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Honda Automobiles: Honda FCV Concept Makes World Debut in Japan

  • Honda FCV Concept showcases a styling expansion of a next-generation 0 emissions Honda fuel-cell vehicle
  • Next-generation Honda FCV intends to yield poignant gains in real-world performance, cost reduction, efficiency, wrapping and appeal, including some-more than 300-mile pushing range

The Honda FCV Concept, Honda’s fuel-cell automobile concept, done a universe entrance currently in Japan. The Honda FCV Concept showcases a styling expansion of Honda’s fuel-cell automobile expected to launch in Japan by Mar of 2016, followed by U.S. and Europe.

As a subsequent course in Honda’s energetic FCV styling, a Honda FCV Concept facilities a low and far-reaching aerodynamic physique with purify impression lines. The interior strives to grasp peace between male and appurtenance by holding advantage of new powertrain wrapping efficiencies delivering even larger newcomer space than a predecessor, a FCX Clarity, including seating for adult to 5 people.

In an bid to support a wider introduction of fuel-cell vehicles, Honda will make an proclamation during a 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show about a joining to assistance enhance and accelerate California’s open hydrogen refueling hire network.

Next-Generation Honda Fuel-Cell Vehicle
Honda’s next-generation fuel-cell automobile rising in 2016 relates a fuel-cell powertrain that fits totally within a front engine dungeon of a vehicle, permitting for efficiencies in cabin space as good as coherence in a intensity focus of fuel-cell record to mixed automobile models in a future. Significant technological advancements to a fuel-cell smoke-stack have yielded some-more than 100kW of energy output. The energy firmness is now 3.1kW/L, an boost of 60 percent, with a smoke-stack distance reduced 33-percent compared to a Honda FCX Clarity. The next-generation Honda FCV is targeted to broach a pushing operation of some-more than 300 miles with a discerning refueling time of about 3 to 5 mins during a vigour of 70 MPa.   

Honda Fuel-Cell Vehicle Leadership
Honda has led a attention for scarcely dual decades in a growth and deployment of fuel-cell record by endless real-world testing, including a initial supervision swift deployment and sell patron leasing program. Since a introduction of a initial era fuel-cell vehicle, a FCX, in 2002, Honda has done poignant technological advancements in fuel-cell automobile operation in both prohibited and sub-freezing continue while assembly patron expectations and reserve regulations.

Honda has deployed vehicles in a U.S. and Japan, including a FCX Clarity, that was named a 2009 World Green Car. Honda has delivered these vehicles to particular sell consumers in a U.S. and collected profitable feedback concerning real-world use of both fuel-cell vehicles and open hydrogen stations.

Honda’s stream fuel-cell vehicle, a FCX Clarity, launched in Jul 2008 and was fast heralded as a technological breakthrough in a areas of design, wrapping and efficiency. As a world’s initial dedicated height fuel-cell vehicle, a FCX Clarity facilities a distinguished conformation and a low-slung cabin. With a V-flow fuel dungeon smoke-stack positioned in a core hovel of a automobile and a electric engine located down low in a front of a vehicle, Honda was means to say a Clarity’s unconventional styling while permitting for 240 miles of pushing range.

In a bid to speed a allege of a refueling infrastructure outward of California, in May 2013, American Honda assimilated a public-private partnership H2USA, that brings together  automakers, supervision agencies, hydrogen suppliers, and a hydrogen and fuel-cell industries to coordinate investigate and brand cost-effective solutions to muster infrastructure that can broach affordable, purify hydrogen fuel in a United States.

In Jun 2013, Honda entered into a long-term collaborative agreement with General Motors to co-develop a next-generation of fuel-cell systems and hydrogen storage technologies, aiming for a 2020 timeframe. The partnership expects to attain by pity technological expertise, economies of scale and other benefits.

Honda Fuel-Cell Vehicle Firsts:
The strange FCX became a initial EPA- and CARB-certified fuel-cell automobile in Jul 2002. The FCX also was a world’s initial prolongation fuel-cell vehicle, introduced to a U.S. and Japan in Dec 2002.

Additional highlights include:

  • The Honda FCX was a initial fuel-cell automobile to start and work in sub-freezing temperatures (2003).
  • The FCX was a initial fuel-cell automobile leased to an particular patron (July 2005).
  • Honda was a initial manufacturer to build and furnish a dedicated fuel-cell automobile (FCX Clarity) on a prolongation line privately done for fuel-cell vehicles (2008).
  • Honda was a initial manufacturer to emanate a fuel-cell automobile play network (2008).

Honda Environmental Leadership
Based on a prophesy of “Blue Skies for a Children,” Honda is holding a portfolio proceed to shortening a environmental impact of a products, advancing fuel efficiency, low emissions and fun-to-drive opening with new powertrain technologies from a Earth Dreams Technology™ lineup, that includes some-more fuel-efficient engines and transmissions and modernized electromotive technologies. Honda’s alternative-fuel automobile lineup includes a Civic Hybrid, a CR-Z hybrid competition coupe and a Accord Hybrid, a many fuel-efficient 5-passenger sedan in America, as good as a Accord Plug-In Hybrid and a Civic Natural Gas, a usually dedicated healthy gas-powered newcomer automobile accessible from a vital automaker in America.

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