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Honda Automobiles: Honda Rolls out a Red Carpet for Developers, Launches Honda Developer Studio in Silicon Valley to Grow App Ecosystem

As partial of a ongoing bid to rouse a connected vehicle experience, Honda has denounced Honda Developer Studio, an online portal and open creation workspace in Silicon Valley. The portal and garage will capacitate developers to work directly with Honda engineers to emanate apps that are road-ready some-more quickly. The proclamation comes on a heels of Google’s entrance recover of a Android Auto module growth pack (SDK), that allows Android developers to simply extend their apps to a in-vehicle environment.

Starting in December, Honda Developer Studio will capacitate app developers to exam their Android Auto apps in a antecedent car sourroundings and combine with Honda RD teams. The idea is to assistance developers labour their ideas and accelerate a training bend for newcomers to a automotive attention by enlivening them to cruise “automotive grade” engineering principles, as good as motorist reserve and remoteness – tip Honda priorities – from a get go.

“App developer appearance in a automotive space has a intensity to renovate a in-car experience,” pronounced Nick Sugimoto, comparison module executive for Honda Silicon Valley Lab. “We wish to encourage app developer appearance and enthusiasm, and assistance them dream-up new practice that will give drivers entrance to a latest in digital innovation.”

Honda Developer Studio is a product of Honda Silicon Valley Lab (HSVL), Honda’s open creation laboratory in a San Francisco Bay Area. HSVL was founded to assistance accelerate Honda’s tellurian information record investigate and growth efforts, and forge new vital partnerships with record companies.

Developers meddlesome in operative with Honda should revisit a Honda Developer Studio portal online, where they will be means to start a discourse with Honda engineers and report time to accommodate a group during a newly built workspace in Mountain View.

About Honda
Honda determined operations in America in 1959 and now employs some-more than 39,000 associates in a North American sales, RD and prolongation operations with sum collateral investment in North America surpassing $22 billion.

Honda operates 16 vital investigate and growth centers in a U.S., including a Honda Silicon Valley Lab, with a ability to entirely design, rise and operative many of a products Honda produces in North America.

Based on a longstanding joining to “build products tighten to a customer,” Honda operates 17 vital prolongation comforts in North America producing a far-reaching operation of Honda and Acura automobiles, vehicle engines and transmissions; Honda all-terrain vehicles; energy apparatus products, such as grass mowers, mini-tillers and ubiquitous purpose engines; as good as a HondaJet modernized light jet and GE Honda HF120 jet engines.

Eight Honda automobile plants in a region, including 4 in a U.S., have a ability to furnish 1.92 million automobiles any year. In 2013, some-more than 94 percent of a Honda and Acura automobiles sole in a U.S. were constructed in North America. Those plants currently make 11 opposite models, including 4 newcomer cars and 7 light trucks regulating domestic and globally sourced parts. A fifth U.S. automobile plant, a Performance Manufacturing Center, is underneath construction in Marysville, Ohio, and subsequent year will turn a disdainful tellurian prolongation source for a subsequent era Acura NSX supercar.

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