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Honda Automobiles: New Cloud-Based HondaLink™ Connected Car System Helps Drivers Put Away Their Phones While Maintaining Intuitive Access to Their Favorite Media

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Honda now denounced HondaLink™, a new in-vehicle connectivity complement that will entrance this tumble on a all-new, ninth-generation 2013 Honda Accord. Featuring a initial automotive OEM focus of Aha™ by Harman, HondaLink will yield a personalized knowledge joining drivers to thousands of cloud-based news,information and media feeds from around a world, regulating an intuitive, audio-system formed interface.

“HondaLink will capacitate business to put divided their phone and still stay connected to a people, song and media they love,” pronounced Vicki Poponi, partner clamp boss of product formulation for American Honda. “By formulating an discerning and customizable user interface, HondaLink allows drivers to entrance digital calm as simply as selecting a radio station.”

Honda’s discerning new HondaLink smartphone focus allows owners to preset calm on their phone. Once in a car, consumers can suffer personalized calm permitted around voice recognition, steering-wheel mounted controls and in-dash audio complement controls. With a tethered smartphone portion as a passage to a resources of cloud-based media, HondaLink creates a unique, connected pushing experience.

“Honda’s plan is about leveraging a cloud to move a resources of new information and services to Honda owners,” pronounced Charles Koch, American Honda manager of new business development. “This is a subsequent expansion of a connected automobile and a connected customer.”

Through a Aha service, for example, HondaLink users can listen to Facebook and Twitter audio newsfeeds, podcasts from NPR, location-based personalized grill listings from Yelp!, and entrance internet song services such as Slacker. The use is giveaway and now permitted from a cloud.

Aha delivers a user-friendly knowledge requiring sparse smartphone program updates, with in-vehicle calm and channel entrance updating simply and automatically via a car life. And calm accessible from HondaLink will grow as a complement continues to enhance a services for Honda owners. HondaLink will also incorporate Pandora internet radio and voice-to-text SMS content services with pre-programmed responses, that Honda introduced on a 2012 CR-V.

HondaLink EV
The HondaLink family also includes HondaLink EV, privately designed for a all-new Fit EV all-electric car and a arriving Accord Plug-In Hybrid. Owners of these electric vehicles will have entrance to singular applications designed privately to say connectivity to their vehicle. The HondaLink EV focus will concede a user to remotely perspective a state of charge, trigger charging, and activate a atmosphere conditioning and heater to pre-condition a car while connected to a grid to maximize battery operation on start-up. HondaLink EV will launch with a Fit EV, that will be accessible for franchise in California and Oregon commencement on Jul 20, 2012.

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American Honda offers a finish lineup of Honda cars, trucks and use by a network of 1,037 Honda dealerships within a United States. In 2012, Honda will symbol 30 years of producing automobiles in North America, commencement with production1 of a Accord in Marysville, Ohio, in Nov 1982. Having constructed over 23 million vehicles in North America, Honda now operates 7 automotive production comforts in a region, producing a far-reaching operation of Honda automobiles.

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1Honda products are constructed regulating domestic and globally sourced parts.


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