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Honda Automobiles: Honda Celebrates Crossing a One Million Fan Mark on Facebook by Thanking Fans and Showing Some Reciprocal Love

Since a pregnancy of a Honda code Facebook page in Aug of 2009, fans have common hundreds of pictures, stories, videos and moments display their adore of Honda. As a code hits a one million fan mark, Honda is celebrating with “We’re Fans of You Too” Week on Facebook by display some personalized adore behind to a fans.

Every day during “We’re Fans of You Too” Week, Honda will compensate reverence to a Facebook fans with some personal appreciation. Many fans have common their adore of a Honda code in some truly unusual ways over a years, and Honda associates were desirous to uncover their adore back. Here are a few examples:

  • A fan forged a Honda trademark into their lawn. Honda forged that fan’s name into their corporate domicile subsequent to a categorical entrance.
  • A fan suggested his adore for Honda with his Honda trademark tattoo. Honda’s clamp boss of selling got an airbrushed tattoo of a fan’s name and face.
  • A fan requested a special Honda haircut during his barber. A Honda associate got that fan’s name forged in his hair by some cold barbers.

“We’re respected to have one million Honda code Facebook fans and we wanted to uncover a appreciation in a suggestive way,” pronounced Alicia Jones, amicable media strategist during American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “How many people do we know who would carve someone else’s name into their hair? We’re so advantageous to have extraordinary and dedicated Honda code fans. And, that’s a kind of joining a associates have to a fans. We unequivocally do adore them back.”

To see how Honda says appreciate you, including those remarkable above and some-more surprises, revisit and follow a daily updates during “We’re Fans of You Too” Week.

This bid extends a array of feel-good surprises, famous as “Honda Loves You Back,” that have taken place during a past year on Facebook. Honda wanted to find ways to bond with fans and uncover appreciation to stream Honda owners. Examples of “Honda Loves You Back”:

  • Surprising Honda owners by profitable for their parking during a Honda Center sporting event
  • Giving Honda owners a giveaway automobile wash, giveaway lunch, and even a giveaway behind massage in Atlanta
  • Paying for Honda owners’ parking during Aquarium of a Pacific in Long Beach, Calif.

About Honda

Honda began operations in a U.S. in 1959 with a investiture of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Honda’s initial abroad subsidiary. As a association clinging to a enrichment of tellurian mobility, Honda’s innovative investigate and growth efforts during a past decade have yielded such different outcomes as humanoid robotics, walking support devices, HondaJet, fuel dungeon electric car technology, skinny film solar cells, increasing rice stand yields and organic nano-materials in further to a pattern and growth of automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment products. Based on a faith in a value of record to residence a needs of society, it is Honda’s goal to rise products that expect and prove a elaborating needs of a business while assembly society’s direct for cleaner, safer, some-more fit and tolerable means of travel and tellurian mobility.

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