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Honda Automobiles: 2012 Civic Concept Introduction Press Conference Remarks by John Mendel, Executive Vice President, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


John Mendel:
Hello everyone! And appreciate we for fasten us this afternoon.

Its good to be in Detroit for a uncover that exudes a fad and appetite that promises continued movement for a industry.

Today, we’re here to speak about how we devise to build on a possess clever movement … quite a purpose as a home of fun, stylish and affordable vehicles that offer extensive value to a extended operation of business … generally younger buyers.

Let me start with a discerning demeanour behind during 2010 … where we saw an boost of some-more than 7.6 percent to 1.23 million Honda and Acura vehicles for a year. This is even some-more poignant when we cruise that we did it one patron during a time. In fact, we continue to be probably a usually full-line manufacturer to boost sales though bulking adult on swift sales.

We’ll continue this plan in 2011, flourishing sales for both a Honda and Acura brands. And a internal prolongation … 87 per cent of sales … will continue to offer as an advantage.

We spent a lot of bid a past year on building movement for a Acura brand. And as we proceed a 25th anniversary of Acura in March, these efforts will compensate outrageous dividends. Acura sales have posted double-digit increases for 11 uninterrupted months now … …and were adult some-more than 27 percent in 2010. You can pattern double number expansion again this year … given we have some some-more fad in store for a Acura code after this spring.

But today, we’re here to speak about a Honda code … carrying come off a really clever finish final year … with a successful launch of both a Odyssey and CR-Z. In a initial 3 months of prolongation during a plant in Alabama, sales of a totally redesigned Odyssey have increasing by 30 percent from before year.

And we usually learned, Odyssey … totally grown by a RD organisation in Ohio … warranted 5-stars in any seating position of all 3 pile-up tests in NHTSA’s new NCAP exam module … as good as for a altogether rating. That’s not usually a initial in a minivan difficulty … we trust a a initial for a whole industry.

Further, sales of a sporty and stylish CR-Z are also surpassing a expectations with sales of some-more than 5-thousand vehicles in a initial 4 months. It’s good to see a business acquire this automobile … and a bid to pull hybrid record in a sporty direction.

Today, we’re showcasing another automobile that we’ve designed with an eye on a immature during heart. But styling a automobile like Civic … with an roughly 40-year story of staying forward of a times … is a opposite kind of challenge.

First of all, Civic has an implausible bequest … consistently one of a industry’s many renouned and trend-setting vehicles. Along a way, it warranted a trust of a business … as a many trouble-free automobile in a class.

Significantly, Civic is a automobile for all people … attracting buyers from all demographics … from a biggest era … to Generation Y. This is something Civic has always achieved by remaining forward-looking and focused on a needs of business … with superb fuel economy and affordability even for first-time buyers … and though compromising a fun of driving. In fact … some-more than 30 percent of Civic business are underneath a age of 35 … that’s some-more than 90 -thousand immature buyers any year. Civic plays a vicious purpose for a Honda brand.

Significantly, for a all-new 2012 model, we’re not changing a marketplace position determined by a stream indication … during a front of a line in a compress segment. But we have strived to some-more clearly demonstrate all that Civic represents to a business in sequence to maximize patron value and boost a rival advantage. More than ever, a all-new Civic will perform a needs of probably each compress automobile buyer.

We’re really vehement today, to entrance dual judgment versions of a subsequent era Civic that will go on sale in usually a few brief months. Ladies and gentlemen, a 2012 Civic Coupe and Sedan Concepts.

These judgment versions of a ninth era Honda Civic build on a stream model’s signature one-motion, mono-form pattern with some-more fluent physique lines. This finish redesign offers a bolder, some-more enterprising and neat appearance. Yet a concentration continues to be on undying and fast design… where form follows function. This truth is because Civic has always been well-accepted by a customers.

The new Civic will be some-more compress outside… though with best in category cabin space … a some-more sporty and fun to expostulate suggestion … and some-more fuel fit during each level.

While we’re usually display a extraneous styling here today, we guarantee that a new Civic lineup will offer a features, functionality and character that will capacitate every patron to improved personalize and customize a Civic to compare their possess lifestyle.

What’s already a many strong compress automobile lineup in a attention with sedan, coupe, hybrid, healthy gas and both sporty Si sedan and coupe models… will grow a bit some-more for 2012. Further, a subsequent gen Civic will offer 3 opposite powertrains. This includes 40 mpg within a gasoline engine lineup, a healthy gas powered Civic GX and a new Civic Hybrid with a first-ever focus of a lithium-ion battery record in one of a hybrid vehicles.

In further to a customary fuel economy ratings, many Civic gasoline models also will underline Honda Eco-Assist record that has already proven to assistance less-efficient drivers grasp aloft fuel economy.

Significantly, we will continue to offer a industry’s usually natural-gas powered newcomer automobile fabricated right here in America … in a plant in Greensburg, Indiana. There’s a lot of speak about modernized technologies for a sourroundings … good … a Civic GX is damn nearby 0 emissions like an electric car. And it’s here now … in fact, we’ve had it in a Civic lineup given 1998. Further, healthy gas is a fuel in abounding supply in North America. And now, sell business opposite a U.S. will be means to buy a GX as we enhance sales from 4 states to nationwide.

Finally, Civic’s bequest of superb reserve in a compress category will continue as a usually compress automobile with a innovative Advanced Compatibility Engineering physique structure for frontal collision appetite management. Of course, we’ll also have Vehicle Stability Assist as customary apparatus on all models. Ten years ago, a 2001 Civic Coupe became a initial compress automobile to grasp a 5-star, 5-star pile-up reserve rating. The standards have changed, though we expect a CIVIC line adult scoring good in both a NCAP and IIHS automobile evaluations.

Together … all of these attributes emanate a automobile that is not usually clean, protected and fun … though an even larger value that targets a immature during heart … of any generation.

Speaking of that … we will applaud a 10th anniversary of a Civic Tour this year. For a uninformed … this national unison debate annually facilities one headlining rope … with past years including a Black Eyed Peas, Incubus, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy and Panic during a Disco … among other sparkling acts.

Each year, a superstar organisation gives one Civic a tradition paint pursuit that one propitious fan gets to take home. We have a vast online assembly currently that we know is wondering who a 2011 superstar will be this year. We’re vehement about it … and you’ll know because when we make that proclamation in a entrance weeks. In a meantime, I’d like to entice a really special guest to a stage.

A lyricist, bassist and entrepreneur, who led Fall Out Boy to dual multi-platinum albums. Today, he has a new rope … Black Cards … and some sparkling news to share for song lovers. Please welcome, Pete Wentz.

– Pete Wentz reveals The Sounds of Civic competition –

As we can see, there’s a lot to be vehement about in this ensign Civic year. And we can’t wait to get it started. Thank we again for your time … and stay tuned for some-more news from Honda in a days ahead.

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