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Honda Automobiles: Honda HR-V Debut – 2014 LA Auto Show Remarks

John Mendel, Executive Vice President, Automobile Division, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Jeff Conrad, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Honda Division


John Mendel:

Good morning everybody and interjection for fasten us.

We have a lot of good news to share with we today. we know you’re all here to declare a attainment of an all-new Honda crossover that will strengthen a light lorry offerings, though before we get to that, we have some other critical news we’d like to share.

It’s been a ensign year for a industry, and an unusually clever year for Honda. The video we usually saw highlights a strength in light trucks with a 2015 CR-V picking adult Motor Trend’s Sport Utility of a Year endowment usually final month. We’ve also picked adult some profitable hardware from some successful attention players like KBB, ALG and Edmunds.

Today, Automobile Magazine named a all-new Honda Fit to a list of ALL STARS. And, as we speak, Car and Driver repository is announcing a list of a 10 Best cars in America, that for a record-breaking 29th time includes a Honda Accord. It’s all sparkling news for a Honda brand.

And, we’re in quarrel for even some-more accolades before a year is out, with Fit creation a list for North American Car of a Year. We are constantly looking brazen in an bid to continue this form of momentum, strengthen a lineup and emanate new value for a subsequent era of customers.

And vocalization of subsequent generation, yesterday Google expelled a initial Android Auto Developer Kit. Big news!

But what we competence have missed is that Honda concurrently launched a developer support program: Honda Developer Studio. This is both an online portal and a earthy garage space in Silicon Valley, where developers work seamlessly with Honda RD staff to confederate their apps with a vehicles, and be road-ready many some-more quickly.

You’ll see Android Auto entrance to several Honda products subsequent year with a tide of new and singular apps to follow. Key members of a Honda Silicon Valley Lab are here and accessible to share some-more sum with we after a press conference.

Now, stability on a theme, we also might have seen some news about a Next Generation Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept, that was denounced in Japan usually a few days ago. And we will entrance this automobile in Jan during a North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This new judgment builds on Honda’s real-world, on-the-road patron experience, gained by a decade of care in fuel dungeon development.

In support of this judgment and a destiny of fuel dungeon vehicles, we are holding confidant stairs in a area of hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Today, Honda is fasten army with First Element Fuel to yield $13.8 million in appropriation to serve
enhance and accelerate a network of open hydrogen refueling stations in California. This joining adds substantial movement to a destiny of fuel dungeon vehicles. And as we pierce closer to a possess launch in 2016, we demeanour brazen to pity some-more sum on a next-generation Honda fuel dungeon car.

So, we have a lot of news to share, though today, a star of a uncover is a entrance of an all-new compress crossover that serve advances a light lorry lineup. And here to tell we about it, is a comparison clamp boss and ubiquitous manager of a Honda Division, Jeff Conrad.


Jeff Conrad:

Thank you, John, and hello everyone!

As we can see, we sojourn indifferent and focused on a destiny in many, many areas. But we also have an implausible lineup right now, with a fibre of back-to-back clever sales years.

Looking during 2014, we’re on lane for an all-time sales record. And, as always, we’ve finished that though devious from a singular concentration on sell sales to particular buyers, sole one patron and one automobile during a time.

Leading a approach is a Honda Accord, on lane to turn a best-selling automobile in America with particular automobile buyers for a second loyal year. But it’s not usually Accord. With good packaging, fuel economy, fun-to-drive opening and safety, 4 of a core models are once again on lane to be a tip retail-selling models in their particular segments.

With Civic and CR-V also on lane to be a undisguised best-selling models in their classes, violence all comers, even those relying on high-volume swift sales.
And CR-V will extend a lead as a undisguised best-selling SUV in America for not usually a final year or two, though a past decade. Ten years, folks!

And together, a Accord, Civic and CR-V are, again, on their approach to accounting for sum sell sales of over one million units for a second loyal year.
If we set aside full-size pickups, this is a attainment totally rare in a industry.

And we also are saying clever movement from a all-new third-generation Fit, that has incited in some considerable performances in a past dual months, adult 66 percent in Sep and 83 percent in October.

One of Fit’s categorical strengths maybe a biggest rival advantage, is a impossibly atmospheric and versatile interior, finished probable by a singular center-mounted fuel tank blueprint and versatile second quarrel “Magic Seat.”

Now, we’re leveraging that same imagination in a U.S. prolongation chronicle of a all-new HR-V crossover we’re phenomenon today.

Like a Fit, a new HR-V will be a loyal benchmark automobile in a new and flourishing shred and a clever volume performer in a lineup. But HR-V isn’t usually a good new product. Along with a just-launched CR-V, a HR-V heralds a step-by-step bid to grow a Honda light lorry lineup.

It started with a freshened CR-V, that has undergone a vital makeover for a 2015 indication year, a mid-cycle modernise so poignant that we warranted a Motor Trend Sport/Utility of a Year pretension as John mentioned earlier.

Coming subsequent year, will be a all-new Honda Pilot SUV that will redefine what is probable with an 8-passenger mid-size SUV. Further ahead, a totally reengineered Ridgeline pickup is in a works. And over that is a unavoidable full pattern change for a Odyssey minivan.

This clever product intonation plays a vital purpose in a destiny competitiveness and growth. It also creates a transparent hierarchy for a SUV lineup. After all, we already have an superb hierarchy with a core newcomer automobile lineup, from Fit to Civic to Accord.

Today, we are vehement to broach an all-new crossover that will finish an implausible and unbeatable lineup of SUVs. The gateway to CR-V and to Pilot will now start with a versatile and energetic all-new Honda vehicle.

Ladies and gentlemen, greatfully acquire a 2016 Honda HR-V!

Here it is, a sleek, fun, fuel-efficient and unusually stretchable 2016 Honda HR-V crossover!

It’s all a tiny crossover should be with a energetic sculpting and colourful impression lines of a sporty coupe, anchored in a confident, able position of an SUV. This efficient, fun-to-drive package is ideal for active lifestyle business who need a able automobile that can accommodate a final of daily driving, while providing a coherence for weekend fun in a city, a country, a plateau or wherever their imagination leads them.

HR-V’s energetic styling wraps around one of a largest and many versatile cabins in a class, all pleasantness of a space-efficient height and reconfigurable Honda Magic seats.

Need to transport a bike or maybe a dog crate? HR-V’s got we lonesome with some-more than 58 cubic feet of load space in Utility Mode. Two buddies and a span of longboards? No problem in Long-Mode. Fichus tree for a vital room?
I’d skip it. But, if you’re determined, HR-V has Tall-Mode to get that pursuit done.
The HR-V is a practical Swiss Army Knife of capability, potency and versatility.

Speaking of efficiency, a HR-V crossover offers a kind of fun-to-drive suggestion we can usually get with a Honda, along with a 1.8-liter, 138-horsepower VTEC engine providing lively, approach and evident response, either corresponding to a sporty Honda CVT with “G-design shift” technology, or a slick-shifting 6-speed manual.

An accessible Real Time all-wheel-drive complement also provides business with an additional magnitude of all-weather traction and control for off highway adventure.

The HR-V crossover also is designed to acquire tip collision reserve ratings. And offers customary reserve and driver-assistive facilities unmatched by any other automobile in this fast flourishing class, including a accessibility of a renouned Honda LaneWatch technology.

HR-V will not be out finished when it comes to comfort and convenience, with a horde of customary facilities not found anywhere else in this class. But a fun doesn’t finish there.

For business who wish even more, a Display Audio 7-inch touchscreen allows we to swipe, daub and splash your approach to a facilities and settings we desire, while Smart Entry with: Push Button Start, XM radio, Honda HD Digital Traffic and radio, Heated front seats, embedded GPS- Navigation, Paddle shifters and leather trim, all accessible features.

So, a all new HR-V crossover will broach clever value for money. It’s a finish package, benefitting from a best Honda has to offer: a wrapping expertise, a innovative powertrains, a heading reserve record and, above all, Honda quality.

Finally, like each core indication in a Honda lineup, HR-V will be built exclusively in North America. So, now, 100 percent of Fit, Civic, Accord, HR-V, CR-V, Pilot and Odyssey come from one of a 8 plants in North America. This, though a doubt, strengthens a ability to accommodate patron direct with good speed and efficiency.

The HR-V crossover is an impossibly compelling, sporty and value-packed new member of a Honda family. We’re assured that a Honda business are going to adore it. It’s distinct anything else on a marketplace today, and some-more than usually a new gateway to a SUV lineup, we consider it will broach a new era of business to a Honda brand.

Stay tuned for some-more information and pricing on a all-new HR-V as we get closer to a on sale date this spring. It’s been a large news day for Honda, and we appreciate we for being partial of it.

Now, I’d like to entice we all adult on to a theatre to get a closer demeanour during a new Honda HR-V crossover.

Thank we all!

# # #