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Honda Automobiles: Executive Remarks from a SEMA 2015 Honda Press Conference

Art St. Cyr – Honda Performance Development President:

Good morning everyone. It’s good to be here during SEMA with a car that showcases a racing suggestion and teases a destiny of Honda light trucks.

But we have a array of good products on arrangement currently that designate The Power of Dreams, and what a crazy good year this has been for a Honda brand.

Earlier this year, Honda launched a all-new HRV, and here we can see 3 devise cars that serve intensify a opening and celebrity of a new gateway crossover. We wish to appreciate a 3 shops that poured their passions into formulating these vehicles for us, and we unequivocally wish we suffer them all.

We also launched a totally re-designed third-generation Pilot this summer, and here we have a unequivocally cool, all-black Pilot judgment that is also wholly accessorized with Genuine Honda Accessories.

Making a North American entrance currently is a rested 2016 Honda CR-Z foe hybrid embellished out in some of a stretched line of Honda Genuine Accessories combined usually for CR-Z. The CR-Z continues to offer a singular mix of hybrid fuel potency and personal fun-to-drive character.

Of course, a all-new 10th era Civic Sedan goes on sale this month. And we have it here dressed adult for SEMA in Genuine Honda Accessories, all of that will be accessible when Civic hits play showrooms after this month. Civic is a heart and essence of Honda’s tie to a tuner transformation that helped put SEMA on a map with a lot of immature fan customers.

Over a subsequent 18 months or so we’ll be rolling out a many expanded and sporty lineup in Civic history, including a Si variants and, of course, Type-R. You can gamble that we will see some of these sporty Civics on arrangement during a SEMA Show in a future.

Now, since we lead Honda Performance Development, we wish to call pleasantness to a few examples of Honda racing hardware on display.

The Pilot Baja Chase Vehicle is specifically matched for a run by a desert. And along with a U.S.-developed Pioneer 1000 Side-by-Side, they’re embellished out in relating dried foe livery.

One of a array of 2-wheel Honda machines we have on display, a Moto GP Race Replica RC213V-S is formed on a universe champion racing bike. And a Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing IndyCar was driven by Graham Rahal, who challenged to win a IndyCar array championship this year.

Underlying all of these products is a fun-to-drive spirit, that while always an critical partial of Honda DANN, is something we’ve been operative tough to re-imagine via a lineup.

Which brings me to a centerpiece of a story during a SEMA Show in this, The Year of Honda.

Honda is in a midst of a unequivocally assertive new product intonation and this is generally loyal for a lineup of light lorry models. We indeed began final year with a mid-cycle re-design of America’s many renouned SUV, a Honda CR-V. That continued this year with a launch of a HR-V and Pilot, formulating an implausible hierarchy of crossover models. But we’re not finished yet. Next year, we will deliver a totally re-engineered and re-designed Odyssey minivan.

And we’re vehement to share with we today, a bit of an early glance during a styling instruction for a subsequent vital new indication in Honda’s lorry lineup, a all-new, second-generation Honda Ridgeline pickup.

When we launched a initial Ridgeline in 2006, we set out to emanate something truly singular in a marketplace, a car with loyal lorry capability though also with a possess transparent temperament and value to a customer. The Ridgeline could tow, it could haul, and it could go off-road with good confidence. But it could do these things though a underlying compromises of a body-on-frame truck. These values helped it win preference as both a Motor Trend and North American Truck of a Year.

Our uni-body pattern proceed meant a lorry with inherently better, some-more assured and gentle on-road dynamics, a some-more good finished and atmospheric interior, and also some-more stretchable people- and cargo-hauling capability, pleasantness of innovative facilities like a dual-action tailgate and vast in-bed trunk.

Over a years, we’ve done a array of critical refinements to Ridgeline. And we saw a bit of a resurgence in sales, when we launched a black-trimmed Ridgeline Sport and afterwards a Special Edition model. If anything, this showed us that there is still clever underlying direct for a singular mix of attributes that a Ridgeline delivered.

So, progressing this year we common a judgment blueprint that spoke to a styling instruction of a subsequent gen Ridgeline. And a subsequent judicious step in a launch devise was going to be a required Ridgeline Concept truck.

We competence have stranded to that course, solely we also had another competing idea, one that would concede us to uncover we an early glance during a styling instruction for this new Ridgeline, and during a same time give us a event to go off-road racing!

We’ve had Honda trucks in prior Baja races, dual in fact. In 2005, in partnership with American Honda and HPD, Clive Skilton entered SCORE foe and he warranted his initial Baja 1000 category win in 2008. Then in 2012, Gavin Skilton and his California Race and Rally group changed adult to a tube support HPD Desert Pilot, finishing third in a Class Six Trophy Truck competition.

Well, pardon us please, though we’re Honda and we adore to foe so we usually couldn’t pass adult another chance.

Today, I’m unapproachable to take a wraps off a lorry that will take Honda behind to a foe that a possess Honda associates initial envisioned on dual wheels in 1962 and where Honda bikes energy autarchic with 17 uninterrupted Baja 1000 victories. A place where both a first-gen Ridgeline and a Pilot have been successfully campaigned in BAJA.

Here it is, a Honda Ridgeline Baja Race Truck!

[Ridgeline Baja Race Truck Reveal]

I’m unapproachable to see this Honda Ridgeline Baja Race Truck embellished out in HPD colors, something that signals that it represents a first-ever Honda FACTORY lorry to debate a Baja 1000.

It’s formed on a purpose-built, tube-frame racing chassis, engineered and fabricated by a partners during Proctor Racing Group. To this foe support we’ve trustworthy a physique with styling grown by a possess Honda Design Studio in California.

And while it’s initial and inaugural designed to support this truck’s racing mission, it also integrates some of a vital pattern themes of a all-new prolongation Ridgeline that we’ll be rising in a initial half of subsequent year. The front fascia, hood line, roof, and side form in particular, are demonstrative of a pattern instruction we are posterior for this new, second-gen Ridgeline. And, of course, we can see that Ridgeline will have a some-more normal lorry bed.

Under a hood of this lorry is a unequivocally possess Honda Performance Development HR35TT racing engine. This is a serve expansion of a engine we initial grown and raced to victory, in a 2010 American LeMans array and 3 category victories during a 24 Hours of LeMans.

It’s an implausible workhorse of a powerplant, and it shares a same batch block, heads and holder as a 3.5-liter V6 that will energy a new Ridgeline. Of course, competing in Baja final an wholly opposite proceed to energy output, so we’ve got twin turbochargers, a custom-designed HPD intake plenum, and tradition HPD engine ECU mapping. The HRT’s more-than-550 horses of rise energy are carried to a back transaxle by an Albins ST6 Sequential delivery with torque converter.

Baja is a savage of a race. And we can tell we this is a genuine savage of a foe truck.

Beyond some of a vital styling cues, it’s apparently a unequivocally opposite judgment and purpose from a prolongation Ridgeline. That said, it does a good pursuit in expressing not usually a styling direction, though also a fact that a Ridgeline, for all a singular qualities, has been and will continue to be a pickup with loyal lorry capability. That means plain towing, hauling and off-road certification in a midsize pickup segment., and we’re unequivocally looking brazen to display we a full execution in a months ahead.

Finally, let me deliver a group of drivers who will debate this Ridgeline Baja Race Truck in a 1000. We have with us group principal and motorist Jeff Proctor as good as other members of a team. I’m certain these guys would adore to speak to we about their arriving adventure.

We’re happy to share some of a high-level styling instruction for Ridgeline and to applaud this dried foe lorry that signals a lapse of HPD energy to Baja.

Thanks for your time and pleasantness this morning.