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Honda Automobiles: 2015 Honda Fit

Ranging from a high-quality 160-watt audio complement featuring customary Bluetooth®1 streaming audio to an accessible high-resolution WVGA 7-inch (800 x 480 dpi) electrostatic touchscreen information complement (EX and above) with discretionary embedded (EX-L Navi) or app-based navigation systems, a 2015 Fit offers modernized audio, information and connectivity facilities odd in this automobile class.

Key New Audio, Information and Telematics Features

  • 7-inch touchscreen Display Audio (EX, EX-L)
  • Next Generation HondaLink™ (EX, EX-L)
  • Siri Eyes Free Integration (EX, EX-L)
  • HDMI Audio and Video Playback (EX, EX-L)
  • HondaLink Assist (EX, EX-L)
  • Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ With Voice Recognition and Honda HD Digital Traffic (available EX-L)
  • SMS Text Message Function (EX, EX-L)

Audio Systems
The Fit LX is versed with a 160-watt AM/FM/CD audio complement with 4 speakers, a 5-inch tone LCD shade and a USB interface2 in front of a shifter. Fit EX and EX-L trims adult a sum audio complement wattage to 180 watts and supplement dual additionial speakers for a sum of six, as good as a 7-inch Display Audio3 electrostatic touchscreen, dual USB interfaces, one in front of a shifter and one in a armrest console, and a HDMI interface. The single-disc CD actor can review CD-Rs installed with Windows Media®4 Audio (WMA) or MP3 audio files. On a EX-L Navi trim, a tuner is upgraded with HD Radio™5 accepting and SiriusXM® Radio6 (SiriusXM accessible on EX and EX-L as an accessory). All trims underline Bluetooth® streaming audio when interconnected with a compatable mobile telephone. Pandora®7 harmony is accessible on EX and EX-L models by both Bluetooth® and USB connections.

All systems underline Speed-Sensitive Volume Control (SVC). As automobile speed changes, a audio system’s volume is automatically lifted or lowered to recompense for changes in ambient cabin noise. The underline can be deactivated during any time.

Display Audio
New to a 2015 Fit, EX and EX-L trims underline a “class-above” functionality of Honda’s 7-inch touchscreen Display Audio, one of a largest touchscreens in a class. The discerning and easy-to-use Display Audio lets we swipe, daub and pinch–just like on a inscription mechanism or smartphone–to control a vehicle’s audio system, arrangement settings and other modernized features.

Icons imitative smartphone apps are displayed on a high-definition, capacitive touchscreen, creation a interface discerning and easy to use. Standard internet-sourced song and media options, such as Pandora® are built into a Display Audio interface, with a ability to emanate personalized stations, daub to “like” songs, and perspective manuscript design directly from a touchscreen. Display Audio also integrates hold operation of a volume (with a quick-swipe adjustment), menu, and lapse functions for a complicated and neat look. The EX-L with Navi indication includes a Display Audio with a entirely integrated and entirely featured Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with invariably updated trade information.

HDMI Audio and Video Playback
On EX and above models, a HDMI interface allows audio and video playback by a Display Audio complement when “HDMI” is comparison from a audio source menu and a concordant device (i.e. iPhone 5, 5S or 5C) is connected around a HDMI cable. If a vehicle’s delivery is in a “Park” position, video calm can be displayed on a 7-inch shade with audio playback sent by a 6 automobile speakers, effectively transforming a Display Audio complement into an in-vehicle video celebration display. If a vehicle’s delivery is shifted out of a “Park” position, video playback will cease, though audio playback can continue. This functionality does not concede control of a connected device by a touchscreen.

Next Generation HondaLink™
For a initial time in a Fit, a Display Audio complement with subsequent era HondaLink allows a customer’s digital lifestyle to seamlessly confederate with a automobile and provides entrance to a universe of cloud-based information. The all-new application-based height connects business to online calm both inside and outward a car, all powered by their smartphones. At 2015 Fit launch timing, iPhone 5, 5S and 5C will advantage from all a facilities HondaLink offers. Compatible Android smartphone’s are expected to turn accessible in late 2014.

Four specialty HondaLink apps yield classification and are a gateway to additional online content:

  • Connect App – Provides accessible entrance for many services including plcae searches, inner weather, messaging, Maintenance Minder alerts, use scheduling by phone, and entrance to a Owners Guide. Users can daub for continue updates and store favorite destinations for discerning routing with a Navigation app.
  • Navigation App – A cloud-based navigation app for purchase8 that includes 3D mapping and invariably updated trade information. The app offers a accumulation of plcae hunt options including hunt by indicate of interest, calm search, or prior locations. Routes can be pre-planned on a smartphone and will arrangement on a vehicle’s touchscreen. Turn-by-turn routing superintendence is accessible by a vehicle’s audio complement as well.
  • Aha™App – provides entrance to an endless and opposite preference of audio calm opposite mixed genres and demographics, and featured new stations, Internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, news, Twitter and Facebook updates and circuitously plcae listings for restaurants, coffee houses, hotels, weather, parks, and gas stations. Users can daub to personalize stations or supplement favorites around smartphone or directly by a Display Audio interface.
  • Launcher App –Finds and organizes Honda-approved 3rd celebration apps so they can be fast integrated into a Display Audio system. Approved apps can be found by a Launcher and shown on a Display Audio shade for easy access.

Additional new facilities found with HondaLink embody HondaLink Assist, that can assistance ask puncture assistance for drivers. If there is a mobile tie and an airbag deployment sensor is triggered by a collision, a complement is designed to automatically try to forewarn an operator, news a car’s stream location, and concede we to pronounce directly to a operator. The user can afterwards hit puncture services if needed.

The tie between a complement and a user’s smartphone is done by a USB interface and a new HDMI interface. For iPhone 5, 5S and 5C, a HondaLink iOS wire pack is accessible for squeeze by Honda dealers or online during The iOS wire pack includes an Apple Lightning digital AV adapter, an Apple Lightning-to-USB wire and an appropriate-length HDMI wire (Apple-approved). Consumer information and useful tips per HondaLink can be found during

HondaLink Assist
An additional new underline on Fit EX and above is HondaLink Assist9 that can assistance ask puncture assistance for drivers. If a concordant phone is interconnected by Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, there is a mobile tie and an airbag deployment sensor is triggered by a collision, a complement is designed to automatically try to forewarn an operator, news a car’s stream location, and concede we to pronounce directly to a operator. The user can afterwards hit puncture services if needed.

Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ With Voice Recognition and Honda HD Digital Traffic
Available on a Fit EX-L, a integrated Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System10 uses GPS record to yield drivers with turn-by-turn superintendence to their selected destination. The complement adds a HD Digital Traffic feature, that alerts a motorist to stream trade conditions and can arrangement swap routes around gridlock. It facilities stretched coverage including many aspect streets within a U.S., permitting a motorist to name faster, reduction undiluted routes. HD Digital Traffic is subscription-free.

The navigation complement can be tranquil by voice or by a 7-inch electrostatic touch-screen Audio Display utilizing a tap, splash and appropriate functionality. The voice-activation complement can respond to some-more infrequent authority phrases that need reduction user familiarization, in serve to a prior capability of being means to know oral city and travel names. For example, a voice ask for “Radio 98.3 FM” can now be oral in approximately a dozen opposite ways trimming from “change a radio hire to 98.3” to “98.3 FM.” This proof relates to audio functionality of a audio/information screen. The navigation complement can also be tranquil by voice with required navigation commands like, “Find nearest Chinese restaurant” or “find nearest ATM.”

The audio complement is automatically pale when a “Talk” symbol is pressed. The voice-recognition record allows a motorist to simply pronounce city and travel names aloud, and a complement responds by displaying a matches accessible in a database. Points of seductiveness on a map-such as restaurants or grocery stores-can be displayed with code heading icons or we can have a complement yield turn-by-turn navigation, all by voice command. The large point-of-interest (POI) database includes write numbers that can be dialed by regulating a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® complement when a driver’s mobile write is connected to a system.

The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System uses GPS in multiple with minute information from a vehicle’s mapping complement to pinpoint a vehicle’s plcae and to yield a horde of useful mapping and lane superintendence features. The receiver can implement adult to 12 satellites from a network of 24 tellurian positioning satellites. If a receiver is blocked by a tunnel, a parking garage or a high building, an inner gyroscopic complement and a speed sensor lane a plcae of a automobile so that a map information stays stream and reliable. The automobile time is exclusively tranquil by GPS data, so when time zones are crossed while driving, a time will automatically set itself to a stream time.

Siri Eyes Free Integration
Adding another new reward feature, Display Audio integrates Apple’s Siri Eyes Free mode into a Fit. Compatible iPhone® users will be means to work Siri by informed voice commands by dire and holding a TALK symbol on a steering circle when their iPhone is interconnected around Bluetooth®. Using Eyes Free mode, Siri takes hands-free functionality even serve and helps to minimize intensity distractions by gripping an iOS device’s shade from lighting up.

Owners can approach Siri to perform a series of specific tasks while they keep their eyes on a highway and their hands on a wheel.

  • Sending calm messages and e-mails
  • Reading incoming calm messages and emails
  • Setting adult calendar entries, reminders, and alarms
  • Checking a weather
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation (when a audio complement is set to Bluetooth® Audio or iPod mode)
  • Sports scores and batch quotes

SMS Text Message Function
New to a Fit EX and above models is a customary SMS Text Message duty that can review incoming texts aloud over a audio system, and concede a motorist to respond with any of 6 bureau preset messages. The complement works with SMS-capable dungeon phones that have an active information devise and a Message Access Profile (MAP), such as a Blackberry, Droid X and others. Apple iPhone models do not support this feature, though Siri Eyes Free Mode (iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C during time of launch) offers a ability to initiate, hear and respond to calm messages around voice commands.

Once a concordant phone is interconnected with a Fit’s Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® system, a calm messaging duty is enabled. When a phone receives a calm message, an warning appears on a 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen. Using a touchscreen, a motorist can name to have a summary review aloud, can name among a preset respond choices, or can call a sender-all but touching a phone.

To assistance equivocate motorist distraction, a calm of a incoming summary is not displayed on shade unless a delivery is in Park.

Available bureau preset calm replies:

  • Talk to we later, I’m driving.
  • I’m on my way.
  • I’m regulating late.
  • OK
  • Yes
  • No

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
The Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® interface is designed to offer hands-free operation for many Bluetooth®-enabled mobile telephones. Standard on all Fit models, a complement wirelessly connects a driver’s dungeon phone to a vehicle’s audio system. This allows a motorist to make or answer dungeon phone calls but stealing hands from a steering wheel. The complement is concordant with Bluetooth®-enabled dungeon phones that have a Hands Free Profile (HFP). A list of concordant phones can be found during or

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® enables audio files to be played by a vehicle’s audio complement wirelessly with a underline called Bluetooth® Audio. If an audio concordant device is interconnected it will be combined as an auxiliary source on a audio 5-inch tone LCD shade (LX) or Display Audio (EX, EX-L) screen. This allows a Bluetooth® device’s media to be played wirelessly by a audio system. Cell phone inclination that support a Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.3 concede a arrangement of metadata for artist, manuscript and lane name on a audio 5-inch tone LCD shade or Display Audio screen. The vehicle’s audio controls for “skip forward” and “skip backward” concede for navigation from lane to track.

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® is designed for easy use. After a motorist completes a elementary one-time “pairing” routine to couple a dungeon phone with a vehicle, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® can promulgate wirelessly and firmly with a driver’s dungeon phone when a phone is within about 33 feet of a vehicle. Once a motorist enters a vehicle, a phone can be stored in a pocket, briefcase, purse or a storage bin inside a vehicle’s cabin as a call transfers information by a wireless write interface. Certain concordant dungeon phones can also send a mobile phonebook into a automobile by a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® system. After a mobile phonebook is transferred, calls can be done by creation selections from a purebred phonebook on a information screen.

Operational facilities include:

  • Phone numbers of incoming calls are displayed on a audio 5-inch tone LCD shade or Display Audio screen
  • Pressing a steering wheel-mounted “Pick up” symbol answers a call and mutes a audio system
  • The tourist is listened by a audio-system speakers
  • An beyond microphone picks adult a driver’s voice while minimizing credentials sound and echoing
  • Numbers with voice tags might be stored in a system’s memory
  • To make a hands-free call, a motorist initial activates a complement regulating a steering wheel-mounted fingertip controls, afterwards speaks a preset voice tag
  • Numbers can also be dialed by vocalization a write number
  • Automatic import of phone book and call history
  • Up to 5 opposite concordant mobile phones can be interconnected with a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® system

Audio and Telematics Features

Audio and Telematics




160-Watt AM/FM/CD Audio System with 4 Speakers



180-Watt AM/FM/CD Audio System with 6 Speakers


5″ Color LCD Screen



7″ Display Audio with High-Resolution WVGA (800×480) Electrostatic Touch-Screen and Customizable Feature Settings


7″ Display Audio with Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ and Voice Recognition, Honda HD Digital Traffic, High-Resolution WVGA (800×480) Electrostatic Touch-Screen and Customizable Feature Settings




HondaLink™ Next Generation


HD Radio™



with Navigation

SiriusXM® Radio



with Navigation

Pandora®7 Compatibility


Bluetooth® Streaming Audio

Display Audio Interface


USB Audio Interface


Front/center console

Front/center console

MP3/Auxiliary Input Jack



MP3/Windows Media® Audio (WMA) Playback Capability

Radio Data System (RDS)

Speed-Sensitive Volume Control (SVC)

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®

SMS Text Message Function


1 The Bluetooth® word symbol and logos are owned by a Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such outlines by Honda Motor Co., Ltd., is underneath license.
2 The USB Audio Interface is used for approach tie to and control of some stream digital audio players and other USB inclination that enclose MP3, WMA or AAC song files. Some USB inclination with confidence program and digital rights-protected files might not work.
3The Display Audio Interface is used for approach tie to and streaming from some stream [Apple/Android] smartphones. For reserve reasons, always launch HondaLink applications or perform any other operation on your phone usually when a automobile is safely parked. State or inner laws might extent use of texting feature, and Assist functions might be consummated but notice. Your wireless carrier’s rate skeleton apply. Please see HondaLink terms and conditions for details.
4 Windows Media® is a heading or purebred heading of Microsoft Corporation in a United States and/or other countries.
5 HD Radio is a exclusive heading of iBiquity Digital Corporation.
6 SiriusXM services need a subscription after any hearing period. If we confirm to continue your SiriusXM use during a finish of your hearing subscription, a devise we name will automatically replenish and check during then-current rates until we call SiriusXM during 1-866-635-2349 to cancel. See a Customer Agreement for finish terms during Fees and programming theme to change. XM satellite use is accessible usually to those during slightest 18 years and comparison in a 48 constant United States and D.C. ©2014 Sirius XM Radio Inc. Sirius, XM and all associated outlines and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc.
7 Pandora, a Pandora logo, and a Pandora trade dress are trademarks or purebred trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc. Used with permission. Compatible with name smartphones. See: Not all inclination concordant with USB connection. Your wireless carrier’s rate skeleton apply.
8 App accessible for squeeze for $59.99 by iTunes store.
9 Honda pot a right to cancel HondaLink Assist services during any time or for any reason, and in a destiny might not be means to yield services due to changes in or obsolescence of record constituent to a use or changes in supervision regulation.
10 The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ is accessible on EX-L models in a United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. (Honda HD Digital Traffic use usually accessible in a United States, solely Alaska)