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How to collect and brew methods to attain in severe environments

At a commencement of January, we had an surprising thought on my desk: a product that should capacitate business to separate a pattern of their vehicles. All my colleagues, who had already seen a idea, were thrilled. That’s because we were fervent to launch a use really shortly — this season, to be exact. Roughly 6 months to go from a initial blueprint to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), initial accessible product version. That’s where we came in: With required attention methods and in a regressive environment, such a plan would not be realizable in this brief time. But with my support as an Enterprise Agile Coach, it could. So, currently I’d like to take we with me on this sparkling journey.

Take your time, generally when we don’t have much

Firstly, we put together a small, cross-functional organisation that would overcome a bounds of a determined approaches. This was essential in sequence to be means to finish a plan in a given time. It was also critical to get to know a sold organisation members from opposite disciplines as good as probable — who are these people and what skills do they have?

The subsequent step: The product owners entirely complicated a hurdles forward to know them properly, investigate a problems and select a right approach. In general, we insert good significance to holding a impulse during a commencement of any plan and not using blind on it. This always pays off, generally when time is short.

The mandate of this plan crystallized quickly: The plan organisation has to be fast, strong and creative, though it can usually rest on singular crew resources. And afterwards there is a deadline. The pretence was to classify a work in a proceed that a plan could be implemented within a specifications.

“The plan organisation has to be fast, strong and creative, though it can usually rest on singular crew resources.”
Miguel May

Together, we motionless to combine on a many critical tools of a value chain. We usually wanted to tackle a tools of a value sequence where a organisation could yield a singular service, a remaining tasks were reserved to rarely competent partners — that drastically reduced a apportion of work. This proceed is not unprecedented, though comparatively rare. We are courageous. But with reason.

Fixed time quota, common place of work, minimalist structures

From a finish of Jan on, a organisation met dual days a week. Everyone usually worked with a certain commission of their time in this team, though we managed to find these time islands together. This is really critical in flighty projects: we have to be means to work directly with any other — otherwise, we usually furnish rubbish heat, though no progress.

Spacial vicinity also played an critical role: a organisation needs a common place to plead and daydream ideas. We found this place in an open workspace during Porsche Digital — though serve ado, we grabbed a dilemma and announced it a plan area.

The organisation afterwards designed a product commander that was tested with genuine customers. The mission: In a good gaunt startup tradition, we had to find out either there was a genuine need for a product in a aim group. From a reactions of a aim organisation we deduced that approaches should be grown serve — and that not. This basic work enabled us to learn fast in terms of calm and methodology and to continue a work in a targeted manner.

Porsche Digital, Ludwigsburg, 2019, Porsche AG
Porsche Digital in Ludwigsburg

Clear goals — limit leisure of action

I gave a organisation limit self-responsibility from day one. In a work process, we usually concluded on short-term goals, though not more. This meant that a organisation constantly set goals together, such as: “Delivery intent XY contingency be prepared by a finish of subsequent week”, though did not conclude a sum and a track to get there. As shortly as we had concluded on goals together, any member or subteam was authorised to work self-determinedly and was given a biggest probable space in their work.

Rituals such as daily stand-ups are critical in flexible work. To revoke such rituals to a unclothed essentials, a organisation motionless to reason a singular assembly a week in that several rituals were integrated — all else was taken out of a toolbox during brief notice if needed. Outside a weekly meeting, we remained in consistent communication during all levels so that a common idea remained present.

This kind of team-work is totally sparkling for me. We work undogmatically with a brew of methods and opposite frameworks, forgo all probable conventions — and make fast progress. That’s how it works!

Stay tuned to review some-more about a plan — I’ll be happy to share a serve experiences.

Miguel May, Enterprise Agile Coach, 2019, Porsche AG
Miguel May, Enterprise Agile Coach


A guest essay by  Miguel May, Enterprise Agile Coach. He advises in sold in dilettante areas of companies such as Product Owner, Chief Product Owner, Line Managers, Management Board and outmost Business Stakeholders. Coaching for Scrum Master (Scrum) and Delivery Manager (Kanban). Support in a context of flexible and digital transformations, creation projects, a introduction of flexible methods such as Scrum and Kanban, predicament government during low introductions of flexible methods, growth of gaunt startup areas. This essay was initial published as an talk for “AGILE POWER GUIDE (Handelsblatt Fachmedien 2019)”. For some-more details, get in hold with us on Twitter (Porsche Digital Lab Berlin, Porsche Digital), Instagram (Porsche Digital Lab Berlin, Porsche Digital) and LinkedIn (Porsche Digital Lab Berlin, Porsche Digital).