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Huadu’s Best Practices


, Guangzhou, China

Huadu’s Best Practices

Nissan’s Huadu plant in Guangzhou, China is now a automaker’s largest, after a 5 billion yuan ($786 million) second trickery was finished late final year.

But a prolongation plant in southern China is not usually a biggest though also rated as a best.

Huadu was awarded a best behaving plant in a Renault-Nissan Alliance by CEO Carlos Ghosn in Jul final year, heading a 35-plant prolongation network in quality, cost, smoothness time and potency for a 2010 year.

Plant manager Wang Jin Ning says a approval is covenant to unchanging alleviation over 8 years of operations.

“It was usually after several years of tough work that we managed to strech this turn of achievement. For instance, by a initial theatre of a corner try and also by a converging period, we built on what we’ve learned. After that, there was also a duration of alleviation and innovation,” pronounced Wang.

“So by alleviation from several stages and new challenges, we reached this customary of quality.”

Huadu follows a Nissan Production Way, where improvements are mostly done right on a emporium floor, and staff such as Zhou Kai Kai put difference into practice.

“The many critical partial of my pursuit is to safeguard that together, with my team, we grasp a prolongation tasks. we start my day with a turn assembly in a morning, thereafter we communicate a categorical points to a staff and group — what a pivotal opening aim is, as good as a hint of what was discussed,” explains Zhou.

As a change manager, Zhou helps to safeguard a plant’s daily outlay aim of 1,804 vehicles is on schedule.

Along with efficiency, work conditions are also key.

“If we wish to have this turn of competitiveness, we contingency be means to govern effectively and we also need to have a good operative environment,” pronounced Wang.

“Incentives that enthuse and emanate a certain ambience and enlightenment concede workers to suffer work and grow with a company.”

Most staff in Huadu are uninformed out of university and, like Zhou, see opportunities ahead.

“The association has drawn adult many training programs for us, and they are also really useful in a career planning,” pronounced Zhou, who took his stream position after 4 years in a company.

“There’s no one who joins a plant and becomes a change manager right away. To be a change manager, we have to start from a basics.”

As a new plant comes online, prolongation ability will enhance to 600,000 units this year, critical to a 1 million annual sales target.

Meeting that idea and serve expansion will safeguard Huadu’s 1,600-strong prolongation group will continue to be among a best and brightest in a Alliance in years ahead.

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