driving to seamless networking of a automobile and a environment. This all happens to a advantage of a customers, who are always a concentration of a growth work.” Dr. Hackenberg also stressed that: “One vicious regard for us here is to democratize a reserve systems. This adage calls for deploying a many modernized technologies via all of a indication lines as fast as possible.”

The theme of reserve has been a high priority during Audi for many years. As distant behind as 1938, early pile-up tests were achieved by a foregoer code DKW. The NSU Prinz of 1958 already featured a press section for frontal collisions; in a late 1960s, Audi began regulating dummies in crash tests. Other milestones embody a Procon‑ten patience complement from 1986 and a Audi Accident Research Unit (AARU) founded in 1998 to investigate trade accidents. Today, pile-up simulations alone engage some-more than 200 specialists operative in Audi Technical Development.

During his career during Audi, Volkswagen and Bentley, Dr. Hackenberg has instituted and satisfied large reserve projects. An vicious margin of work continues to be a classical charge of safeguarding passengers and pedestrians in collisions. Another margin is a deterrence of accidents by developments that urge pushing aptness and revoke highlight on a driver. These embody ergonomic concepts and measures to revoke sound as good as a use of innovative lighting systems. Driver assistance systems have gained significance in new years in all automobile segments – from a city puncture braking duty in a Volkswagen up! to a tip solution, Audi pre clarity plus.

The truth of Audi and Volkswagen also includes swelling a new technologies in a worldwide markets by rival pricing. The vicious push for this is high‑volume prolongation – done probable by fit growth and manufacturing. The modular longitudinal matrix, that will shortly launch a second generation, and a modular cross pattern offer a ideal conditions for this. Dr. Hackenberg was obliged for a growth of both modular platforms.

Democratizing also means team-work – a worldwide investigate and growth network of Audi includes 4 heading universities in China. Since 2007, Dr. Hackenberg has taught as partial of a guest professorship during Tongji University in Shanghai. Two years before to that, a university launched a partnership with Volkswagen AG on his beginning for a corner investigate plan that studies trade accidents.

At a display of a Diesel Ring in Leipzig, Dr. Hackenberg offering a glance into a future. Audi will deliver a new technologies for piloted pushing before a finish of this decade. These will revoke a weight on a motorist in many situations and offer a intensity for avoiding accidents. One pivotal to piloted pushing is stability a seamless networking of a car. Aspects of this embody car‑to‑X communication – cars that promulgate with any other can advise of dangers such as sleazy roads or channel trade during intersections and, as a result, rise overflow comprehension that can advantage all motorists.

Since 1955, a German Association of Motoring Journalists (VdM) has presented a Diesel Ring any year to distinguished total who have done superb contributions to “increasing trade reserve and shortening a consequences of accidents.” The award’s name reflects a fact that a bit of a shaft from a initial exam engine done by Rudolf Diesel is incorporated into a Golden Ring trophy. A square of a shaft from a engine was severed for this purpose in 1954 during a MAN museum in Augsburg.