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Honda Automobiles: 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Debut – New York Press Briefing Remarks

Jeff Conrad:

Good afternoon and interjection to everybody fasten us here today, in chairman or around livestream.

It was roughly a year ago that we set off on a epic 10th-generation Civic launch, right here in New York with a entrance of a severely sporty and severely immature Civic Coupe Concept.

We betrothed that this would be a sportiest, many worldly and many desirous Civic lineup in a best-selling model’s 44-year history.

And given then, we’ve suggested some-more of a Civic story, how a designers and engineers set their sights not on a mainstream competitors though on compact-class sports sedans from Europe.

Their goal, to emanate one truly world-class height for all 10th-generation Civic models.

This new Civic height is simply a cut above charity a new turn of sporty and polished float and doing a some-more atmospheric and premium-quality cabin class-leading reserve and modernized new powertrains.

This includes a first-ever turbocharged engine for a U.S.-model Civic.

We launched a initial epic new Civic, a 2016 Civic Sedan, final fall.

And we were respected to have Civic named a 2016 North American Car of a Year only dual months ago.

More importantly, a business have truly embraced this new Civic … with sales adult an extraordinary 43 percent this year. 

And only final week, we upped a ante on Civic sportiness and character with a launch of a all-new 2016 Civic Coupe.

Today, we’re prepared to share a subsequent section in a Civic story.

For years, many Honda and Civic enthusiasts have looked longingly opposite a Atlantic to Civic models like a hatchback, and Type R that until now have been banned fruit.

That starts to change right now. 

Because, today, we have another initial for Civic in North America a 5-door induce model.

Here, true from a tellurian exhibit during a Geneva automobile uncover and in a initial coming on American soil, acquire a all-new 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype!!

This new Civic Hatch continues a solid course of new Civic models that are advancing a stylish and fun-to-drive opening of Civic.

This new Civic Hatchback takes all a integrity of a new, tenth-generation Civic height and wraps it in emotional, Euro-inspired styling together with a combined load and people-hauling coherence of a five-door design.

The Civic Hatch will underline a sporty and fuel-efficient engine a 1.5-liter, 174-horsepower Turbo powerplant corresponding to possibly a sporty CVT or a 6-speed primer transmission.

And experts have been discerning to note how this extraordinary new powertrain is delivering fun-to-drive opening and fuel economy like zero in a category with an EPA highway rating of 42 mpg and a zero-to-60 time that matches a previous-gen Civic Si!

Inside, a new Hatchback will advantage from all a overwhelming upgrades we’ve done to a Civic cabin in terms of high-quality materials, combined legroom, and heading corner technologies. 

This includes a Display Audio touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

I have one some-more square of news that all Civic enthusiasts will be anxious to hear and that’s a proclamation currently that ALL of a turbocharged Civic models … Coupe, Sedan and Hatch will be accessible with a slick-shifting 6-speed primer starting this fall!

We pronounced this would be a sportiest Civic ever and we meant it!

Next year, we’ll be rounding out a lineup with a launch of high-performance Si variants and some some-more integrity from opposite a pool a radical new Civic Type-R formed on this induce physique style.

So, a Civic story is distant from complete.  And we will be pity all of a sum on this new Civic Hatch as we get closer to a tumble launch.

Thank you.

# # #