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Honda Automobiles: American Honda Reports Feb 2018 Sales Results

  • Honda HR-V sets new Feb sales record, gaining 6.9%
  • Honda Pilot sales burst 49% in February, a 6th uninterrupted month of sales gains
  • Honda Odyssey bucks minivan marketplace trend as sell sales expostulate 3.4% increase
  • Double-digit gains for TLX, ILX and RLX pull Acura cars adult 17.4% for a month

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) currently reported Feb sales of 115,557 Honda and Acura vehicles, a diminution of 5 percent contra Feb 2017. Honda Division sales were down 5.6 percent on sales of 104,588, with Honda cars down 6.9 percent on sales of 50,646, and trucks down 4.4 percent on sales of 53,942 vehicles. Total Acura Division sales gained 1 percent in Feb with 10,969 units sold. Acura cars gained 17.4 percent on sales of 3,866, while trucks decreased 6.2 percent on sales of 7,103 vehicles for a month.

“As reserve of a light-truck offerings continue to grow, we’ve confirmed a clever sales pace, particularly with pointy increases to Pilot and HR-V,” pronounced Henio Arcangeli Jr., comparison clamp boss of a Automobile Division ubiquitous manager of a Honda brand.  “We’re offered each CR-V we can build and it continues to lead a shred in normal transaction price, that demonstrates a loyal sell demand.”

Based wholly on sell sales, a new Accord achieved strongly in a midsize shred that continues to be noted by complicated incentives and swift sales. Pilot jumped scarcely 50 percent in Feb as Honda’s flagship SUV extended a winning strain to 6 true months. Odyssey sidestepped a new downward minivan trend, while HR-V changed forward with a new Feb record.

  • HR-V set a new Feb benchmark, rising 6.9 percent on sales of 6,791.
  • Pilot sales jumped 48.9 percent on sales of 12,056, gaining for a 6th month in a quarrel given prolongation supply increased.
  • Against a decrease shred tide, Odyssey done a plain benefit formed on sell sales, rising 3.4 percent on sales of 7,034 in February.

Much as they did in January, Acura cars gathering opposite a attention waves with a plain 17.4 percent benefit in February. 

  • TLX sales were adult 16.1 percent in Feb on sales of 2,794 units.
  • ILX gained 22.3 percent on sales of 904 vehicles.

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