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, Milton Keynes, UK


Approximately 60,000 spectators incited out in Milton Keynes final Saturday to see Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel and seven-times GP leader Mark Webber expostulate their Red Bull Racing cars on a city’s streets. The twin were assimilated by Team Principal Christian Horner, who had only returned from a FIA Awards in India with Mark and Seb, and Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey.

As a group distinguished a double World Champion success, they were assimilated by David Coulthard, who gathering a NASCAR, Red Bull attempt supplement Chris Pfeiffer and F1 presenter Jake Humphrey. Starting during 1230hrs and final during 1500hrs, a Red Bull Racing Home Run eventuality was organised to contend appreciate we to Red Bull Racing’s staff and their families and a internal community.

After a eventuality Mark Webber commented: “It was something special to expostulate a automobile in Milton Keynes currently in front of all a fans. The plcae was tighten to a bureau and we live graceful locally too, so it was good to give something behind to a community. we know some of a roundabouts on a march from pushing my highway car, so it was something opposite to expostulate them in an F1 car! It was a good atmosphere, a object was resplendent and it was good for everybody to get tighten to a cars. It’s a good thing that Red Bull has finished to contend appreciate we to a fans.”

Sebastian Vettel added: “It’s good to be here in Milton Keynes that is where a cars are built and everybody from a bureau works. It’s good to contend appreciate we and to see all a fans from a area. It was good fun; we did some donuts and enjoyed ourselves out there. Thanks to all a fans that came today, we wanted to put on a good show, so we wish they enjoyed it. It’s a good approach to finish a season.”

Christian Horner said: “To run an F1 automobile by a center of Milton Keynes was fantastic, so many of a workforce are internal and it’s good to see so many fans here. It’s graceful to have so many people spin out to applaud what we have achieved. Without a fans, there’s no Formula One and no Red Bull, so it’s good to give something behind and applaud a double World Championship like this. we would like to contend a outrageous appreciate we to Milton Keynes Council for what they have finished for us. Closing a center of a city on one if their busiest selling days is rarely appreciated, so a outrageous appreciate we to them for all their efforts.”

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