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Honda Automobiles: Executive Remarks from a 2015 Chicago Auto Show Honda Press Event

Jeff Conrad – Honda Division Senior Vice President and General Manager:

Good morning, everyone.

It’s good to be here with we in a Windy City.

Honda has introduced several vicious models here by a years… and in a few mins we will continue that tradition with a indication vicious to favourable a light lorry lineup.

The Honda code is entrance off a record-breaking 2014 and as we get rolling in 2015 a Year of Honda is starting from a position of strength and we pattern an even softened year ahead.

Our newcomer automobile lineup is unequaled in a courtesy with a clever and transparent hierarchy from Fit, to Civic, to Accord.

Each of these vehicles achieved generally good final year.

And we only perceived good news… Accord was again a many renouned automobile in America with sell automobile buyers…

Civic a best-selling compress automobile with sell buyers… and sales of a new Fit continued to accelerate… adult 11 percent… as we ramp adult during a new plant in Celaya.

But what has us unequivocally vehement as we assign into a New Year…is a event to yield incomparable value to American automobile buyers as they continue their fast adore event with SUVs and crossovers.

As we have seen in a final several months, courtesy sales of SUVs and CUVs reached record levels… both in terms of altogether sales and marketplace share.

And, of course, a Honda CR-V again led a approach as a best-selling SUV in America… even when pivotal competitors augmenting their swift volumes in a segment.

In fact, CR-V was a best-selling automobile for a whole courtesy in Chicagoland.

Moreover, CR-V continued a energy as a best-selling SUV in America for a past decade.

And final fall, a significantly redesigned CR-V warranted a Motor Trend Sport Utility of a Year award…which is where a step-by-step bid to boost a light lorry care unequivocally began.

Next adult is a all-new HR-V crossover…which will pull on Honda wrapping imagination to turn a loyal benchmark automobile in a new and flourishing segment.

Sleek, fun, fuel-efficient and unusually flexible…the 2016 Honda HR-V will crossover will broach clever value for a money… with best-in-class fuel economy, top-class reserve and, above all, Honda quality.

We’re assured that a business are going to adore it when it hits a salon after this spring.

And given it’s distinct anything else on a highway today…it’s some-more than only a new gateway to a Honda SUV lineup…we consider it will broach a new era of business to a Honda brand.

Further down a road, you’ll see a full redesign of a Odyssey and a new Ridgeline pickup.

In fact, today, we am gratified to give we a hide demeanour during a styling instruction for a subsequent Ridgeline Pickup.

As we can see…the new Ridgeline brings some-more normal lorry proportions and styling than a prior generation…while maintaining space efficiency, float comfort and stretchable application that helped make a strange Ridgeline both a Motor Trend Truck of a Year…as good as a North American Truck of a Year.

All of these new products … a CR-V, HR-V, new Pilot, Odyssey and Ridgeline serve reflect a imagination and industry-leading capabilities in automobile packaging, powertrain innovation, fuel potency and safety… with an combined sip of energetic styling.

This clever fast of vehicles precisely position Honda to accommodate a needs of SUV business with a many innovative and different light-truck lineup in a history.

The initial dual generations of a Honda Pilot played a poignant purpose in a expansion of Honda’s light-truck business over a past dozen years.

More than that, Pilot done a vital grant to a expansion of a SUV segment.

The 2003 Honda Pilot was a initial mainstream 8-passenger SUV built on a car-like unibody platform… charity business some-more space, some-more fuel-efficiency and a some-more polished float and handling.

Pilot has a extensive bequest in a series of areas…including a courtesy heading trustworthiness and heading reserve record.

The Pilot is a many durable, longest durability SUV in a class, according to IHS Automotive.

Quality, reliability, and reserve are core Honda strengths… and that’s due in partial to a efforts of a engineers during Honda RD Americas.

Those engineers have a resources of knowledge in building Pilot for 3 generations now…and they know this marketplace unequivocally well.

On a production side, Pilot is and will continue to be built exclusively in America during a Lincoln, Alabama plant… that also is home to a Odyssey and a next-generation Ridgeline pickup.

More than 1.4 million Pilots have been built and sole in North America given a initial era indication launched… that represents scarcely a entertain of a light lorry sales over that period.

And while a stream Pilot is still a strike with customers, a starting indicate for this 3rd era Pilot, was to make certain we continue to perform a flourishing dreams of families… with a worldly and high-tech SUV that offers best-in-class 3-row functionality.

To accomplish that, a all-new Pilot has been reengineered from a belligerent adult to set a new benchmark in a mid-size SUV class.

That means this Pilot will move class-leading fuel potency and safety… as good as a implausible wrapping and coherence that has tangible a Pilot over a past decade plus.

More than that… a all-new, 3rd era indication will be installed with all a latest facilities that today’s family buyers desire… with some-more trims, facilities and options than ever before.

All wrapped in a decidedly new, some-more sophisticated, premium-feeling and polished take on family SUV styling.

The subsequent vast step, in what will be an implausible intonation of new Honda light lorry models, Ladies and Gentlemen… greatfully acquire a all-new 2016 Honda Pilot.


Marc Ernst – 2016 Honda Pilot Chief Engineer:

Good morning. It’s good to be with you.

As we can see… with unconditional impression lines, an assertive fascia and a new neat profile… a all-new 2016 Honda Pilot expresses a youthful, modern… and nonetheless worldly look.

With such a depart in styling from a prior generation, we theory we could contend we were meditative outward of a box.

From tip to bottom, we have modernized each aspect of this new Pilot… appealing to a buyer’s different needs and wants.

That means implausible family functionality when a kids are in tow…and a stylish and reward delighted knowledge for a night on a city or an off-roading adventure.

It’s this dual-purpose impression that we unequivocally sought to advance… augmenting both family application and a personal sophistication to accommodate a needs of a motorist and all a passengers in each dimension of their life.

Our pattern group in California and a growth group in Ohio have worked to emanate a new multiply of SUV that meets a different lifestyle needs of family SUV buyers…AND bolsters Pilot’s already superb repute for wrapping and family-friendly utility.

On a outside, a sleek, aero styling is accented by accessible 20-inch wheels… a initial for Honda… as good as LED projector headlights, LED daytime using lights and customary LED taillights.

Another pivotal underline that contributes to both form and duty is an accessible Panoramic Roof… bringing some-more of a outdoor in…and anchoring a aspirational and reward feel of this new Pilot.

That same reward feel is carried over to a new Pilot interior…with higher-grade, soft-touch materials and accessible interior LED accent lighting throughout… creation this a many well-appointed Pilot ever.

The altogether outcome is a many some-more personal and reward knowledge in ALL 3 rows.

Of course, wrapping is a core rival advantage for Honda and this binds loyal for a 2016 Pilot… with some-more space, some-more coherence and some-more family friendship than ever before.

To start with, a automobile gained 3 and a half inches in altogether length, providing some-more load hauling flexibility.

Talk about Honda wrapping prowess… this new Pilot can reason a vast 82-quart cooler with no concede to third quarrel seating.

And we’ve combined a reversible load lid…with runner on one side and an easy to purify cosmetic aspect on a other… for a kids’ snowy boots and sled.

For third-row passengers, we’ve severely softened a palliate of entrance and exit with a new One-Touch Walk-In chair feature.

The entirely installed indication shown here, facilities a 7-passenger pattern with dual second-row captain’s chairs and a low-profile core console for an easy travel by to get to a third row.

And we can still supply a Pilot with a three-person center-bench chair easy 8-passengers.

Adding to a some-more upscale interior is a horde of new technologies including customary pull symbol start and a new remote engine start system.

An accessible exhilarated steering wheel… and exhilarated seats in a initial dual rows supplement to comfort.

While an all-new Honda Display Audio complement facilities a incomparable 8-inch touchscreen with new capabilities.

These changes move discerning formation of smartphone functions with a latest era of HondaLink system… enabling business to seamlessly bond their intelligent phones… and open a universe to Pandora and a horde of other features.

In models versed with Honda’s embedded satellite navi, we’re introducing an all-new complement featuring softened graphics, 3D arrangement of buildings, turf and turnpike signs; live hunt capability; and some-more minute line guidance.

And when it comes to entertainment… we confirmed a kids’ favorite quadruped comfort… a Rear Entertainment System.

And we softened it.

We augmenting a shade fortitude and combined Blu-Ray capability, a Honda first.

As each road-trip savvy primogenitor knows, entrance to energy is essential to family complacency and tranquility…for relatives and kids.

And we’ve addressed this vicious requirement with each possible pier and block for Maximum Family Connectivity.

THIS Pilot includes adult to 5 USB ports, 4 of them with 2.5-amp charging capability.

Meaning we can assign an iPAD… or 4 of them simultaneously…for those extra-long trips.

There’s also an auxiliary jack for MP3 players and 3 12-volt plugs for other devices.

With these facilities and more, a Rear Entertainment System is now prepared for only about anything.

This is critical plug-and-play functionality for a connected family.

And with all of these gadgets in a car, we’ve supposing a new “tech locker,” in a core console vast adequate to yield dark storage for all of those iPads or even a purse.

And with a new seamless doorway in a sealed position, a shelf appears between a front seats to keep your purse tighten by for easy access.

Powering a new Pilot is an impossibly modernized and rarely fit new powertrain from a Earth Dreams Technology lineup… to broach an even some-more polished and confidence-inspiring performance.

At a heart is an all-new 3.5-liter direct-injected i-VTEC V-6 engine.

This powerplant incorporates a VCM system, permitting it to work as a three-cylinder engine when appropriate.

And for a initial time, we’re adding a new ultra well-spoken Idle Stop.

We’re pairing this new engine with dual transmissions…a reengineered 6-speed automatic… and for tip grades, an all-new 9-speed automatic.

The indication on arrangement here has a new 9AT with a push-button control interface and paddle shifters.

Both transmissions broach augmenting responsiveness and well-spoken change peculiarity for extended performance, and softened fuel efficiency.

Combined with class-leading aerodynamics with weight reduced…up to 300 pounds from a effusive model… a new powertrain will assistance Pilot strech a tip of a category for EPA fuel economy ratings.

We’ve upped a ante even serve with a new all-wheel-drive system… that responds proactively to motorist inputs, transferring energy to where it’s indispensable even before it senses circle slip… to yield certainty in all-weather driving.

I know we are not giving we all a specs we competence wish here today.

But we can guarantee we this is a many powerful, able and polished Pilot yet.

No family automobile is finish but a contention of safety.

And building on Honda’s care in safety, this all-new Pilot will offer a full array of Honda Sensing technologies.

This is a extensive apartment of heading corner reserve and driver-assistive technologies that includes a endowment winning LaneWatch complement … and facilities that are new to a Honda lineup, including… Blind Spot Information and Cross Traffic Monitor.

And, like each new Honda… a multi-angle rearview camera is standard.

No other midsize mainstream SUV on a marketplace can compare this turn of technology… and no aspirant on a marketplace currently earns both tip NCAP and IIHS reserve ratings, that is a aim for this new Pilot.

To get there we’ve practical Honda’s next-generation ACE physique structure along with a new ultra-high strength steel doorway ring.

We pattern this to assistance Pilot grasp a top pile-up insurance ratings in a class.

We are intensely unapproachable of this third-generation Pilot and all it delivers to a
midsize SUV class… in a approach of new value, performance, fuel efficiency, safety, family application and reward comfort.

And we can’t wait to share it with we in a days and months ahead.

Thank we for your attention.

And now I’ll ask Jeff to join me on theatre for a discerning photo… then, greatfully come on adult for a closer demeanour during a all-new Pilot!

Thanks everyone!