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Honda Automobiles: Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid and Clarity Electric entrance during a 2017 New York International Auto Show

Remarks from:
Jeff Conrad – Senior clamp president, Automobile Division of American Honda Motor Co. Inc.
Steve Center – Vice boss of a Connected and Environmental Business Development Office during American Honda



Good morning everyone. It’s good to be with we for a final “major” automobile uncover of a season.

And while it isn’t a concentration of a press eventuality this morning, as we saw in a opening video, we wanted to start by pity some of a fad of a all-new Civic Type R a fastest, many comprehensive Honda ever sole in a U.S. and that’s interjection to a 2-liter turbocharged VTEC engine done right here in America.

Type R is here on arrangement in prolongation form along with a 2017 Civic Si Sedan and Coupe. You’ll hear some-more about on-sale timing and pricing in a entrance days though these models finish a rollout of a implausible 10th era Civic lineup.

And we’re vehement to entrance them here in New York. These new Civics will assistance supplement movement to a good start this year.

As we spin a entertain stick in 2017, we’re on gait to grasp a 4th loyal year of record sales for a Honda brand. And we’re doing it a Honda proceed with offset sales of award-winning cars and trucks brought to marketplace a Honda way.

That means a concentration on sell business and a trained proceed to selling that aims during long-term, tolerable expansion while safeguarding a value of a code and a products in a hands of a customers.

Today, we’re unapproachable and vehement to showcase a whole Clarity array of electrified vehicles with a concentration on a universe entrance of a Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid. We kicked off a launch final Dec with a initial deliveries of a Clarity Fuel Cell to business in Southern and Northern California.

Today, we already have some-more than 100 Clarity Fuel Cells on a highway used by business as a daily motorist while emitting zero though H2O fog in a process.

The Clarity array is a initial of a kind, a unequivocally initial automobile in a attention to offer fuel cell, battery electric, and plug-in hybrid powertrains on a singular automobile platform. This 3-in-1 approach, as we call it, is directed during accelerating a deployment of modernized electrified powertrain technology.

In doing so, we’re bringing electrified vehicles serve into a mainstream by providing choices that accommodate a different needs of business meddlesome in modernized record vehicles.

The Clarity Series also heralds a allege of a Honda Electrification Initiative representing a investment in a full spectrum of electric-vehicle technologies.

Earlier this year in Detroit, a tellurian boss and CEO done some critical announcements concerning this commencement including an all-new dedicated Honda hybrid automobile entrance subsequent year that will underline a 2-motor hybrid system, that also powers a Accord Hybrid, a many fuel-efficient midsize sedan in America. And we’re vehement that this all-new Honda hybrid automobile will be built in America.

Within a subsequent several years, we will start to request this complement to a light-truck lineup as well. In fact, over a subsequent dual years, some-more than half of a new models we move to marketplace in a U.S. will be electrified vehicles of one kind or another. And as a sign on a tellurian scale, we’ve set a aim for two-thirds of Honda’s sum automobile sales to be electrified by a year 2030.

For a nearby to mid-term, advancing toward this idea will count heavily on sales of variety and plug-ins. This is a severe target, generally here in a market, where gas costs reduction than bottled water. Nonetheless, we trust it’s critically critical that we continue to make discerning swell in a deployment of subsequent era vehicles and make these products a kind of vehicles that a business wish to drive.

That’s a substructure on that we have built this new Clarity series, to yield business a choice of electric powertrains to best accommodate their needs and to make electrified vehicles a loyal volume post for Honda.

That’s a proclivity though for these products to succeed, they have to do some-more than only be good environmental citizens. They need to work for a people who buy them and not only in one or dual categories though in each aspect of performance, packaging, application and design.

In this regard, we trust a Clarity vehicles are good positioned to accommodate a needs of a flourishing organisation of business prepared to take a step into a automotive future.

With a Clarity series, we are charity a singular value proposition, 3 next-generation vehicles with modernized styling, impossibly polished pushing performance, and a premium-contented interior that absolutely seats 5 adults and all during an affordable price.

The Honda Electrification Initiative that underpins this new Clarity array will eventually engage probably all of a core products and it will hold each aspect of a business including a U.S. plants and suppliers.

In fact, final month we dynamic a new joint-venture commencement with Hitachi Automotive Systems to rise and furnish electric motors for electrified vehicles. This new try will furnish these motors right here in America. At a same time, we are study ways in that we can allege a capabilities of a production plants to good furnish electrified vehicles in poignant volumes. And that’s partial of a Clarity story as well.

By wrapping a electric engine and fuel dungeon underneath a hood, we are creation it probable to request electrified powertrain record to probably any product we make while minimizing a impact to existent pattern and production systems, that should outcome in some-more affordable products for customers. In this sense, a Clarity array is not a finish of a journey, it’s unequivocally only a beginning.

So, to get that destiny started, it’s my pleasure to deliver to we a finish Clarity series, together with a Clarity Fuel Cell.

Ladies and gentlemen, a universe entrance of a Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.


Hello everyone. We’re anxious to move we this initial demeanour during a innovative new Clarity series, a Clarity Fuel Cell, Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid.

Today, there are a lot of claims in this space though no automaker knows some-more about business of electrified vehicles than Honda.

Our initial dedicated electric automobile came to marketplace dual decades ago. Our initial fuel dungeon automobile some-more than 15 years ago. And along a proceed we have benefited from tighten relations with a customers, that has sensitive a strategies we now pursue with a Clarity series.

This “3-in-1” proceed is all about assembly a different needs of a business and as Jeff said, providing them with choice. The Clarity Fuel Cell is for a loyal believers, a many clinging of immature motorists, who unequivocally wish to cut a cord altogether and be on a comprehensive heading corner of an modernized record future.

For a prolonged term, we continue to trust that fuel dungeon record has a biggest intensity to residence society’s appetite and environmental concerns while improved portion a needs of business in terms of pushing performance, operation and refueling, that for a Clarity is 366 miles operation with a 3 to 5 notation refuel.

And a opinion for fuel cells is bolstered by a extensive initial greeting we have perceived from a business about their knowledge with a Clarity Fuel Cell and from media who’ve already had a event to expostulate it.

Now, for a near-term, most of a bid during flourishing sales of electrified vehicles will concentration on plug-in variety and, to a obtuse degree, battery electrics. The Clarity Electric is an early partial of that bid and is designed for a EV “purists”, business who wish a knowledge of an all-electric automobile total with a reward quality, five-passenger sedan space and affordability of a Clarity. It’s estimated 80-mile operation is designed around a needs of commuters, charity them larger potency in their daily driving. Here we’ve found “white space” in a market.

If we wish a large, luxurious, 5-passenger battery-electric sedan that’s affordable, a Clarity EV is your car. The Clarity Electric is powered by a 161-horsepower electric engine sketch from a 25.5 kilowatt-hour battery pack. Full recharge time during 240 volts will be only over 3 hours though it also facilities DC discerning charging, that achieves an 80 percent assign in only 30 minutes.

We guess a Clarity Electric EPA operation rating during 120 MPGe city. Pricing has not been set, though we design it will arrive in a mid-30s accessible primarily in California and Oregon.

At core stage, is a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, that will be a volume personality in a Clarity lineup, sole in all 50 states. The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is designed for business who wish to take that subsequent step brazen in environmental opening though still wish a operation and refueling coherence that comes from a gas-electric hybrid approach. The Plug-In is expected to acquire an all-electric pushing operation rating of 42 miles, a longest of any midsize plug-in hybrid.

For longer trips, a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid can implement a hyper-efficient engine to beget electricity and, underneath certain conditions, act as a approach energy source to yield an altogether pushing operation in additional of 330 miles. Electromotive energy comes from a 181-horsepower engine and a 17 kilowatt-hour battery container with a recharge time of 2.5 hours during 240 volts.

We guess a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid will have an EPA operation rating of 105 MPGe and a gasoline-only rating of 42 miles per gallon, nonetheless final EPA-certified numbers will come closer to launch. Clarity Plug-In Hybrid facilities 3 selectable modes, that yield a ability to maximize potency or pushing performance.

Again, final pricing has not nonetheless been determined, though we design it also will arrive in a mid-30s, that is an implausible value when we cruise all that it delivers in terms of space, refinement, comfort and efficiency.

All 3 Clarity models will underline reward levels of content, including Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, and a full apartment of Honda Sensingâ reserve and driver-assistive technologies as customary equipment. That means unconstrained braking, also famous as CMBS, Road Departure Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow and Lane Keeping Assist among other modernized technologies.

The interior of a Clarity is another thing that unequivocally sets it detached from most of a competition, bright, complicated and sophisticated, it offers a turn of reward feel, comfort and excellence that no one during this cost indicate can match.

All 3 use a high commission of environmentally-friendly materials including plant-derived bio fabrics for most of a interior. Taken together, over a march of a initial 4 indication years, we wish to sell about 75,000 Clarity vehicles in America. Add in other electrified products in a pipeline, and we design sales of Honda electrified vehicles – hybrids, plug-ins and fuel cells – to grow roughly five-fold over that same time period.

These are a initial vital stairs toward a corporate idea that two-thirds of a automobile sales will be electrified by 2030.

Electrification is a destiny of mobility and a destiny of Honda. And it all starts now with this new Clarity series!

As we get closer to launch, we can be certain we’ll share some-more sum for both a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid and Clarity Electric, including full specs and accurate pricing.

For now, I’ll entice Jeff Conrad to join me adult on theatre for a integrate of discerning photos and afterwards we acquire all of we for a closer demeanour during a Clarity Series.

Thank you!


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